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Use our Printed Fans to promote your business at the hottest events. Logo Hand Fans create a refreshing breeze. Paper hand fans imprinted with you logo or message can be used at outdoor events such as picnics, fairs, concerts, weddings and other special events. Promotional fans can be enjoyed in the park or even indoors. Whenever or wherever the temperature is rising make sure you have these imprinted fans on hand. Having a custom hand fan handy will lower the temperature and increase the air circulation around you. Nothing like the added cooling effect by slowly moving the fan from side to side so that the breeze covers your face.

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Promotional Circle Hand Fan
$0.71 - $1.29 250 min

Circle Hand Fan

Promotional House Hand Fan
This product is featured 
$0.71 - $1.29 250 min

House Hand Fan

Promotional Square Hand Fan
This product is featured 
$0.71 - $1.29 250 min

Square Hand Fan

Promotional Thumbs Up Hand Fan
$0.71 - $1.29 250 min

Thumbs Up Hand Fan

Promotional 3-in-1 Mini Phone Fan
This product is New 
$2.21 - $2.76 100 min

3-in-1 Mini Phone Fan

Promotional Handy Breeze Portable Fan & Light
This product is New 
$1.74 - $2.18 150 min

Handy Breeze Portable Fan & Light

Promotional Mini Fans
24 Hour Rush 
$1.72 - $2.02 250 min

Mini Fans

Promotional House Shape Fan
$0.79 - $0.99 150 min

House Shape Fan

Promotional Heart Shape Fan
$0.00 - $1.04 250 min

Heart Shape Fan

Promotional Round Clear Fan
$0.65 - $0.81 150 min

Round Clear Fan

Promotional Round Shape Fan with Translucent Handle
$0.71 - $0.89 150 min

Round Shape Fan with Translucent Handle

Promotional Transparent Hand Fan
$0.61 - $0.76 150 min

Transparent Hand Fan

Promotional Cyclone Fan
$0.96 - $1.20 250 min

Cyclone Fan

Promotional Foldable Nylon Fan
$0.63 - $0.73 250 min

Foldable Nylon Fan

Promotional O2Cool large Deluxe Misting Fan
$7.39 - $9.25 50 min

O2Cool large Deluxe Misting Fan

Promotional O2Cool Carabiner Misting Fan
$4.35 - $5.09 100 min

O2Cool Carabiner Misting Fan

Promotional O2Cool Necklace Fan
$5.17 - $6.47 50 min

O2Cool Necklace Fan

Promotional Breeze Cell Phone Fan
$2.76 - $3.24 100 min

Breeze Cell Phone Fan

Promotional Emoji Hand Fan
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$0.76 - $0.89 125 min

Emoji Hand Fan

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At Garrett Specialties you will also find electric battery powered fans and plastic fans. When the warm weather hits cool off your guest with these great fans! Give a promotional fan as a giveaway at company picnics or outdoor sporting events. but there are several other occasions whereby your business can benefit from the use of custom fans to advertise your brand. Hand fans can be incorporated into a general seasonal summer marketing campaign.  There is a variety of promotional fans available in a range of sizes, colors, and with special features to that will suit any budget.