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Fitness Pedometers are used by sports and fitness enthusiasts. Maintain a healthy brand with logo step counters. Promotional Pedometers are used to count each step. They can be used throughout the day or during a brisk walk for exercise. Promote healthy physical fitness with a Fitness Pedometer promotion. A great fitness device that will energize your brand as well as keep receivers physically motivated! Promotional pedometers bring you one step closer in getting your brand name out to the public while promoting health and fitness. It is important to know the calories that are burned each day, while eating properly. The recent guidelines is 10,000 steps a day while walking. So 10,000 steps are close to 5 miles. Wearing a promotional pedometer is an easy way to track your steps each day. If you start wearing your pedometer each day you will be able o record your daily steps. You may be surprised at how many steps you actually take in a day.
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Promotional Healthy Heart Step Pedometer
This product is a top seller 
$1.95 - $2.44 100 min

Healthy Heart Step Pedometer

Promotional Clearview Pedometer
$2.35 - $5.22 50 min

Clearview Pedometer

Promotional Fun Color Pedometer
This product is on sale 
$3.85 - $3.85 100 min

Fun Color Pedometer

Promotional Oval Clip-On Pedometer/Clock
This product is on sale 
$4.45 - $4.45 100 min

Oval Clip-On Pedometer/Clock

Promotional Stride Pal Step Meter
24 Hour Rush 
$2.53 - $2.96 100 min

Stride Pal Step Meter

Promotional Mini Mode Pedometer
$3.79 - $4.44 100 min

Mini Mode Pedometer

Promotional Designer Top View Pedometer
$1.83 - $3.15 50 min

Designer Top View Pedometer

Promotional Cosmic Solar Pedometer
This product is on sale 
$2.81 - $2.81 100 min

Cosmic Solar Pedometer

Promotional Wide Screen Walker Pedometer
$3.08 - $3.85 50 min

Wide Screen Walker Pedometer

Promotional Flip Clip Pedometer
$2.88 - $5.92 50 min

Flip Clip Pedometer

Promotional Touch Screen Pedometer
$5.38 - $6.73 25 min

Touch Screen Pedometer

Promotional Step Hero Pedometer
$1.68 - $2.10 100 min

Step Hero Pedometer

Promotional Id Clip Pedometer
$2.55 - $3.19 75 min

Id Clip Pedometer

Promotional Fitness First Pedometer
$1.91 - $2.39 100 min

Fitness First Pedometer

Promotional Easy Read Large Screen Pedometer
$2.84 - $3.56 50 min

Easy Read Large Screen Pedometer

Promotional U-Go Step Pedometer
$2.04 - $4.25 50 min

U-Go Step Pedometer

Promotional Custom Round Step Pedometer
$2.51 - $3.14 100 min

Custom Round Step Pedometer

Promotional Slide Sensor Memory Pedometer
$8.55 - $12.00 15 min

Slide Sensor Memory Pedometer

Promotional Jewel Pedometer
$2.45 - $3.07 100 min

Jewel Pedometer

Promotional Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer
$8.70 - $10.89 30 min

Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer

Promotional Air Weight Pedometer
$1.77 - $2.21 100 min

Air Weight Pedometer

Promotional Light N' Sound Pedometer
$4.35 - $5.45 50 min

Light N' Sound Pedometer

Promotional East Set BMI Pedometer
$4.71 - $5.90 50 min

East Set BMI Pedometer

Promotional Multifunction Pedometer-3D
This product is on sale 
$7.76 - $7.76 6 min

Multifunction Pedometer-3D

Promotional Pedometer Activity Watch
$3.15 - $5.59 125 min

Pedometer Activity Watch

Promotional Wrist Style Pedometer
$4.75 - $5.50 100 min

Wrist Style Pedometer

Promotional Multi-Function Pedometer
$3.40 - $3.98 50 min

Multi-Function Pedometer

Promotional Pedometer
$1.65 - $1.93 100 min


Promotional Track It
$2.95 - $3.69 100 min

Track It

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Promotional pedometers make great giveaways. It really doesn't matter what trade you are in pedometers will get you the exposure by motivating your clients and employee to keep fit. Motivate your recipients to park further away from the super market, go outside and take a walk, walk your pet, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk to shop or work. After you track your steps for a month or so you will start to feel the improvement. There are many fundraising programs that have walk-a-thons that will get your name out to the public that you are a supporter for good health. Pedometers are an item that the whole family can get involved in. They can have a step contest of who walks the most steps. You can turn a useful giveaway into a fun giveaway of an item that will be kept therefore keeping your name out there.