Custom Cheap Pens & Bulk Pens Under $0.50

We have Promotional Pens at Affordable Pricing. Find custom pens under 0.50 and Less. Offering low pricing making our promotional and custom pens affordable. Despite being less than $1 each, these cheap custom pens are sure to be a big hit with everyone. They're great for trade shows, fundraisers, and job fairs. Place them by your register or in your supply closet! Pens are used all the time, whether it's to write grocery lists or take notes at work. Get more exposure with these promotional pens!

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Promotional Tropical Javalina Pen
This product is a top seller 
$0.48 - $0.66 250 min

Tropical Javalina Pen

Promotional Dart Pen
This product is a top seller 
$0.35 - $0.42 300 min

Dart Pen

Promotional BIC® Ecolutions®  Round Stic® Pen
This product is a top seller 
$0.44 - $0.58 500 min

BIC® Ecolutions® Round Stic® Pen

Promotional Plastic Stylus Pen
This product is NewThis product is a top seller 
$0.39 - $0.46 500 min

Plastic Stylus Pen

Promotional Paragon Pen
This product is on saleThis product has blow out pricing! 
$0.45 - $0.45 100 min

Paragon Pen

Promotional Classic Javalina Pen
$0.41 - $0.55 250 min

Classic Javalina Pen

Promotional Translucent Stick Pen
$0.32 - $0.36 250 min

Translucent Stick Pen

Promotional Spirit Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.62 - $0.79 300 min

Spirit Pen

Promotional Rita Writer Pen
$0.35 - $0.42 500 min

Rita Writer Pen

Promotional Executive Javalina Pen
$0.49 - $0.66 250 min

Executive Javalina Pen

Promotional Contender Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.36 - $0.46 300 min

Contender Pen

Promotional Palmiro Retractable Pen
$0.45 - $0.54 300 min

Palmiro Retractable Pen

Promotional Javalina Corporate Pen
$0.48 - $0.66 250 min

Javalina Corporate Pen

Promotional Contender Frosted Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.54 - $0.64 300 min

Contender Frosted Pen

Promotional Chiller Pen
$0.60 - $0.76 300 min

Chiller Pen

Promotional Sprite Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.54 - $0.61 250 min

Sprite Pen

Promotional Javalina® Splash Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.48 - $0.62 250 min

Javalina® Splash Pen

Promotional Cubano Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.61 - $0.77 250 min

Cubano Pen

Promotional Mardi Gras Jubilee Pen
$0.62 - $0.78 250 min

Mardi Gras Jubilee Pen

Promotional Chrome  Dart Pen
$0.52 - $0.66 300 min

Chrome Dart Pen

Promotional Metal Stylus Pen
$1.03 - $1.20 250 min

Metal Stylus Pen

Promotional Torano Translucent Pen
$0.58 - $0.77 250 min

Torano Translucent Pen

Promotional  Javalina® Platinum Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.53 - $0.70 250 min

Javalina® Platinum Pen

Promotional Javalina® Midnight Pen
$0.50 - $0.67 250 min

Javalina® Midnight Pen

Promotional Mardi Gras Chrome Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.61 - $0.82 250 min

Mardi Gras Chrome Pen

Promotional Metallic Dart  Pen
$0.33 - $0.48 300 min

Metallic Dart Pen

Promotional Dart with Grip Pen
$0.57 - $0.68 300 min

Dart with Grip Pen

Promotional Style Dart Pen
24 Hour Rush 
$0.54 - $0.64 300 min

Style Dart Pen

Promotional BIC® Media Clic™ Pen
$0.43 - $0.60 300 min

BIC® Media Clic™ Pen

Promotional Hampton Ballpoint Pen
This product is New 
$0.36 - $0.44 300 min

Hampton Ballpoint Pen

Promotional Paper Mate® Write Bros Stick Pen
This product is New 
$0.34 - $0.41 500 min

Paper Mate® Write Bros Stick Pen

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Custom Pens Under $.50 


Cheap pens are reliable to promote your brand and will fit any budget for that quick writing on a note in bulk quantity. Personalized with low minimums. Need a Cheap Pen? Order inexpensive pens imprinted with your logo or message from Garrett Specialties . Use our promotional cheap pens like a business card. With low minimums you can keep your clients ready to write at any given moment. You can reach your target audience without breaking the bank. Personalized pens are offered at free setups and many are available with a 24 hour rush service. Promotional Pens Brings your Ideas to Life Choose from thousands of designs and add your logo or message and create a website builder. Promotional pens are an easy way to update or manage new information to keep your brand exposed all the time, to as many people as you can. They make great business cards. When you are in construction, real estate, financial institutions, car dealers, hotels, conventions, literally anywhere you a pen sparks the memory based on the color, type and let's face it, promotional pens are priced to in anyone's budget..


Affordable Pens 


Promotional Pens are still one of the most popular item imprinted with your brand name or message. s some of the most popular printed products, Garrett Specialties offers promotional pens can make your brand a household name. We pride ourselves in offering low prices. Have your promotional pen be everywhere that matters with a tool that will maximize sales. Making it easier to reach customers select the tool that will not only reach customers but is one of the fastest tool to attract new customers with large imprint areas. To make life easier we now have pens that double as a pen and a styluses. The Captive stylus tip that works with iPad, iPhone, Android and other touchscreen devices. A personalized pen are ideal to give out your contact information without having to bother your client. Use them to spread your message with one of the greatest brand exposures. Cheap pens can be eye catching and have an impact. Hand out at your next conference, trade show, office meeting. Logo pens are still one of the most popular promotional tool. Even in the day of technology we still take notes, write on a check, use them at meetings. Pens range from stick pens to retractable and are usually made of plastic. So provide the one writing tool is the best bang for your dollar. At Garrett Specialties we offer savings with options. Of course the more you buy the better the price. Many of our pens are on sale or closeouts so you save more. Buy in bulk at cheap pricing getting your message to stick. Shop our large selection of different styles of plastic pens for your next promotional event at cheap wholesale prices. If you're looking to take a plunge on your next marketing campaign, look no further. Cheap pens are available in several colors, made of plastic making this handy product a great way to put your brand directly into your clients' hands. It can be customized with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to increase corporate exposure. What a great giveaway for offices, universities, banks and hotels! Highlight your brand with this colorful promo! Make the "write" choice for your business and let us help you get started. Plastic-body, click-action ballpoint pen will have your logo rising up from desktops everywhere. Good idea for mass promotion, great economic. Classic style cheap promotional company pens with click action features. Don't forget the Affordable Stick Pens for Events and Giveaways!.