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Custom webcam covers protect your privacy and security while advertising your brand. Place over your devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones and prevent webcams from spying on you. By using custom webcam covers, you will be able to protect your privacy and avoid embarrassing Zoom meetings in the future. If you have a laptop or mobile device with a camera, these cameras will fit right on it. The camera covers are designed to fit on your phone or laptop to ensure your personal security. A plastic webcam cover is a simple and effective solution for those who are concerned about hackers accessing their devices. Whether you're in a school, a tech company, or a remote worker, you're going to benefit from webcam covers.

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Promotional Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner
This product is a top seller 
$0.96 - $1.13 250 min

Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner

Promotional Moptoppers® Webcam Security Cover
$1.01 - $1.27 300 min

Moptoppers® Webcam Security Cover

Promotional Sliding Window Webcam Cover
$0.94 - $1.05 500 min

Sliding Window Webcam Cover

Promotional Oracle  Web Cam Cover
$0.45 - $0.62 250 min

Oracle Web Cam Cover

Promotional Web Security Cam Cover
$0.47 - $0.65 250 min

Web Security Cam Cover

Promotional Block-n-Clean S” The Privacy Protector
$0.58 - $0.67 500 min

Block-n-Clean S” The Privacy Protector

Promotional Block-n-Clean L” The Privacy Protector
$0.64 - $0.75 500 min

Block-n-Clean L” The Privacy Protector

Promotional Super-Slim Sliding Webcam Cover
This product is on sale 
$0.98 - $0.98 500 min

Super-Slim Sliding Webcam Cover

Promotional Private Eye/Ear™ Combo Webcam Blocker
$4.19 - $4.92 100 min

Private Eye/Ear™ Combo Webcam Blocker

Promotional iCamCover Plastic Webcam Cover
$2.89 - $4.05 50 min

iCamCover Plastic Webcam Cover

Promotional Webcam Cover w/Brushes
$0.71 - $1.00 100 min

Webcam Cover w/Brushes

Promotional Webcam Clipster With Screen Cleaner
This product is New 
$1.17 - $2.03 150 min

Webcam Clipster With Screen Cleaner

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Custom Laptop Camera Covers 


There are a number of ways you can protect yourself from any privacy invasions or security breaches, and one of the best ways to do that is by using a webcam cover. What can you give to customers that is in front of the all the time. The promotional webcam cover fits the bill. When most people use there laptops, computers, cell phones, Ipads all day long, boy you could not ask for better exposure. You just give someone something that will be protective making them a great solution for a branding impact. Webcams are made of plastic or meta, and can be imprinted with 4 color processing or spot printing and both protect your privacy. We sell products in bulk and at great pricing to fit everyone's budget. Why give the hackers what they want and puts your privacy and security at risk. Just know that we offer the perfect solution to these spammers who try to access to your personal information when all you have to do is slide a cover over your devices. Many of our custom webcam covers are compatible with MacBook, MacBook pro, laptops, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad and many more devices. Most computers, though, have a camera built into the monitor. If there is a small lens cover to close over the camera, use it. Do Not place tape over your webcam or else it could leave a sticky residue on the lens, but you can buy little covers to place over your laptop lens. Concerned about privacy and peace of mind use our laptop camera covers. Help your customers protect their privacy with this promotional webcam cover! Designed to fit on monitors, computers and laptops, many of our webcam covers are made of high grade plastic and are thin. They are simple to use - just slide to the right to cover the webcam or slide left to open it up. Plus, some are thin enough to still allow you to shut your devices. We offer webcam covers that are adhesive and they will not leave a residue on your monitor or laptops. You can cover overs your webcam when not in use, which will prevent hackers from Spying on you. It is perfect to provide privacy, security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations and companies. Webcam Cover blocks out intruders and ensures you remain safe online.. Finding the right webcam cover can be challenging enough, don't waste your time combing the internet for pricing and models. Find all the ones you need in our store and start uploading your logo or message in our new easy to use check out page..