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- Thanks for working with us to expedite our order! Blessings,

- Thank you so much for getting the pens to me in time. They are nice and the CEO is impressed with the quality of the items that we ordered. I will be looking into ordering more things that will be used for special events.

- Candee, I do appreciate your assistance. And, am trying to glean sufficient information from my client to make both our jobs easier. As mentioned on the phone, I did a google search to find specialty promotion companies. Your web site seemed to be the best organized, most user-friendly, provide sufficient detail so that I was at least able to research assorted items and easily view mages and pricing. Kudos to your IT team!

- This is the first time I have place an order with your company. I must say that I am very impressed with your communication during the processing of my order. I am confident that the outcome will be excellent and have felt well informed about the progress my order was making.I own a business and can say this TLC approach went a long way with me!

- Good morning, Candie! Just wanted to let you know that we received the teardrop awards in time, and presented them to our group on Tuesday. They turned out great and everyone loved them! Thank you so much for all your help. Please let your art department and Angelica know what a wonderful job they did. We really appreciate it!
Bev Longnecker ERWIA

- I received the pens today and am COMPLETELY pleased; what a wonderful item. Thank you for getting them to me on-time. .
John Potwora

- Thank you so much for all of your assistance! This is our first time purchasing from Garrett, I promise it won't be the last, such exceptional service and prompt attention. I am very anxious for our product to arrive, I'm sure we won't be disappointed. Thank you, Nicole, for your fabulous attention and customer service, you have made what could have been a frustrating situation into a pleasant experience. .

- I just wanted to take a moment to praise everyone at Garrett Specialties for the wonderful job you all do! I have been ordering from Garrett Specialties for well over three years, and every experience has been fantastic. I discovered Garrett Specialties while looking for corporate gifts for our company, I have never been so impressed with an on line company. Your great service well ...it doesn't happen much these days. Thank you again

- We received the acrobat metal clips, and they turned out wonderfully!! They now are back in Maryland, for the conference there next week. Thank you so much for working with us on this; we are extremely pleased with the end product, and in fact I would like to order another 350 -- and have them shipped to our offices here in San Francisco. We are having another event this fall where these would be great give aways!! Let me know what I need to do to set this additional order into production~~ Thanks so much; I look forward to hearing from you.
Esther-Executive Director

- Thanks again Garrett Specialties. We are grateful for the adverting specialty item we chose. You were such a big help!!

- Your Customer service department is unbeatable. I was actually able to get a live person who could answer my questions regarding giveaways for our trade show. Great Service!!

- Thank you for your response and I appreciate the promptness. The only reason I inquired at all was because on the order page under Order Status, it stated Hold. But this clears it up and I'm sure I either read it wrong or it hasn't upgraded yet. I knew it was originally put on hold due to the first color choice not being available and I thought we had resolved it. It is great to know that it has indeed been resolved. It all sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see them and 9/18/08 is more than acceptable. And if it counts for anything, I really think your company has wonderful customer service representatives. After our order yesterday, we were promptly informed of the difficulty regarding the color and then the phone calls. I believe Garrett Specialties ranks high in the old belief of the Customer comes first. Kudos. .

- The order has been received. We are so impressed with the quality of this item; the printing is of exceptionally high quality. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. .

- Rec'd. They look fantastic. Thank you for everything

- I received your phone message and wish to apologize for not getting back in touch with you sooner. This has been a very busy time of year for all of us. That being said let me say the wording we requested on the handle is good we won't require anything else. Secondly, time of shipment, any time through the middle of January is ok with us as we still have some left to hand out. Thirdly, I wish to thank you so much for being part of "OUR" team. You've always been so helpful, followed up where needed and communicated in a professional way. Everything we've received from you has been a quality product and with the quantity needed and quickly handled. Knowing this expect us to continue doing business with you this coming year. In closing we wish you all of your staff a Happy and Safe Holiday Season, from my steering team and myself here at Main Station, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. .

- We received the coolers and they look fantastic! We are very excited to give them to our clients for this tournament and for future tournaments. Thank you very much for your quick service and we look forward to working with you again in the future! Thank you, .
Becky Lantinga Account Management

- Nikki was a great help with this rush order. You should have lots of employees like her.

- Just wanted to let you know I received the items and they look great! I am not happy with a place I used for giveaways in the past, so will be happy to check out your items when we next need things. We aren’t a big company, so we don’t do large amounts, but based on my experience with you, I’d welcome the opportunity to try you again. Thanks, Maggie

- We just received AFS blankets from your company- people liked them Good job!

- We chose Garrett Specialties as our vendor.... We felt we hit the jackpot.