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Promotional Custom Dog Tags
This product is a top seller 
$1.01 - $1.29 250 min

Custom Dog Tags

Promotional American Car Flag
$2.09 - $2.68 50 min

American Car Flag

Promotional US Flag Key Chain Stress Ball
$1.07 - $1.34 150 min

US Flag Key Chain Stress Ball

Promotional Patriotic Star Stress Reliever
$1.37 - $1.74 150 min

Patriotic Star Stress Reliever

Promotional Fighter Jet Stress Ball
$1.99 - $2.46 150 min

Fighter Jet Stress Ball

Promotional Military Truck Stress Reliever
$2.03 - $2.51 150 min

Military Truck Stress Reliever

Promotional Fun Flinger - Military
$2.03 - $2.51 150 min

Fun Flinger - Military

Promotional Army Man Stress Ball
$1.75 - $2.17 150 min

Army Man Stress Ball

Promotional USA Flag Fanbrush Face Paint
$3.53 - $4.13 150 min

USA Flag Fanbrush Face Paint

Promotional Soldier Hot/Cold Pack
This product is on sale 
$0.83 - $0.83 100 min

Soldier Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Military Helicopter Stress Ball
$2.39 - $3.02 150 min

Military Helicopter Stress Ball

Promotional Outdoor Cap Classic Solid Cap
$29.04 - $34.00 36 min

Outdoor Cap Classic Solid Cap

Promotional Dog Tag on Bead Chain
This product is New 
$0.94 - $1.11 250 min

Dog Tag on Bead Chain

Promotional Camo Mag-Lite Flashlight
$20.45 - $25.62 48 min

Camo Mag-Lite Flashlight

Promotional Camouflage Rubber Duck
$2.48 - $3.20 50 min

Camouflage Rubber Duck

Promotional American Flag Pen
$2.93 - $3.00 250 min

American Flag Pen

Promotional Yellow Ribbon Stress Ball
$1.09 - $1.37 150 min

Yellow Ribbon Stress Ball

Promotional Custom Buck Bantam BBW Camo Lockback Knife
$30.64 - $35.88 48 min

Custom Buck Bantam BBW Camo Lockback Knife

Promotional Army Bert Stress Ball
$2.25 - $2.81 150 min

Army Bert Stress Ball

Promotional Camo Stress Reliever
$1.57 - $1.97 150 min

Camo Stress Reliever

Promotional Army Bert Squeezie Keychain
$2.25 - $2.81 150 min

Army Bert Squeezie Keychain

Promotional Digital Camouflage Bear
$7.96 - $9.97 50 min

Digital Camouflage Bear

Promotional Sailor Bear
$7.58 - $11.90 25 min

Sailor Bear

Promotional Camo Ball Squeezies Stress Reliever
$1.57 - $1.97 150 min

Camo Ball Squeezies Stress Reliever

Promotional Ice River Backpack Cooler Camo
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$23.28 - $27.26 12 min

Ice River Backpack Cooler Camo

Promotional Mossy Oak® KOOZIE® Can Kooler
$1.97 - $2.31 200 min

Mossy Oak® KOOZIE® Can Kooler

Promotional CAMO Cap
$7.65 - $9.59 48 min


Promotional Camo Mesh Cap
$7.51 - $9.41 48 min

Camo Mesh Cap

Promotional Tank Ballpoint Pen
$0.77 - $0.96 150 min

Tank Ballpoint Pen

Promotional Big Buck Cinchpack
$3.26 - $3.82 150 min

Big Buck Cinchpack

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Shop Military Giveaways

 We can show our support for our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen and their families with camouflage items, USA made items, flags, pins, dog tags, fighter planes, ships. Military themed promotions are a great way to show our debt to those you have gone to battle on our nations' behalf, for the men and women who have worn the military uniform. Use military giveaways for fundraisers, military recruitment and show your pride with your encouragement. Please browse our military giveaways. Our military ideas are great for military parties and balls for branches of the military, including The Air Force, The Navy, The Army, The Coast Guard, The Marines, Space Force, Navy and Army Reserve. All veterans including The Army National Guard, Air National Guard. We honor you all.

Custom Dog Tags

Dog Tags are designed with a clean, minimalist style and an anodized aluminum construction.  Power Dog Tags give the desired look and design that is endless and will definitely please even the most selective taste. Our custom promotional dog tags provides exceptional visibility and is excellent for special events and event sponsors. Can also be used as a souvenir, novelty jewelry, trade show gift or for fundraising promotions. Logo printed to maximize your exposure for a greater chance at success! Great low cost giveaway at fairs, employee training sessions, fundraisers and much more. Perfect for distributing during trade shows, conventions, and outdoor campaigns. Dog tags were originally developed for the military, and still are, however dog tags have proven many useful giveaways such as ID tags for promotional use, key chains and luggage tags. Custom imprinted dog tags are one of the hottest promotional items today. They are inexpensive and are useful and are great for identification purposes. Just add your company name name, logo or message to create that perfect marketing campaign. Since custom dog tags are designed to be notice they will generate attention for your brand