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At Garrett Specialties, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression on clients and supporting staff. That's why we offer a variety of personalized office gifts and accessories that are both useful and thoughtful for professionals. Our team can customize any product with your company's artwork, providing you with branded office essentials that are sure to please customers. Whether it's a pen holder or desk caddy, our office goods are designed to fit your style and brand messaging. Keep workspaces clutter-free and increase productivity with our tailor-made products for the home, school, and office. These personalized desk accessories make excellent gifts because they will be used every day, keeping your brand within reach at all times.

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Promotional Micro Sticky Book™
24 Hour RushThis product is a top seller 
$1.39 - $2.41 100 min

Micro Sticky Book™

Promotional Sticky Book - Full Color
This product is a top seller 
$1.39 - $1.74 150 min

Sticky Book - Full Color

Promotional Acrylic Canister with Lid
This product was manufactured in the USAThis product is a top seller 
$7.91 - $8.60 72 min

Acrylic Canister with Lid

Promotional Pen Caddy
This product is a top seller 
$1.11 - $1.32 250 min

Pen Caddy

Promotional Round Leather Paperweight
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$13.69 - $17.14 50 min

Round Leather Paperweight

Promotional Leather Desk Tray
$15.51 - $19.41 12 min

Leather Desk Tray

Promotional Leather Desk Blotter
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$185.06 - $231.71 12 min

Leather Desk Blotter

Promotional Color Flap Translucent Document Holder
$3.99 - $7.78 100 min

Color Flap Translucent Document Holder

Promotional Baseball Memo Holder Stress Ball
$1.97 - $2.43 150 min

Baseball Memo Holder Stress Ball

Promotional Soccer Cell Phone Holder
$1.83 - $2.13 1000 min

Soccer Cell Phone Holder

Promotional President Padfolio
$6.61 - $7.41 250 min

President Padfolio

Promotional Goofy Clip 'n' Flag Set
$2.53 - $2.96 150 min

Goofy Clip 'n' Flag Set

Promotional Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$3.94 - $4.58 100 min

Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip

Promotional Document Envelope-Letter Size
$1.06 - $1.23 250 min

Document Envelope-Letter Size

Promotional Tuscany Sticky Notes
This product is New 
$6.18 - $7.74 50 min

Tuscany Sticky Notes

Promotional Pen and Pencil Holder
$6.62 - $7.19 72 min

Pen and Pencil Holder

Promotional Time, Date, & Temperature Clock
$6.44 - $7.69 50 min

Time, Date, & Temperature Clock

Promotional Maple Pen Cup
$5.91 - $7.40 50 min

Maple Pen Cup

Promotional Director Device Stand
$2.92 - $3.50 48 min

Director Device Stand

Promotional M-Clip Flexible Closure
$2.54 - $3.17 48 min

M-Clip Flexible Closure

Promotional Smartphone Suction Stand
$0.97 - $1.16 125 min

Smartphone Suction Stand

Promotional Dry Erase Board
$5.53 - $6.93 50 min

Dry Erase Board

Promotional Alligator Pen Holder
$2.69 - $3.37 150 min

Alligator Pen Holder

Promotional Penholder Clock
$5.53 - $6.47 100 min

Penholder Clock

Promotional Trash Can Holder
$2.01 - $2.55 150 min

Trash Can Holder

Promotional Acrylic Spiral Pen Cup
$4.74 - $5.54 100 min

Acrylic Spiral Pen Cup

Promotional Desktop Organizer
This product is New 
$11.86 - $13.89 50 min

Desktop Organizer

Promotional Semi Truck Desktop Caddy
This product is New 
$2.43 - $3.10 100 min

Semi Truck Desktop Caddy

Promotional Pelican Pen Holder
This product is New 
$2.69 - $3.37 150 min

Pelican Pen Holder

Promotional Whiteboard Desk Organizer
This product is New 
$22.15 - $25.93 25 min

Whiteboard Desk Organizer

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Promotional Office Gifts  


Desk caddies and personalized desktop organizers are versatile giveaways that can be utilized in a variety of settings. They make great gifts at company-wide events, new employee orientations, and universities, or can be provided at corporate meetings. These handy items help keep workspaces tidy and add a touch of style to any desk. You have the option to choose from a range of materials including wood, plastic, metal, leather, or durable acrylic for your desktop organizers. Additionally, our imprint methods include screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, debossing or full color printing to best suit your selected product. Friends, customers and prospective clients will be reminded of your business throughout the workweek as our wide selection of desktop accessories will always remain within arm's reach. Put an end to desk clutter with desktop organizers. No one likes a messy desk, put a smile on your customer's face with a unique pen and pencil holder. Display your marketing message 40 plus hours a week in offices and reception desks. Increase your advertising by filling a desktop holder with customized promotional pens. Desk trays for pens, papers, and clips. Find a desktop organizer that is also a paperweight, clock or frame too! Useful, highly visible desktop classics. Logo desk accessories are innovative storage designs for the desktop. Organize your clips, pens, pencils, push pins and notes! .