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Die cast cars, trucks, airplanes and other vehicles replica collectibles create a unique promotion for trade shows, car dealers, auto shows, truck related giveaways. Our auto products are fun to zoom back and forth across your desk, where you spend hours. What a find moving billboard with logo imprinted on the hood, side or roof of a Lamborghini, Formula One Race Car, Chevy, Ford Mustang, Porsche, delivery truck, bus, van or airplane. These industry themed miniature die cast replicas are going to grab anyone's attention and gain you brand recognition. A promotional toy that works.

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Promotional Trash Truck
This product is a top seller 
$3.17 - $3.71 100 min

Trash Truck

Promotional  Formula 1 Race Die Cast Race Car
$3.01 - $3.53 216 min

Formula 1 Race Die Cast Race Car

Promotional Mercedes Die Cast Car
$3.70 - $3.95 150 min

Mercedes Die Cast Car

Promotional Audi Die Cast Car
$3.70 - $3.95 150 min

Audi Die Cast Car

Promotional Zoomies-VW Bus
$2.15 - $2.52 100 min

Zoomies-VW Bus

Promotional Backhoe
$3.11 - $3.64 100 min


Promotional Cherry Picker Truck
$3.07 - $3.59 100 min

Cherry Picker Truck

Promotional Dump Truck
$3.07 - $3.59 100 min

Dump Truck

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