Promotional Backpacks to transport laptops, books & personal items.

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Promotional Porter Cooler Backpack
This product is a top sellerThis product uses a 4 color process. 
$14.55 - $18.22 20 min

Porter Cooler Backpack

Promotional Econo Backpack
This product is featured 
$5.09 - $8.39 50 min

Econo Backpack

Promotional Zip Pouch String-A-Sling
24 Hour Rush 
$3.41 - $4.27 100 min

Zip Pouch String-A-Sling

Promotional Promotional Sussex Backpack
24 Hour Rush 
$13.46 - $15.77 50 min

Promotional Sussex Backpack

Promotional Hiker's Two-Tone Drawstring Backpack
72 Hour Rush 
$5.22 - $6.53 75 min

Hiker's Two-Tone Drawstring Backpack

Promotional Custom Oxford Laptop Backpack
24 Hour RushThis product is featured 
$19.76 - $23.14 50 min

Custom Oxford Laptop Backpack

Promotional Journey Cooler Backpack
$6.95 - $8.70 50 min

Journey Cooler Backpack

Promotional Natural Curve Sling Backpack
$3.83 - $4.80 100 min

Natural Curve Sling Backpack

Promotional Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack
$7.29 - $9.11 50 min

Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack

Promotional Busy Day Sling Backpack
$2.98 - $3.74 100 min

Busy Day Sling Backpack

Promotional Diamond Pattern Backpack
This product is on sale 
$12.73 - $12.73 25 min

Diamond Pattern Backpack

Promotional Sport Backpack with Holder
This product is on sale 
$14.28 - $14.28 10 min

Sport Backpack with Holder

Promotional Basecamp® Navigator Laptop Backpack
This product is featured 
$36.73 - $55.67 13 min

Basecamp® Navigator Laptop Backpack

Promotional Basecamp® Concourse Laptop Backpack
This product is featured 
$40.02 - $57.70 13 min

Basecamp® Concourse Laptop Backpack

Promotional Basecamp® Apex Tech Backpack
This product is featured 
$26.56 - $38.78 13 min

Basecamp® Apex Tech Backpack

Promotional  EclipseŽ Computer Backpack
72 Hour RushThis product is on sale 
$19.50 - $19.50 10 min

EclipseŽ Computer Backpack

Promotional Basecamp® Ascent Laptop Backpack
$28.84 - $33.76 25 min

Basecamp® Ascent Laptop Backpack

Promotional Basecamp® Globetrotter Laptop Backpack
This product is featured 
$36.43 - $57.23 13 min

Basecamp® Globetrotter Laptop Backpack

Promotional Voyager Backpack
This product is on saleThis product has blow out pricing! 
$89.23 - $89.23 5 min

Voyager Backpack

Promotional Color Shock Backpack
$12.03 - $14.08 25 min

Color Shock Backpack

Promotional Simple Snow Canvas Backpack
$11.37 - $13.31 25 min

Simple Snow Canvas Backpack

Promotional Too Cool For School Backpack
$9.26 - $10.85 30 min

Too Cool For School Backpack

Promotional Santa Cruz Hydration Pack
This product is featured 
$25.95 - $32.49 25 min

Santa Cruz Hydration Pack

Promotional Tactical Havoc Backpack
This product is featured 
$164.83 - $220.12 3 min

Tactical Havoc Backpack

Promotional Backpack Water Resistant Dry Bag
$25.76 - $30.16 15 min

Backpack Water Resistant Dry Bag

Promotional Trailblazer Collapsible Backpack
$5.47 - $6.85 50 min

Trailblazer Collapsible Backpack

Promotional Basecamp® Sherpa Backpack
This product is featured 
$47.09 - $71.38 6 min

Basecamp® Sherpa Backpack

Promotional Budget Backpack
This product is featured 
$3.95 - $7.01 100 min

Budget Backpack

Promotional Oakley® Kitchen Sink Backpack
This product is featured 
$260.29 - $304.74 6 min

Oakley® Kitchen Sink Backpack

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It would be great to carry something around that you could advertise everywhere. Everyone can use promotional backpacks such as knapsack including: students, executives, travelers, sales teams, fitness enthusiast and anyone on the go. Use a book bag promo at educational and day trip events. Custom backpacks that are personalized range from a drawstring pack, slingback pack, computer backpack, or courier bag! Adding your logo creates your custom design that bolsters your company image. View our personalized backpacks

Advertising your Brand with Logo Backpacks

Logo Backpacks are carried on your back with two shoulder straps or drawstring. Great for carrying your loads while keeping your hands free. There are many names for backpacks from rucksack, knapsack pack, and drawstring backpack. Custom backpacks are great for daily use as they are easy to carry with many ergonomic features. Custom backpacks have also become a fashion statement. Advertising your brand with your logo or message on a custom backpack is a simple way to get notice while on the move.

Personalized Backpacks for Daily Use

Promotional Backpacks are now becoming the preferred method of carrying items. Backpacks are not just for the mountain climber, but are use by travelers students, parents, and business commuters. A promotional backpack has great billboard on the front and offers exposure to hundreds. Daily commuters like the custom promotional backpack to keep cell phones, notebooks, paperwork and laptops. The outer zippered pockets add more convenience with added storage area. Traveling with a backpack has also become popular for weekend getaways to avoid waiting in line for luggage. Years ago promotional backpacks were the ideal gift for students only, but that has changed. They are now a great gift for anyone. So customized one our great backpacks.

The best billboard to advertise your company or, school are custom backpacks. View our large selection made of array of materials. Need that strong material for those tough school kids, we have your covered with our ballistic nylon, light weight non-woven polypropylen, polyester, heavy duty cotton and mesh. Promotional backpacks give you so many options. Look for features that our bags offer with added compartments, side attachments for phones or water bottles. Want the ability to sling a backpack over your shoulders or have the convenience of both the backpack and wheels. Many of our corporate clients order rolling backpacks for travel and a compartment for your laptop. We carry brands such as Ogio, Oakley, Kipling, Heys and less known brands that are affordable. So increase your visibility with promotional backpacks from a trusted company, Garrett Specialties