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Promotional Executive Compass in Wood Box
This product is a top seller 
$12.23 - $14.65 25 min

Executive Compass in Wood Box

Promotional Survivor Kit Whistle/ Compass
$2.49 - $2.94 150 min

Survivor Kit Whistle/ Compass

Promotional Compass Key Chain
$1.40 - $1.55 300 min

Compass Key Chain

Promotional Compass in Rosewood Box
$14.00 - $14.75 25 min

Compass in Rosewood Box

Promotional Mahogany Wood Desk Compass
$30.56 - $35.78 24 min

Mahogany Wood Desk Compass

Promotional Open Faced Compass
$4.66 - $5.45 96 min

Open Faced Compass

Promotional Orange Survival Tube
$1.57 - $1.97 150 min

Orange Survival Tube

Promotional Compass Key Ring
$0.77 - $0.96 150 min

Compass Key Ring

Promotional Large Compass Paperweight
$1.84 - $2.31 150 min

Large Compass Paperweight

Promotional Heavy-Duty Liquid Filled Compass
$15.03 - $17.60 48 min

Heavy-Duty Liquid Filled Compass

Promotional Bearing Desk Compass
$70.11 - $82.08 1 min

Bearing Desk Compass

Promotional Desk Compass
This product is New 
$17.40 - $20.36 48 min

Desk Compass

Promotional Black Carabiner Compass
This product is New 
$5.10 - $5.97 72 min

Black Carabiner Compass

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Custom Compasses  


Compass giveaways will send your clients on the path that leads to your door. Logo compasses of all sorts can be used while camping and hiking, site seeing and traveling. Outdoor lovers will welcome a compass giveaway with a smile of appreciation and remembrance. A compass is a navigational tool that determines your direction based on the magnetic force of the Earth's poles. They are fascinating items for your client's to enjoy! The custom wood Compass will guide you to the right decision. This classic style compass is the perfect executive desk accessory. We add to our compass line so please check back often to find keychain compass, wood compass, aluminum compass and more. .


Select a promotional compass in order to promote your logo. Navigate your customers in the right direction. Garrett Specialties offers, desk compass, pocket compass, survival compasses, brass or wood compasses. Even though a compass is a simple devise that always points north it is an interesting giveaway. Need a good reference point for your next promotion, think about giving one our custom compass. Garrett Specialties offers a large selection of compass that can be customized that are specialty compasses. Find your destination with a custom compass and keep an eye out with our promotional compass.