Rubber Ducks with Personality

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Promotional Marathon Weighted Racer Duck
This product is NewThis product is a top seller 
$2.00 - $2.68 50 min

Marathon Weighted Racer Duck

Promotional Plain Rubber Duck
$1.06 - $1.24 288 min

Plain Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Duck Stress Ball
$1.58 - $1.98 150 min

Rubber Duck Stress Ball

Promotional Rubber Duck -3
$1.23 - $1.44 250 min

Rubber Duck -3"

Promotional Weighted Racing Duck
$1.62 - $2.03 150 min

Weighted Racing Duck

Promotional Jumbo Rubber Duck
This product is New 
$12.44 - $14.56 25 min

Jumbo Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Computer Duck
$2.09 - $3.02 50 min

Rubber Computer Duck

Promotional Doctor Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Doctor Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Financial Duck
$2.09 - $3.02 50 min

Rubber Financial Duck

Promotional Rubber Hog Rider Duck
$1.90 - $2.70 50 min

Rubber Hog Rider Duck

Promotional Rubber Graduation Duck
$1.85 - $2.65 50 min

Rubber Graduation Duck

Promotional Baseball Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Baseball Rubber Duck

Promotional Basketball Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Basketball Rubber Duck

Promotional Football Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Football Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Headset Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Rubber Headset Duck

Promotional Lucky Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Lucky Rubber Duck

Promotional  Nurse Rubber Duck
This product is on sale 
$1.59 - $2.51 50 min

Nurse Rubber Duck

Promotional Bride Rubber Duck
$1.90 - $2.70 50 min

Bride Rubber Duck

Promotional Groom Rubber Duck
$1.90 - $2.70 50 min

Groom Rubber Duck

Promotional Snack Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Snack Rubber Duck

Promotional Number One Fan Rubber Duck
$1.90 - $2.70 50 min

Number One Fan Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Viva La Mexico Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Rubber Viva La Mexico Duck

Promotional Rubber Tooth Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Rubber Tooth Duck

Promotional Western Cowboy Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Western Cowboy Rubber Duck

Promotional Life Saver Rubber Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Life Saver Rubber Duck

Promotional Patriotic Rubber Duck
$1.90 - $2.70 50 min

Patriotic Rubber Duck

Promotional Rubber Diver Duck
$2.10 - $2.78 50 min

Rubber Diver Duck

Promotional Rubber Duck Fireman
$1.73 - $2.17 150 min

Rubber Duck Fireman

Promotional Policeman Rubber Duck
$1.97 - $2.90 50 min

Policeman Rubber Duck

Promotional Camouflage Rubber Duck
$1.95 - $2.75 50 min

Camouflage Rubber Duck

Promotional Football Sports Rubber Ducks
$1.60 - $2.50 150 min

Football Sports Rubber Ducks

Promotional Spooky Rubber Duck
$1.97 - $2.68 50 min

Spooky Rubber Duck

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Rubber Ducks with Personality! They are Quacktacular. Which rubber duck is right for you? We have a large selection of promotional rubber ducks that represent your business's various personality traits and characteristics. Find a rubber duck for any event too! We have a nurse and doctor duck, sports ducks, cultural rubber ducks, and business ducks. Which logo rubber duck will you use for your next campaign? A ducky promotion with a quack of a hit! Check out novelty bath ducks. Make sure that your logo is seen and remembered. Imprint your custom duck for the next duck race. We have a large selection of themed ducks. Rubber ducks are the big rage right now

Custom Rubber Ducks

This is a great giveaway at hotels, fairs, trade shows. Just add your custom imprint and advertise that your client's can trust your brand. We carry a large selection of custom rubber ducks at discount pricing and you can purchase in bulk. We offer the classic design to the unusual. Remember when you were a kid and your mother put a rubber duck in the tub. It was not just for you to play with but also help you relax. Nothing has changed today. Today we have more sizes and shapes of ducks then when we grew up. Now you can get a rubber duck that glows in the dark. So get a custom rubber duck with your logo as we carry a nice selection of promotional rubber ducks to put a little fun in your advertising and marketing campaign. Have you ever wondered how does a rubber duck float in water. It is because its mass is equaled by the water it displaces before it physically goes under the water. The good news is your logo will always stay afloat.

Create your next promotion with promotional products from Garrett Specialties. Choose from a large selection of diverse logo items and advertising specialties. Rubber Ducks. The rubber Duckie is more than a bathtub toy. Promotional rubber ducks are loved by all making it a great medium to put your name or message. We carry the classic rubber duck and creative style duck stress balls. Get ready for any occasion. The different styles of ducks make a whack of an impression. Just add your logo or message to any of different styles that are dressed to fit your next marketing campaign. We try to make it easy for you by offering rubber ducks in bulk. When your company want something unique, collectible and kept foreverů.Think Custom Rubber ducks. We have been selling custom rubber ducks for 25 years.