Custom Pencils-Promotional Mechanical Pencils

Discover a wide variety of customized pencils perfect for all your needs - whether it's for excess teacher resources, golfing facilities, or continual student recognition. Personalize large quantities with your school name or company logo for affordable handouts at expos. Take advantage of discounted rates when you purchase logo pencils in bulk to elevate your branding and marketing efforts. Don't miss out on our selection of carpenter, golf, and novelty pencils that make great one-of-a-kind presents!

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Promotional Golf Pencil Round
This product is a top seller 
$0.18 - $0.21 1008 min

Golf Pencil Round

Promotional Charleston Marble Mechanical Pencil
This product is a top seller 
$3.83 - $4.49 100 min

Charleston Marble Mechanical Pencil

Promotional Pen, Pencil & Highlighter Set
$1.70 - $2.13 150 min

Pen, Pencil & Highlighter Set

Promotional Pencil Set with Sharpener
$1.36 - $1.71 150 min

Pencil Set with Sharpener

Promotional Art Pencil Set
This product is New 
$4.43 - $5.54 50 min

Art Pencil Set

Promotional Carpenter Pencil
$0.57 - $0.69 576 min

Carpenter Pencil

Promotional Golf Pencil Hex
$0.18 - $0.22 1008 min

Golf Pencil Hex

Promotional Foreman Pencil
$0.46 - $35.70 576 min

Foreman Pencil

Promotional Neon Foreman Pencil
$0.29 - $0.36 576 min

Neon Foreman Pencil

Promotional Abberrant Pencil
$1.42 - $1.66 250 min

Abberrant Pencil

Promotional Galleo Pencil
$1.18 - $1.38 250 min

Galleo Pencil

Promotional Monticello Mechanical Pencil
$3.94 - $4.62 100 min

Monticello Mechanical Pencil

Promotional Vanity Pencil
$3.41 - $3.99 100 min

Vanity Pencil

Promotional Madison Mechanical Pencil
$4.32 - $5.06 50 min

Madison Mechanical Pencil

Promotional Madison Striped Mechanical Pencil
$4.94 - $5.79 100 min

Madison Striped Mechanical Pencil

Promotional Round Pencil
$0.21 - $0.26 500 min

Round Pencil

Promotional Carpenter Lead Pencil
$4.35 - $5.09 100 min

Carpenter Lead Pencil

Promotional Brass Pen & Pencil Set
$10.73 - $13.43 50 min

Brass Pen & Pencil Set

Promotional Notebook w/ Colored Pencils
24 Hour Rush 
$4.51 - $5.28 100 min

Notebook w/ Colored Pencils

Promotional Zebra M-301 Mechanical Pencil
$3.00 - $3.52 150 min

Zebra M-301 Mechanical Pencil

Promotional Colored Pencils-Six Pack
$1.11 - $1.11 150 min

Colored Pencils-Six Pack

Promotional BIC Matic® Pencil
This product is on sale 
$0.74 - $0.74 300 min

BIC Matic® Pencil

Promotional Souvenir® Pencil Solids
This product is on sale 
$0.30 - $0.30 500 min

Souvenir® Pencil Solids

Promotional Jo-Bee Neon Pencil
$0.22 - $0.28 500 min

Jo-Bee Neon Pencil

Promotional Recycled Newspaper Pencil
This product is eco-friendly 
$0.23 - $0.29 500 min

Recycled Newspaper Pencil

Promotional Recycled Newspaper Colored Pencil
$0.23 - $0.29 500 min

Recycled Newspaper Colored Pencil

Promotional Black Matte Pencil
$0.26 - $0.33 500 min

Black Matte Pencil

Promotional Tri-Color Pencil
$0.26 - $0.33 500 min

Tri-Color Pencil

Promotional Economy Line Round Pencil
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$0.30 - $0.37 500 min

Economy Line Round Pencil

Promotional Prismatic Foil Wrap Pencil
$0.27 - $0.34 500 min

Prismatic Foil Wrap Pencil

Promotional Mood Pencil w/Black Eraser
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$0.29 - $0.36 500 min

Mood Pencil w/Black Eraser

Promotional Patriotic Pencil
$0.31 - $0.39 500 min

Patriotic Pencil

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Custom Pencils for Promotional Use 

Custom Pencils & Mechanical pencils for taking notes, drafting or sketching. Pencils are perfect tools to show your creativity. The advantage of using a promotional pencil is your brand can be easily viewed and used over and over again until you sharpen down to the end. This ability to be reused allows for these custom pencils to have very long life spans reminding your recipients of your company name and brand. We offer many different colored pencils besides the yellow pencil we are all familiar with. There many different types of pencils Pencils, Golf Pencils or Mechanical Pencils. Use to create, achieve and make mistakes and erase. Be sharp with your next marketing campaign by using logo pencils and personalized pencils. Select from many different pencil styles, colors, and imprint options low prices and low minimums. Enjoy the writing of natural pencils. Custom Pencils are great for Jotting Down Really Good Ideas, We have been told that we should spend money on marketing our business, but who wants to spend a lot of money. Buying pencils in bulk is less expensive than direct mailings. The advantage of custom pencils is that you can include the name of your company, address and phone number. That is a lot of advertising for one item. Every time your recipients use your pencils they are immediately reminded of your service. One never knows when your service is needed, but the pencil stays around until the need pops into your head. Pencils get a lot of use so think about starting off with a low cost effective marketing plan..