Custom Metal Keychains

Custom metal keychains make great gifts. A great gift for graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. Personalized Quality Metal Keyholders can be engraved, imprinted with a full color imprint in bulk. Gifts like metal keychains and keytags make great graduation gifts, wedding gifts, and souvenirs. Let us engrave a design or message on yours! Our custom metal keychains offer a wide range of distinctive shapes, vivid hues, and high-quality materials, enabling you to perfectly embody your brand's identity.

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Promotional Square Metal Key Chain
This product is a top seller 
$1.62 - $2.03 150 min

Square Metal Key Chain

Promotional Pink Ribbon Key Tag
This product is a top seller 
$1.47 - $2.63 50 min

Pink Ribbon Key Tag

Promotional Architect / Engineer Key Tag
This product is a top seller 
$2.25 - $3.25 250 min

Architect / Engineer Key Tag

Promotional House Shaped Revolving Keytag
This product is a top seller 
$2.89 - $3.44 100 min

House Shaped Revolving Keytag

Promotional Busbee Carabiner with Compass
This product is NewThis product is a top seller 
$1.74 - $2.03 200 min

Busbee Carabiner with Compass

Promotional Fish Shaped Carabiner
$1.76 - $2.00 250 min

Fish Shaped Carabiner

Promotional Carabiner Key Holder - 80mm
$0.87 - $1.01 250 min

Carabiner Key Holder - 80mm

Promotional Lightweight Key Tag
$2.61 - $3.83 100 min

Lightweight Key Tag

Promotional Quickdraw Carabiner Tool
$6.13 - $7.68 50 min

Quickdraw Carabiner Tool

Promotional Aspen Phone Ring and Car Vent Mount
$3.50 - $4.39 100 min

Aspen Phone Ring and Car Vent Mount

Promotional Custom House Tag Keyholder
$6.70 - $8.92 100 min

Custom House Tag Keyholder

Promotional Silver Dog bone Key Holder
$7.18 - $9.25 50 min

Silver Dog bone Key Holder

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle Keyholder
$6.84 - $8.65 50 min

Jigsaw Puzzle Keyholder

Promotional Silver Twist Lock Custom Keyholder
$5.97 - $7.00 100 min

Silver Twist Lock Custom Keyholder

Promotional Silver Round Keytag
$2.50 - $2.93 50 min

Silver Round Keytag

Promotional Gold Kaleidoscope
$30.58 - $37.26 50 min

Gold Kaleidoscope

Promotional Perspective V Keyring
$2.82 - $3.31 200 min

Perspective V Keyring

Promotional Teardrop Key Ring
$2.06 - $2.30 250 min

Teardrop Key Ring

Promotional Photo Frame Key Ring
$3.10 - $3.48 250 min

Photo Frame Key Ring

Promotional Rotating Key Ring - Oval
$2.42 - $2.73 250 min

Rotating Key Ring - Oval

Promotional Sports Metal Key Holder
This product is on sale 
$0.99 - $0.99 250 min

Sports Metal Key Holder

Promotional Pen and Pewter Keychain Set
$9.49 - $11.11 50 min

Pen and Pewter Keychain Set

Promotional Helix Pull-Apart Keyholder
$2.36 - $2.96 100 min

Helix Pull-Apart Keyholder

Promotional Pull-Apart Keyholder(Matte Finish)
$2.40 - $3.01 100 min

Pull-Apart Keyholder(Matte Finish)

Promotional Era Keyholder
$1.71 - $2.13 100 min

Era Keyholder

Promotional GEO Economy Keyholder
$1.60 - $2.00 100 min

GEO Economy Keyholder

Promotional Isabella Keyholder
$1.64 - $2.03 125 min

Isabella Keyholder

Promotional Mikey Keyholder
$1.87 - $2.34 100 min

Mikey Keyholder

Promotional Geneva Keyholder
$1.92 - $2.41 100 min

Geneva Keyholder

Promotional Droplet Keyholder
$1.60 - $2.00 250 min

Droplet Keyholder

Promotional Gianna Keyholder
$1.64 - $2.03 125 min

Gianna Keyholder

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Custom Metal Keychains 


Are you aware of the reasons why promotional metal keychains are sought out for brand building? The reason for this is that they are strong, durable, lustrous, and differ from many of those typical plastic keychains. They also lend credibility to any information that is imprinted on them. In this way, they are able to forge an image of a customer-friendly marketer who cares enough to gift only the best to their customers. You can make these customizable metal keychains more elegant and classy by engraving or imprinting your logo on them. Promotional metal keychains are a great way to promote your event or business. Add your logo or message to our metal keychains so they are personalized with your brand. When you hand out Metal key rings your customers or employees will take notice. Metal Keychains are carried around often that imprinting a company logo or message on one will get your brand recognized both in and out of the workplace. Buying Custom Metal Keychains. Personalized metal key rings, Promotional Keychains, or Advertising Products, Garrett Specialties is the place to view a large selection. Classy ways to let customers in on your message or logo.