Custom Stuffed Animals

Custom Stuffed Animals


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Custom Stuffed Animals

Put a smile on their face with Custom Stuffed Animals, toys, Bears at Garrett Specialties. Your source for clip on animals, promotional stuffed animals. Customized stuffed animals & bean bag animals play up your name for all it's worth. Choose from apes to zebras that brighten any event for your company or organization. Stuffed animals are promotional favorites at charity functions, children's games or other activities. If it barks, purrs or growls, we've got a zoo-full of promotional stuffed animals: bean bag animals, plush animals, toy bears and more. Custom stuffed animals are great for giveaways and gifts and will help grow your brand.

Swag Box of Ideas

Stuff Animals, Promotional Stuffed Animals Make Loveable Gifts! Shop our stuff animals by plush, Gund, Long Hair Animals, Teddy Bears, Cuddle Animals, Bean Bag Animals and animal magnets. Our selection of mascot stuffed animals are great for school promotions, jewelry stores, retail stores, and advertising agencies. Stuff animals are not just for children. Put a lion on your employees’ desk for your next promotion to soar like a lion. We don't monkey around with your money. What could be could be more inviting than a huggable teddy bear. Stuffed animals provide a memorable connection to your company or brand. Life's is fun with these plush promotional animals for your school or company. Custom stuffed animals give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. They are guaranteed to bring a smile on your client’s face. Choose from a wide range of colors and select a cuddly creature that everyone loves.

Custom Plush and Cuddle Animals

Our stuffed animal’s range in sizes from 4" to 22". Available with t-shirts, bandannas or ribbons. If you are unable to locate the type of animals you need, please call. We also are able to make a stuffed animal to your specifications. Please keep in mind that there are longer leads and quantities are higher for custom made items. We comply with safety regulations. Whatever size you select these promotional toys makes them easy to share and display. Perfect for school fundraisers, teacher conferences or as tradeshow giveaways! Showcase your company name, logo, or message thanks. Great for Valentine's Day, hospitals, jewelry stores, schools, businesses or Christmas Gifts. Make this your next great giveaway! For an adorable addition to your next promotional campaign, look no further. Customize with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to make a lasting brand impression on a sought-after gift. Many service industries use stuffed animals to relieve stress. Hospital emergency rooms, police and fireman use stuffed animals for those reasons. They are also great trade show items that express friendliness and comfort. Use a stuffed animal as a corporate mascot at your next marketing event. Our plush animals include: