Promotional Outdoor Toys with Logo

Maximize your brand's exposure by labeling a playful outdoor toy and distributing it as a complimentary gift at outdoor events. This strategy not only encourages repeat visits, but also reflects positively on your company. Demonstrating your concern for the satisfaction of employees and customers, as well as your enthusiasm for your brand, sets you apart from others in the industry.

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Promotional Wooden Handle Jump Rope
This product is a top seller 
$1.41 - $1.63 250 min

Wooden Handle Jump Rope

Promotional Crackle Promo Bouncer
This product is a top seller 
$1.97 - $2.45 150 min

Crackle Promo Bouncer

Promotional Flashing Bouncing Ball
This product is a top sellerThis product uses a 4 color process. 
$2.74 - $3.07 250 min

Flashing Bouncing Ball

Promotional Classic Cowbell
This product is a top seller 
$0.99 - $1.24 150 min

Classic Cowbell

Promotional Classic Sunglasses
This product is a top seller 
$0.75 - $0.99 150 min

Classic Sunglasses

Promotional Mini Sand Pail With Toys and Lid
This product is a top seller 
$4.24 - $5.31 150 min

Mini Sand Pail With Toys and Lid

Promotional Floating Wrist Strap Key Holder
This product is a top seller 
$1.47 - $1.84 250 min

Floating Wrist Strap Key Holder

Promotional Zing Ring Flyer
This product was manufactured in the USAThis product is featured 
$0.72 - $0.85 250 min

Zing Ring Flyer

Promotional Regulation Size Soccer Ball
$10.24 - $13.18 25 min

Regulation Size Soccer Ball

Promotional Sticky Hand & Egg
$0.99 - $1.14 250 min

Sticky Hand & Egg

Promotional Bouncing Putty
$1.49 - $1.88 250 min

Bouncing Putty

Promotional Whoopee Cushion-6
$0.83 - $0.98 250 min

Whoopee Cushion-6"

Promotional Kick Ball-2
$0.84 - $1.00 250 min

Kick Ball-2"

Promotional Foam Super Glider
$1.51 - $1.77 150 min

Foam Super Glider

Promotional Mini Rainbow Spring
$0.72 - $0.84 250 min

Mini Rainbow Spring

Promotional Round Rainbow Spring
$0.84 - $0.99 250 min

Round Rainbow Spring

Promotional Bubbles 2oz
$0.53 - $0.67 250 min

Bubbles 2oz

Promotional Bubbles 4oz
$1.04 - $1.22 250 min

Bubbles 4oz

Promotional Bubbles 8oz Full Color
$1.72 - $2.02 250 min

Bubbles 8oz Full Color

Promotional Count Crayon Pack
$0.42 - $0.49 500 min

Count Crayon Pack

Promotional Seasons' Greetings Crayon Pack
$0.36 - $0.42 500 min

Seasons' Greetings Crayon Pack

Promotional Inflatable Hammer
$1.01 - $1.19 150 min

Inflatable Hammer

Promotional Inflatable Dolphin
$1.40 - $1.76 100 min

Inflatable Dolphin

Promotional Inflatable Rubber Duckie
$2.13 - $2.67 100 min

Inflatable Rubber Duckie

Promotional Inflatable Shark
$1.42 - $1.77 100 min

Inflatable Shark

Promotional Inflatable Monkey
$2.94 - $3.67 100 min

Inflatable Monkey

Promotional Tug Boat Sand Mold
$1.57 - $1.84 150 min

Tug Boat Sand Mold

Promotional Sea Horse Sand Mold
$1.42 - $1.66 150 min

Sea Horse Sand Mold

Promotional Star Fish Sand Mold
$1.42 - $1.66 150 min

Star Fish Sand Mold

Promotional Pail and Shovel- 6
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$1.56 - $1.95 150 min

Pail and Shovel- 6"

Promotional Big Pail and Shovel
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$3.14 - $3.68 150 min

Big Pail and Shovel

Promotional Expanding Flying Disc
$0.99 - $1.14 150 min

Expanding Flying Disc

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Promotional Logo Outdoor Toys 


Our outdoor toy collection features all kinds of games, including board games, lawn games, and beach games. Our outdoor toys are perfect for family picnics, camping trips, or backyard barbecues. Promote sportsmanship and teamwork with our selection of outdoor toys. We have something for everyone! Our outdoor toys are fun and affordable. Order now and start having fun outdoors! Find the perfect outdoor toy for any occasion at Garrett Specialties! We have something for everyone! Our outdoor toys are fun and affordable. Order now and start having fun outdoors! Looking for creative ways to boost your brand this summer? Look no further! Our promotional outdoor toys offer a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting impression while having fun in the sun. Here are 5 effective ways to maximize your brand visibility: 

Customize outdoor toys with your brand logo to ensure maximum exposure wherever they go! From frisbees to beach balls, these custom goodies will make heads turn and get your message across. Engage potential customers by hosting outdoor events and giving away these awesome promotional toys. Whether it's a company picnic or a community gathering, watch your brand popularity soar as people enjoy your goodies! Want to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition? Use outdoor toys as incentives or giveaways! Customers will appreciate the fun surprises, and your brand will become their go-to choice.  Get interactive! Incorporate our outdoor toys into your marketing campaigns for a fun and memorable experience. Games, contests, and challenges will effortlessly draw attention to your brand.  Take advantage of the summer season by distributing promotional outdoor toys at community events and festivals. With crowds eager for sunshine and entertainment, these toys will be cherished and your brand adored. Don't let this summer pass you by without maximizing your brand exposure. Get in touch today to discuss how our promotional outdoor toys can take your brand to new heights! Promotional outdoor toys with your logo are a fantastic way to increase brand visibility and engage with your target audience. Whether it's frisbees, beach balls, or flying discs, these toys are perfect for outdoor events, trade shows, or even as gifts for your clients. Each time someone uses these toys, they will be reminded of your brand, increasing brand recognition and loyalty. Don't miss out on this exciting and cost-effective marketing opportunity. Keep your customers and employees having fun with Custom Outdoor Toys such items as fun frisbees, fliers, boomerangs, bubble pens, kites, foam fun items. Get your advertising program flying with outdoor flyers, fun frisbees and kits soaring to new heights. Our customized outdoor toys are great choices for any outdoor activity such as picnics, sporting events or any outdoor activity. Use our logo boomerangs for catchy slogans such as "We want your business back", "Keep coming to see our new products". Imprint with your company name and logo, these promotional outdoor toys will bring you great visibility to widen your customer base. Sometimes it is fun to choose items that are not functional and useful, but are just plain fun for your next promotional marketing campaign..