Custom Fidget Toys & Spinners

Custom Fidget Spinner toy is unique will Entertain, relieve stress, boost concentration and focus. Order promotional fidget toys, fidget spinners, fiddle cubes personalized with your logo in variety of colors for the best promotion. With these custom printed fidget spinners and other fidget toys, your employees will be able to relieve their workplace or school stress in a happy and healthy way! Choose from a variety of fidget stress reducers, including fidget cubes and Push Pops, to fit any mood or activity. Fidget spinners are great marketing tools that can take your marketing to the next level! There is no doubt that the stress-relieving benefits of these affordable fidget toys will be appreciated by both your employees and your customers, and you can be sure that they will end up on prospects' desks. Take a look at our nice selection of logo fidget toys that are just waiting to be played with by your customers, prospects and staff as they browse our site.

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Promotional Fidget Spinner
This product is a top seller 
$1.97 - $2.31 250 min

Fidget Spinner

Promotional Classic Whirl Spinner
$1.03 - $1.28 200 min

Classic Whirl Spinner

Promotional PromoSpinner® - Heart
$1.82 - $2.28 150 min

PromoSpinner® - Heart

Promotional PromoSpinner® - Tri-Highlighter
$1.78 - $2.23 150 min

PromoSpinner® - Tri-Highlighter

Promotional MopToppers® Spinner Ball Pen
$2.19 - $2.75 150 min

MopToppers® Spinner Ball Pen

Promotional PromoSpinner® - Awareness Ribbon
$1.91 - $2.39 150 min

PromoSpinner® - Awareness Ribbon

Promotional PromoSpinner® - Star
$1.81 - $2.26 150 min

PromoSpinner® - Star

Promotional Rubik's® Cube Spinner
$5.22 - $6.11 50 min

Rubik's® Cube Spinner

Promotional Cara-Spinner
$5.69 - $6.64 100 min


Promotional Poppin Pals
$0.81 - $0.94 250 min

Poppin Pals

Promotional Push Pop Square Bubble Game
This product is on sale 
$1.20 - $1.65 150 min

Push Pop Square Bubble Game

Promotional Push Pop Round Bubble Game
$1.53 - $1.92 150 min

Push Pop Round Bubble Game

Promotional Rainbow Bubble Popper
This product is New 
$4.13 - $4.96 150 min

Rainbow Bubble Popper

Promotional Bubble Popper Notebook
This product is New 
$8.27 - $9.11 100 min

Bubble Popper Notebook

Promotional Animal Popper Keychain
This product is New 
$2.04 - $2.20 250 min

Animal Popper Keychain

Promotional Gator Stress Buster™
This product is New 
$3.26 - $4.08 100 min

Gator Stress Buster™

Promotional Promospinner® Turbo-Boost Multi Color
$0.00 - $1.30 150 min

Promospinner® Turbo-Boost Multi Color

Promotional Cell Phone Stand and Spinner
$3.94 - $4.62 100 min

Cell Phone Stand and Spinner

Promotional Cell Phone Stand Dollar Spinner
$3.94 - $4.62 100 min

Cell Phone Stand Dollar Spinner

Promotional @ Keychain Spinner
$3.94 - $4.62 100 min

@ Keychain Spinner

Promotional Dollar Keychain Spinner
$3.94 - $4.62 100 min

Dollar Keychain Spinner

Promotional Salinas Spinner Pen
$2.22 - $2.78 144 min

Salinas Spinner Pen

Promotional Party Starter Bottle Opener Spinner
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$1.65 - $1.93 250 min

Party Starter Bottle Opener Spinner

Promotional Cell Phone Charging Cable Spinner
24 Hour RushThis product uses a 4 color process. 
$2.66 - $3.30 100 min

Cell Phone Charging Cable Spinner

Promotional Quad Fidget Popper Keychain
This product is New 
$2.90 - $3.40 250 min

Quad Fidget Popper Keychain

Promotional Magic Sliderz
This product is New 
$5.80 - $6.65 100 min

Magic Sliderz

Promotional Stress Puzzle Ball
This product is New 
$3.70 - $4.30 100 min

Stress Puzzle Ball

Promotional Cross Fidget Toys Keychain
This product is New 
$1.67 - $2.16 500 min

Cross Fidget Toys Keychain

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Custom Fidget Spinners  


Custom fidget spinners are the best way to stay productive at work while satisfying that need to fidget! Mix and match the spinner and pen body colors to make an eye-catching spinner pen that everyone will be reaching for one Spin Between Thumb And Middle Finger. Perfect For Reducing Stress And Boredom. Encourages Focus And Self-Soothing For Users With Anxiety, Attention Disorders And More. Fun For All Ages (5+) Light Up Fidget Spinners are the hottest promotion on the market -- everybody wants one! They are the perfect promotional gift for: Corporations, Schools and colleges, Clubs & concerts. People have also been known to do tricks with fidget spinners. create fun and unique light patterns that will impress your audience. So if you are looking to where to buy cheap fidgets spinners, you come to the right place. Proven to help restless hands, along with improving productivity, creativity and focus, This is a perfect promotional giveaway for people wanting something small, simple, and fun! It's precise balance and weight are packed into a great size that fits easily in your pocket! It is suitable for classroom or office and helps boosting your concentration and focus. Helps improve manual dexterity - A quiet and ergonomic design - Hold the center circular pad with your finger and thumb and then twirl - Keep handy on your desk . Keep hands occupied to relief stress, letting the mind zone out and run free. Relaxation Has Never Been Easier with Custom Fidget Spinners. The thing about the custom fidget spinner is that there is not just one type, but many making them so diverse, so engaging, making you want to embrace the magnificently fun time to play with this new toy. Offer at fairs, walks, and convention and make it a promotional giveaway to remember. Take fidget spinners to your favorite hideout and show off your hidden talents. Look at fun from a new angle. Imprint your logo and take this new toy for a spin. So buy fidget spinner in bulk.

Custom Fidget Toys  


Fidget toys are fun for all ages! They are hand spinners that is designed to relieve stress and anxiety. Just hold it between your thumb and middle finger and spin with the other hand, or flick it with your index finger. Either way, it will keep your mind occupied and your hands busy! Fidget toys are addictive desk toys that allows you to focus at the task at hand without disrupting others. These gadgets are designed to help booster your concentration and focus, especially helping with ADHD, ADD and Autism, Insomnia as well as boredom. Promotional spinners are ideal for any giveaway. This new craze has taken the promotional products industry by storm because they are great for show off your logo with brand at your fingertips. Order custom fidget spinner today. Add a unique fidget spinner to your list of giveaways to reduce anxiety. Entertain, relieve stress, boost concentration and focus with custom fidget spinners imprinted with your logo in variety of vibrant colors for the best promotion. The stress spinner will take your mind of the stress of the day..