Custom Car Sun Shades-Personalized Windshield Sunshade

In addition to keeping the interior of your parked car cool on warm days so that you do not suffer when you get back in the car again, the car sunshade also protects your vehicle from the damaging effects of UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Interior materials, such as leather, vinyl, and other plastics, as well as fabrics and carpets, are also affected by UV rays. Keep your car cool from the heat of the sun with, car sun shield, custom car sun shades and promote your business with brand exposure. The window sun shade protects the interior of your vehicle from harmful ultraviolet rays. Add the car windshield visors for cars will shade and kept the heat and sun from damaging your windshield as well as reducing the heat inside your car, SUV, or truck. You can use a quality custom sun shade anywhere outside. You can use it on the beach, at work, at the airport, or anyplace you plan to park outside.

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Promotional Collapsible Auto Sunshade
This product is a top seller 
$6.82 - $7.98 100 min

Collapsible Auto Sunshade

Promotional Sun Shade-Car
This product is a top seller 
$9.15 - $13.41 50 min

Sun Shade-Car

Promotional Prest-O-Shade® DX Auto Sunshade
This product is a top seller 
$12.85 - $17.00 50 min

Prest-O-Shade® DX Auto Sunshade

Promotional 4-Piece Car Sun Shade
$4.83 - $6.07 50 min

4-Piece Car Sun Shade

Promotional Mylar Accordion Fold Sunshade
$7.57 - $8.86 100 min

Mylar Accordion Fold Sunshade

Promotional Dual Panel SUV Sunshade
$7.18 - $8.37 100 min

Dual Panel SUV Sunshade

Promotional Sun Shade Square
This product is on sale 
$7.62 - $7.62 60 min

Sun Shade Square

Promotional Dual Panel Car Sun Shade
$6.24 - $7.30 100 min

Dual Panel Car Sun Shade

Promotional Satin Silver Prest-O-Shade® NT
$12.87 - $17.30 50 min

Satin Silver Prest-O-Shade® NT

Promotional Prest-O-Shade® DX
$12.85 - $17.00 50 min

Prest-O-Shade® DX

Promotional Prest-O-Shade® LS
$12.85 - $17.00 50 min

Prest-O-Shade® LS

Promotional Prest-O-Shade® Large Sun Shade
$14.35 - $18.50 50 min

Prest-O-Shade® Large Sun Shade

Promotional Prest-O-Shade® NT Full Color
$15.77 - $21.20 50 min

Prest-O-Shade® NT Full Color

Promotional Car Sun Shade Set
$6.32 - $7.40 100 min

Car Sun Shade Set

Promotional Dual Panel Truck Sun Shade
$8.32 - $9.74 100 min

Dual Panel Truck Sun Shade

Promotional Windshield Car Shade
$5.53 - $6.47 100 min

Windshield Car Shade

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Custom Car Sun Shade  

Car Sun Shades let the sun shine on your marketing message. Automotive sunshades have large imprint areas to display your logo. Your advertisement will own the parking lot. Auto sunshades provide great visibility for your company! Have you ever left your car in the sun for a couple of hours and now you get back in and realize it is a little hot on the seat? This great moving billboard that advertises your company name really helps to cut down the heat while your car sits in the sun. The other plus is that it saves your dashboard from fading. Purchase your car window shades and car sun shade now! Keep your vehicle cooler & protect your dash. Select personalized car sun shades and beat the heat on your car. The summer is coming so order your windshield sun shade!! View our pop up window shades This is one promotional item that will really be appreciated and your logo or message will be visible for years to come. People passing by while your car is parked will be enviousness of this wonderful giveaway. Auto Sunshades for your next promotion, imprinted car sun shade, windshield coverage giveaways, custom sunshades, collapsible sunshade, Mylar, nylon or cardboard sunshades. Auto Sun Shades offers Great visibility for your company!.


Car Windshield Sun Shade  

You want your business to be seen? Then customize a car windshield sun shade  with your logo or message. The sunshade is a simple, low-tech, and low-cost product that will help you prevent the damage caused by the heat and its ensuing effects. Your logo will be seen when you place the shade shade on your window. What a wonderful way to advertise. You will love getting them as a gift. Who doesn't want to save the interior of your car. They also help keeping your car cooler, so when you get in you are not frying from the heat. Car sun shades for your Car, SUV or Truck. Custom Car sun shade cover, windshield protectors have large imprint areas to display your logo. Sunshades are affordable especially from Garrett Specialties as we discount them. So browse our selection of car shades and you will notice the more you buy the more you save. It is a win win situation for your business. .