Custom Infuser Water Bottles & Shaker Bottles

Custom Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottles are great to add your favorite protein shakes for a good workout. Just as important is our flavor infuser water bottle to promote your brand to get hydrated. Water has no flavor but add a little fruit and get out that healthy message. The infuser water bottle imprinted with logo or brand is attractive to your employees and clients while promoting good health. The easiest way to drink to water. This is one promotion that stay on the desk so your brand is noticed day after day.
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Promotional Salute Infuser - 24 oz
This product is a top seller 
$3.36 - $3.93 100 min

Salute Infuser - 24 oz

Promotional Thirstinator Sipper with Infuser
24 Hour Rush 
$3.47 - $4.07 75 min

Thirstinator Sipper with Infuser

Promotional Infusion Water Bottle
24 Hour RushThis product is featured 
$4.11 - $6.79 100 min

Infusion Water Bottle

Promotional Infuser Bottle with Flip Lid 28 oz
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$2.06 - $2.41 200 min

Infuser Bottle with Flip Lid 28 oz

Promotional Tritan Infuser Bottle 20 oz
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$2.29 - $2.68 200 min

Tritan Infuser Bottle 20 oz

Promotional The Infuser Tritan Bottle 22 oz
This product was manufactured in the USA72 Hour Rush 
$2.33 - $2.73 200 min

The Infuser Tritan Bottle 22 oz

Promotional The Cyclone - 16 oz Sport Shaker Cup
$2.18 - $2.55 144 min

The Cyclone - 16 oz Sport Shaker Cup

Promotional TritanTM Twister Protein Shaker
$4.89 - $4.89 50 min

TritanTM Twister Protein Shaker

Promotional Pop Top Shaker Tumbler
This product is featured 
$5.97 - $7.48 25 min

Pop Top Shaker Tumbler

Promotional Infuser Water Bottle-27 oz
$9.35 - $11.70 50 min

Infuser Water Bottle-27 oz

Promotional Flavorade Venti
$4.30 - $5.69 48 min

Flavorade Venti

Promotional Flavorade Cup
$3.90 - $5.75 48 min

Flavorade Cup

Promotional Cocktail Shaker
$5.53 - $6.47 96 min

Cocktail Shaker

Promotional Mixer Shaker
$7.45 - $9.75 50 min

Mixer Shaker

Promotional Shake-it™ Bottle
$3.03 - $3.79 75 min

Shake-it™ Bottle

Promotional Orbit Infuser - 24 Ounce
$4.66 - $5.84 72 min

Orbit Infuser - 24 Ounce

Promotional BlenderBottle® Classic - 28 Ounce
$4.74 - $5.09 72 min

BlenderBottle® Classic - 28 Ounce

Promotional Iggy Infuser
$2.95 - $3.69 72 min

Iggy Infuser

Promotional Shake it Up Salad Set
$2.21 - $3.46 96 min

Shake it Up Salad Set

Promotional BlenderBottle® Classic - 20 Ounce
$6.45 - $8.08 72 min

BlenderBottle® Classic - 20 Ounce

Promotional O2Cool® Shaker Bottle - 30oz.
$3.69 - $4.62 96 min

O2Cool® Shaker Bottle - 30oz.

Promotional Drink Shaker
$2.57 - $280.00 100 min

Drink Shaker

Promotional Gino Protein Shaker-24oz
$4.07 - $7.55 25 min

Gino Protein Shaker-24oz

Promotional Shake-ItTM Compartment Bottle
$3.16 - $3.95 100 min

Shake-ItTM Compartment Bottle

Promotional Ramuné Bottle - 23oz.
$4.27 - $5.35 72 min

Ramuné Bottle - 23oz.

Promotional Essence Infuser Bottle
$3.15 - $3.69 100 min

Essence Infuser Bottle

Promotional Typhoon Sports Bottle
$3.94 - $4.62 120 min

Typhoon Sports Bottle

Promotional Mini Fitness Shaker - 12oz.
24 Hour RushThis product is on sale 
$2.39 - $2.39 60 min

Mini Fitness Shaker - 12oz.

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Always Trending Emphasis on Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

View our fruit infuser water bottles. Very handy, functional and simple to use. Great for a good sports bottle/gym bottle too. It has a screw top cap and inside there is the infuser which can come out easily so the fruit pieces can be inserted. View our BPA Tritan water bottles and just add the fruit, tea bags or even vegetables like cucumbers. Give you water a little pop as you hydrate throughout the day while keeping your logo and brand in front of your recipient. Drinking water is important for a healthy heart. Adding your own flavors without using sugars or preservatives goes a long way to keep your body in good health. Please select the custom infuser bottle that works the best for you. The office favorite flavors to put in the infuser bottle are strawberries and blueberries. For a pick me up use lemons or limes.

What are Infuser Water Bottles

Infuser water bottles are bottles that are designed to add fruit, vegetables to a chamber in the bottle. Some you can put in the whole fruit. The way to get the best flavor is chopped up the fruit, or vegetables. Put them in the chamber and let the flavors do the rest to that boring taste of water. Keep the infuser bottles on your desk at work or home or in your car and be ready for your energy drink in the shaker bottle or your sport drink in the infuser bottle. You don't have to be an athlete, fitness buff to drink the perfect flavored water. For the best flavor leave the fruit or vegetables overnight in the infuser bottle and the flavors leak out into the water. Our infuser water bottles are lightweight, BPA Free, some are dishwasher safe, many are leak proof available in glass, plastic or stainless steel.