Best Way to use Promotional Giveaways

Need visibility exhibiting at trade show, new product launch, events or sending gifts to customers? Using Promotional Giveaways is the answer to target a variety of audiences. Promotional Items can have an influence that will make an impact.

Repeat Business: New customers who receive promotional products, on average return sooner and more frequently and spend more money than new customers who for example receive coupons.

  • The inclusion of a Promotional Item to a mail promotion increases the response by 50%
  • The Use of Promotional Products as an incentive to respond generates four times as many responses as a sales letter alone

 Use of Promotional Items and Business Gifts

  • Trade Shows
  • Booth Visitation
  • Remembrance of the Invitation
  • Feelings of Goodwill
  • Giveaways at Seminars
  • Company Events
  • Company Promotions

Building Goodwill

Promotional Items foster customer goodwill toward a company and its salespeople. Customers who receive a promotional items are more likely to provide leads than those who do not.

Sales people you give business gifts to their customers receive more referrals than sales people who do not use promotional products. Promotional Products used as gifts are usually well received by their customers.


 Employees like Awards and Incentives

  • Employees are motivated to win awards
  • Employees work hard to win awards
  • Employees encourage their co-workers to work toward awards and incentives  

Direct Mail Campaigns

The use of promotional items in conjunction with a sales letter can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates.

The use of business gifts can also improve a business effectiveness in converting leads to sales appointments. We at Garrett Specialties help you to obtain your goal with great service, a large selection of products at unbeatable prices, and easy ordering process. No other website offers the diverse selection of promotional items.

Promotional Items Work!  by Wayne Roberts

Promotional items have been used to build goodwill. But the promotional medium has the most impact when it goes beyond passive use, simple distribution, and becomes active. Promotional products should be created and distributed as part of a structured promotion that sets objectives, targets specific audiences, creates a theme and encourages audience response or facilitates sales force follow-ups.

Evidence shows that promotional products work! A recent study by Gould/Pace University in New York indicated that inclusion of a promotional product in a direct mail solicitation generates a greater response. Additionally, dollar purchases from resulting sales are as much as 321% greater than those purchased by direct mail alone! Other research shows that 39% of all persons receiving promotional products could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after receiving the ad centive. Moreover, retention of the promotional items is high. Research by A.C. Nielsen C 0. found that almost 1/3 of all respondents still use an ad specialty one year after receiving it.

Another recent study, sponsored by Specialty Advertising Association International, revealed that nearly 2/3 of the business travelers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport had at least one ad centive in their possession. More than 3/4 of those travelers could recall the advertiser's name without looking at the article.  

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