Promotional Calculators & Custom Calculator Sets

Promotional CalculatorsGarrett Specialties carries a diverse selection of logo promotional calculators that are imprinted as well as promotional calculator sets. Calculators range from desk, solar power, slim style, pocket, and world time. Even we the speed of technology unique calculators and promotional  calculator sets still work for corporate business gifts, trade show giveaways, employee gifts. One of our most popular promotional calculator are ruler and magnifier style and they are still cost effective.
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low as $1.34
Promotional Value Calculator
This product is a top seller 

Value Calculator

low as $0.98
Promotional Ultra Thin Solar  Calculator
This product is a top seller 

Ultra Thin Solar Calculator

NOW low as $1.82
Promotional Robot Series Calculator
This product is on sale 

Robot Series Calculator

low as $2.58
Promotional Flip-N-Fold Calculator
24 Hour Rush 

Flip-N-Fold Calculator

low as $4.00
Promotional Padfolio Calculator

Padfolio Calculator

low as $1.39
Promotional Grip and Flip Calculator

Grip and Flip Calculator

low as $1.47
Promotional Add Up Multifunction Ruler

Add Up Multifunction Ruler

low as $2.19
Promotional Calcu Pouch File Bag

Calcu Pouch File Bag

low as $3.83
Promotional Jumbo Desk Calculator
24 Hour Rush 

Jumbo Desk Calculator

low as $3.00
Promotional Calculator Pen Set

Calculator Pen Set

low as $1.52
Promotional Trimline Calculator

Trimline Calculator

low as $0.59
Promotional Date Finder Calculator

Date Finder Calculator

low as $1.44
Promotional Flip Calculator

Flip Calculator

low as $16.90
Promotional Calc-u-Writer Folder

Calc-u-Writer Folder

low as $3.73
Promotional Ruler Calculator 8

Ruler Calculator 8"

low as $5.57
Promotional Aluminum Ruler Calculator

Aluminum Ruler Calculator

NOW low as $4.29
Promotional Business Card Carrier Calculator
This product is on sale 

Business Card Carrier Calculator

low as $2.38
Promotional Key Holder Calculator

Key Holder Calculator

low as $2.65
Promotional Pencil Box Calculator

Pencil Box Calculator

low as $20.25
Promotional Esquire Padfolio
This product is eco-friendly 

Esquire Padfolio

low as $7.78
Promotional Sleek Calculator
24 Hour Rush 

Sleek Calculator

NOW low as $2.04
Promotional Clear View Calculator

Clear View Calculator

low as $2.56
Promotional Flexi Calc

Flexi Calc

low as $1.77
Promotional Silver Flip Calculator
24 Hour Rush 

Silver Flip Calculator

low as $5.53
Promotional Pen & Solar Calculator Set

Pen & Solar Calculator Set

NOW low as $2.49
Promotional Worldtime Calculator
This product is on sale 

Worldtime Calculator

NOW low as $3.99
Promotional Maple Ruler with Calculator
This product is on sale 

Maple Ruler with Calculator

low as $3.15
Promotional World Time Clock Calculator

World Time Clock Calculator

low as $3.94
Promotional Promo Calculator - 12-Digit
This product uses a 4 color process. 

Promo Calculator - 12-Digit

low as $2.56
Promotional Slider Calculator
This product uses a 4 color process. 

Slider Calculator

low as $3.15
Promotional Calculator Wallet
This product is New 

Calculator Wallet

low as $3.94
Promotional Calculator Notebook
This product is New 

Calculator Notebook

low as $5.53
Promotional Solar Calculator
This product is New 

Solar Calculator

low as $5.53
Promotional Desk Calculator
This product is New 

Desk Calculator

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Promotional Calculators & Custom Calculator Sets
A promotional pocket calculator promotes your business every time it gets used for typical math problems such as shopping discount calculations and around the house measurement totals.  Find a mini key chain calculator, a carabineer calculator, and stylish pocket calculators and  Keychain Calculators. Useful for bank promotions, trade show gifts, school giveaways, home improvement items, money management, and much more. Travel calculators show your clients how you add up

Get the most for your money with custom solar powered calculators. You'll never find yourself searching for a battery with Custom Solar Powered Calculators. Power up your next sales meeting with a stylish solar calculator giveaway. Imprint your logo on Earth Friendly solar calculators. These calculators with tiny solar cells save us batteries while displaying our logo or message. Our promotional solar powered calculator come in an assortment of styles and colors from credit card size, flip, ruler, palm size and notepad style.

World Time Calculators are elegant and practical; desktop calculators make a great gift. These promotional calculators feature a world time clock and calculator making it the ideal multifunctional office tool. Clock calculators sum it up; they are all you need to make an impression that truly adds up. Our  Office World Time Calculators with their great design and accents makes these promotional products for per corporate gifts. Many of our corporate world time calculators includes a perpetual calendar, 8 digit calculator, travel clock, etc. The image that represents your company values in order to thank important clients and remind them of your corporate strengths!

they receive a stylish and slender promotional calculator. Logo Thin calculators slide right into a corporate presentation folder or advertising mailer. Modern designs plus compact sizes equal a simple equation that customers appreciate. invest in a product that provides a practical use to the recipient like credit card calculators, flexible calculators, see thru calculators. Promotional slim calculators have proven to be very successful custom items as people tend to hold onto them, thus seeing your brand name. We need calculators to add up the day's problems.

Calculators are durable and leave plenty of room for your message or logo. Find a promotional calculator to give out at an industry trade show. A custom desk calculator is great for engineers, accountants, architects, financial services, offices, students, and many more. Find a large selection of promotional desk calculators like an eco-friendly water powered calculator or solar powered calculators, calculator ruler, pocket size and jumbo size. Personalized desk calculators make great employee gifts to show a job well done, anniversary or bonus. When your company wants to give a gift that is useful consider giving custom office desk calculators.

Desktop Calculators

Garrett Specialties carries the best prices on desk calculators. Just add your logo or message to any of our logo calculators that are imprinted with your company's logo or message. Calculators are great for a trade show giveaway, employee, schools, Realtors, and banks. How did we ever get along without this great invention. Office calculators makes sure that your get the mathematical calculation correct. These compact designs allows you to give in confidence knowing that your brand name is getting a lot of repeat exposure. Our modern office calculators are small, pocket size, flip, digital, and are inexpensive devices to perform the basic operations of arithmetic.