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Whether you are looking for wall calendars, desk calendars, or business calendars, trust Garrett Specialties to provide you with 365 Day Visibility with Custom Imprinted Calendars & Planners. Appointment Calendars serve as a point of reference viewed countless times a day. The type of calendar we display tells the world what we like, how we work, or what is meaningful to us. Select from our different themes and scenes of calendars, you'll be sure to find one to suit any audience while keeping a close eye on your adverting budget. Calendars are a great handout to get the brand recognition that logo wall calendars can provide you need to customize them with your company's name and logo. Your source for promotional weekly calendars, monthly calendars, wall calendars, and planners, advertising calendar, personalized wall calendars. Select stapled or spiral calendars and triumph.  

Wall Calendars

Check out our wall calendars to track your important events, holidays, and company events Please order early wall calendars, as stock is limited. The best time to order wall calendars is before July so that you are sure to get the selection. Make sure your company logo is seen throughout the year on one of our promotional calendars or planners. The wall calendars gives you a large imprint area to advertise your business. Calendars are great for trade shows, special event promotions or campaign to launch a new product.

Calendars are a practical product and great marketing tools as they keep your company's brand in front of your clients and employees every single day. We have been using calendars and planners for years and they have become essential items for all of us. Even though technology has increased, there is nothing like writing your notes and see a week, month or year at a glance. Custom planners, appointment planners organize your life in a functional way to manage your schedules. Being able to check out a date at a glance ensures you will not miss that important appointment.

Imprint your logo and or message to stand out. The calendar helps us plan our days and coming events. Promotional calendars consists of 12 months starting from January through December. Many are offered from December of the previous year through December of the following year. Distributing throughout the year is a great idea instead of waiting toward the end of the year.

Promotional Calendars are universal. Anyone who needs to make an appointment needs one. When the year is out, you don't have to throw them away. So many of the photos in our large line of calendars are memorable. You can cut of the pictures and frame them or donate them to schools for children to use to teach children how to read a calendar or use them to create pictures for themselves.

Calendars are marketing weapons from the first impression to the last day of the year. Promotional calendars and custom planners have high retention because of our need to plan a day, week, month or year. What other item keeps you logo in from of your receipt 365 days a year?

Promotional Calendars

Use promotional calendars for many different reasons. One to be informed about events. Create your own and showcase special events within your company. As much as we are moving toward a take over of the digital world there is nothing like writing down a date and checking off when a task is completed. With the creation of e-books, and e-cards one would think that the paper world is gone. Not true we are still visual beings and nothing is like hands on. The custom calendar is here to stay taking your branding capabilities one step further. At Garrett Specialties we can handle all of your programs. We create ideas and provide great service. Are you looking for an effective end of year promotion? . There is such a variety that you can select a different for each year. We offer the best custom imprint calendars for winning and keeping customers, employees and prospects.

Custom Calendars are a lasting advertisement. A custom calendar is one of the best marketing material your business will use as it stays around for 365 days. A calendar is like the magnet on the refrigerator and every time your customers look at it they will remember your company. Create your own calendar with photos or pictures using your special dates. Top selling custom calendars and desk calendars for home or business. Shop Low piece minimum on great selection of printed calendars and monthly planners .