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Promotional Mini Mag Lite-M2A
This product has special pricingThis product is a top seller 
$19.05 - $22.29 48 min

Mini Mag Lite-M2A

Promotional Solitaire Mini Mag Lite Flashlight
This product is a top seller 
$11.03 - $12.92 48 min

Solitaire Mini Mag Lite Flashlight

Promotional Aluminum LED  Flashlight
This product is a top seller 
$12.75 - $18.66 50 min

Aluminum LED Flashlight

Promotional Solarian Keychain
This product is a top sellerThis product is eco-friendly 
$2.76 - $3.24 100 min

Solarian Keychain

Promotional Safety Hammer & Flashlight
This product is a top seller 
$5.53 - $6.47 100 min

Safety Hammer & Flashlight

Promotional Super Torch Gift Pack
$18.78 - $21.99 50 min

Super Torch Gift Pack

Promotional Super Duper Torch Flashlight
$11.43 - $13.38 100 min

Super Duper Torch Flashlight

Promotional Slim Line Key Light
This product is on sale 
$0.99 - $0.99 250 min

Slim Line Key Light

Promotional Super Bright Pocket Torch
24 Hour Rush 
$2.00 - $2.34 125 min

Super Bright Pocket Torch

Promotional Micro 3 LED Torch, Key Holder
$1.78 - $2.23 100 min

Micro 3 LED Torch, Key Holder

Promotional Renegade Aluminum Flashlight
24 Hour RushThis product is on saleThis product is featured 
$8.00 - $8.00 125 min

Renegade Aluminum Flashlight

Promotional Carabiner LED Key Light
$5.80 - $6.80 250 min

Carabiner LED Key Light

Promotional LED Aluminum Flashlight
$3.14 - $3.96 100 min

LED Aluminum Flashlight

Promotional Aluminum Scope LED Flashlight
$1.83 - $2.25 150 min

Aluminum Scope LED Flashlight

Promotional Emergency LED Glow Whistle
$1.99 - $2.46 150 min

Emergency LED Glow Whistle

Promotional Double Duty Work Light
$3.63 - $4.56 100 min

Double Duty Work Light

Promotional Clear Twist LED Light
$1.15 - $1.44 200 min

Clear Twist LED Light

Promotional Top Choice Led Task Light
$6.24 - $7.79 50 min

Top Choice Led Task Light

Promotional LED Warning Light
$1.85 - $2.27 150 min

LED Warning Light

Promotional On Target Headlamp
$2.57 - $3.23 100 min

On Target Headlamp

Promotional Pocket Pal 2.0 Screwbite Set
$10.18 - $11.91 100 min

Pocket Pal 2.0 Screwbite Set

Promotional Roadway Handy Multi Tool
$8.01 - $10.01 50 min

Roadway Handy Multi Tool

Promotional Premium Telescoping LED Work Light
$8.32 - $10.40 50 min

Premium Telescoping LED Work Light

Promotional Retro Pop Up Lantern
$5.41 - $6.76 50 min

Retro Pop Up Lantern

Promotional Clipper Bright Light
This product is on sale 
$1.69 - $1.69 150 min

Clipper Bright Light

Promotional Magna Clip Personal Safety Light
$2.12 - $2.67 150 min

Magna Clip Personal Safety Light

Promotional Carabiner Whistle Safety Light
This product is on saleThis product has blow out pricing! 
$1.18 - $1.18 250 min

Carabiner Whistle Safety Light

Promotional Work Light
This product is featured 
$7.43 - $8.70 40 min

Work Light

Promotional COB Work Light with Silicone Loop
This product is on saleThis product has blow out pricing! 
$3.49 - $3.49 100 min

COB Work Light with Silicone Loop

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Promotional Flashlights, Custom Flashlights, Pocket Flashlights, Logo Flashlights are value and quality. View the Widest Selection of Maglite Flashlight Products. Show your customers that you have their safety in mind view our large selection of pocket flashlights, lanterns, and carabiner key lights are all ready to be customized with your company's logo and message. These flashlights and promotional items make the perfect business gift that your clients, customers, and employees will appreciate and use.

Flashlight Carabiners

Carabiner key lights are a unique marketing tool. Great for students and people on-the-go. Carabiner keylights attaches to attaches to a briefcase, purse or backpack. These flashlights are a great seller to brighten your up your next promotion. Custom Carabiner Flashlights come in many different styles from retractable, clip on, whistles, and assortment of colored lights. If you are looking for Carabiner Flashlight Keychains that are more fun and interactive, we have a wide selection of Flashight Carabiners like the carabiner LED light. There are also double as key holders. Our flashlight key chains make perfect gifts for valuable employees or important customers. Think about the intended recipient of your product and choose the promotional flashlight key chain you think is right for them!

Maglite flashlights are designed, patented and manufactured in the U.S.A

Some Custom Maglite Flashlights contain imported components or sub-components. Maglite is precision machined high-strength aluminum alloy case, Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and durability, Mag Lite Flashlights are water and shock resistant and High-intensity adjustable spot-to-flood beam with a twist of the wrist. Chosen by professionals worldwide to brand your company image with your logo or message

Energy Saving Flashlights

Green friendly flashlights come in many different styles from dynamo, solar powered, hand crank, squeeze flashlights that never requires replacement of bulbs or batteries. People are becoming more conscious about caring for the environment and using Solar powered flashlights that are powered by the sun and is a first step initiative in saving the planet. Solar powered flashlights do not use batteries and get the electricity coming from converted energy from the sun. Energy Saving Flashlights can be used everywhere. Our Top Green flashlights are the best all around green giveaways.

Key Lights are bright idea way to promote your company. Illuminate your giveaway with our Promotional Keychain Lights that come in different shapes and sizes to meet your needs. A great promotional value with plenty of room for personalization. Custom keylights can be imprinted with your logo or message. These inexpensive promotional items will attract attention for your brand, and tend to provide a lasting impact. It is worth it to buy a product that provides a practical use to the recipient like key light chains. Key Lights have proven to be very successful custom items as people tend to hold onto them.

Promotional Emergency Flashlights

Promotional lantern flashlights are great for those emergency situations. Promo Emergency Lantern are perfect giveaways for safety programs for home or office. Custom Lanterns Imprinted are good advertising tool for Realtors, Automotive Industry, Communication Industry or service industry. These large lamps are great for corporate gifts or employee thank-yous. Get the most out of your marketing dollars by purchasing a promotional product that can advertise your brand over and over again.

LED Flashlights

Browse our large selection of custom led flashlights ready for your logo and message! The advantage of LED flashlights offers bright light and uses less battery power than your standard incandescent flashlight. The Corporate Led flashlight can be used anywhere from home, office, automobile, sporting events, outdoor activities. These are great for contractors to keep handy in the tool box. Logo LED Flashlights are the essential tool for everyone making these great promotional items to use as giveaways. Aluminum Led Flashlights are popular because they are light weight.

Portable Flashlights

Small, Promotional Light Weight Flashlights can be customized with your company's message. Pocket flashlights are compact to fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase. Pocket flashlights are great giveaways for safety programs, automobile industry, travel industry. Never search again for the perfect light. Portable Flashlights will fit in your budget for your marketing needs making them the product that is perfect for you and your company. Flashlights appeal to everyone.