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Taking the time to use Environmental Impact Items  brings an awareness to your next promotion.  

Saving the planet by selecting earth promotiom items.  We offer a variety of green products that are great go green promotional items for your customers. By Promoting  cleaner and healthier world we are sending a message about conservation. We can make our footprint smaller.

Environmental Themed Promotional Items

Garrett Specialties is committed to offering truly go green items. Our going green promotional items are organic, eco-friendly, products that make an environmental impact, displaying the trends that will enlighten all of us that going green matters. Reuse our BPA free water bottles and we will save over 200 million pounds of plastic waste in our landfills yearly. We can all impact the environment by recycling, using solar green products. Even if you are on a budget we can help you deliver your message in a green way. Green eco friendly products are available for your home or business. Our going green promotional products list is growing every day.  We are offering green products so we all can take Going Green to the next level. Advertise your logo or message and start the process.

Garrett Specialties offers everyday low prices to help make go green promotional items affordable. We have a large selection on everything you need to go green at home, work or at the office. Many of the go green promotional products reduce waste and save energy. We utilize the newest high impact business solutions to assist you in purchasing the best green supplies, pet products, non toxic, green home products and more. Our clients are experiencing the ease and efficiency of using green products with the added benefit of supporting a new focus on responsible earth friendly practices.  We all can help with any go green promotion, eco-friendly, recycled products, products made from corn that are safe. Please browse our collection of environmentally friendly products that includes most items we use today from apparel to tote bags.We all can make a difference a little conserving at a time. Promotional Earth Friendly items benefits us all making our efforts of being aware of the world we live. Use eco friendly promotional items for your next giveaway. So if you are searching for the perfect environmentally friendly promotional solution, we can help.