Custom Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

A custom oven mitt is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Quilted padding insulation keeps hands protected while cooking. Many of our oven mitts and pot holders have a hanging loop so it can be kept close and handy. Heat up your next marketing campaign or special event with silicone oven mitt! The great comfortability in the soft fabric lining is a trademark of our high quality silicone oven mitt that features a cotton canvas sleeve. Silicone products do not stain, melt, scratch, or lose shape. Easy to use pot holders are great for cooking demonstrations, culinary lessons and conventions alike! Handle the hottest kitchen action with oven mitts and pot holders from Garrett Specialties<div><br></div>

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Promotional Grip-It Neoprene Pot Holder
$1.44 - $1.80 100 min

Grip-It Neoprene Pot Holder

Promotional Insulated Pot Holder
$1.26 - $2.40 250 min

Insulated Pot Holder

Promotional Professional Oven Mitt-Colors
$3.49 - $4.37 75 min

Professional Oven Mitt-Colors

Promotional Finger Mitt
$2.54 - $2.98 150 min

Finger Mitt

Promotional Silicone Oven Mitt
$11.49 - $13.45 25 min

Silicone Oven Mitt

Promotional Kitchen Bright Oven Mitt
$1.90 - $2.23 150 min

Kitchen Bright Oven Mitt

Promotional Potholder
$2.57 - $3.22 75 min


Promotional Professional Oven Mitt
$5.56 - $6.49 75 min

Professional Oven Mitt

Promotional Ad Mitt
$1.76 - $2.07 250 min

Ad Mitt

Promotional Poly Cotton Twill Oven Mitt
$5.29 - $6.20 100 min

Poly Cotton Twill Oven Mitt

Promotional Silicone Ad-MittTM
This product is New 
$3.08 - $3.85 150 min

Silicone Ad-MittTM

Promotional Oven Mitt
This product is New 
$1.77 - $2.21 100 min

Oven Mitt

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