Employee Appreciation Gifts & Staff Giveaways

Show your employees just how much they mean to you with our top-quality appreciation gifts and staff giveaways. From personalized care kits to custom apparel, we have everything you need to show your team that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Make a statement with thoughtful gifts straight from the heart that will leave a lasting impression on your valued employees. Because at our company, we believe in showing gratitude and appreciation every step of the way.

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Promotional Brass and Leather Coaster
This product is a top seller 
$20.17 - $25.25 50 min

Brass and Leather Coaster

Promotional Maglite® Solitaire Flashlight
This product is a top seller 
$13.01 - $15.09 48 min

Maglite® Solitaire Flashlight

Promotional Vineyard Portfolio
$18.99 - $23.77 12 min

Vineyard Portfolio

Promotional Nantucket Cabin Bag
$99.97 - $125.12 6 min

Nantucket Cabin Bag

Promotional  Tuscany™ Thermos & Tumbler Set
This product is featured 
$32.65 - $38.23 14 min

Tuscany™ Thermos & Tumbler Set

Promotional Magnetic Sand Timer/Hourglass
$8.31 - $9.72 50 min

Magnetic Sand Timer/Hourglass

Promotional Rectangle Die Struck Lapel Pin
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$2.80 - $3.14 250 min

Rectangle Die Struck Lapel Pin

Promotional Shooting Star Award Small
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$186.17 - $217.95 1 min

Shooting Star Award Small

Promotional Shooting Star Award Medium
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$244.99 - $286.81 1 min

Shooting Star Award Medium

Promotional Shooting Star Award Large
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$289.53 - $338.96 1 min

Shooting Star Award Large

Promotional Cassiopeia Star Award
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$62.32 - $72.96 3 min

Cassiopeia Star Award

Promotional Starfire Echo Award Large
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$226.51 - $260.49 1 min

Starfire Echo Award Large

Promotional Atria Award
$149.38 - $179.25 1 min

Atria Award

Promotional Flat Round Paperweight
$22.50 - $26.36 6 min

Flat Round Paperweight

Promotional Harvard Clock
$42.29 - $49.53 6 min

Harvard Clock

Promotional  Wave Award
$33.49 - $38.51 6 min

Wave Award

Promotional Acrobat Metal Clips
$5.26 - $6.59 48 min

Acrobat Metal Clips

Promotional Gioia II Leather Double Wine Carrier
$43.32 - $50.71 12 min

Gioia II Leather Double Wine Carrier

Promotional 3 Time Zone World Clock
24 Hour Rush 
$64.95 - $72.75 12 min

3 Time Zone World Clock

Promotional Chocolate Bar
$2.24 - $2.35 250 min

Chocolate Bar

Promotional Enterprise Curve Award
$49.09 - $71.42 6 min

Enterprise Curve Award

Promotional Azul  Vase
$399.81 - $459.78 1 min

Azul Vase

Promotional Star Acrylic Paperweight - 5
$16.25 - $19.03 25 min

Star Acrylic Paperweight - 5" x 5" x 3/4"

Promotional Circle Paperweight - 4
$10.92 - $12.78 25 min

Circle Paperweight - 4" Dia x 3/4"

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Custom Employee Recognition Gifts 


So your team has knocked their latest project out of the park and you’re looking for employee appreciation gift ideas to show your gratitude. How do you know what to give them to express your gratitude? Is there a gift that covers the whole crew in one go or do you need personalized tokens for each teammate? Having the right employee appreciation gift ideas on your shopping list can go a long way toward expressing your sincerest feelings for all your crew does to help make the organization successful. Retirement and recognition gifts say thank you for a job well. Our promotional products are convenient, appreciated, reasonably priced ways to reward, recognize, demonstrate your appreciation, award, and say "thank you" for contributions that people make at work. Please view some gifts for employee recognition. So what are recognition gifts that say thank you and show your appreciation. Now more than ever when the working force has dwindled, an employee recognition gift is a great opportunity to reward, thank, and motivate your team. Employee appreciation gifts are ideal for special occasions like work anniversaries, team-building, holiday celebrations, Employee of the Month, or just make your employee appreciated. Keep custom drinkware, apparel, bags, and other employee gifts on hand to use as rewards throughout the year and let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work. Reward your employees for their year-long dedication with employee recognition gifts. These thank-you gifts are a great way to show appreciation for a job well done at any point in time. Unsure of when to give out these tokens of gratitude? Take a look at our website, which includes various industry-specific events. Appreciation Week, as well as our Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Employees that offers fantastic gift ideas for every budget and occasion, ranging from service milestones to birthdays.


Custom Staff Gifts 


So you may ask yourself what are good employee gifts. Well today many of us are working remotely. So you can still show your gratitude by sending a little something. With the way things are in the world, how do you give a inexpensive gifts that look expensive as most of us on a budget. Sometimes we want more business and forget the people that work for us. Reality without our staffs, we would not be in business. Yes, once in a while we should take the time to praise, boost morale, and show we appreciate them and not want until Employee Appreciation Day. We should our gratitude more often and you will see increased production from your staff. Here are some ideas: Soup Mug Backpacks Tote Bags Games Tech Goodies Notebooks Food Gifts. Give your employees and staff any gift that has your logo and brand recognition on it. We all drink coffee, tea, soup or hot chocolate so that glossy mug with your logo that you spent a lot of money on designing says thank you for every sip they take. Water bottles are also popular as today we are all more concerned about hydrating. However don't forget that fun giveaways are also motivational and take away the stress at work. Many of our gifts can be personalized with your employee's name and we all like to see our names on something special. Show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift your employees will love. Personalization is available on our items that gives it that extra special touch. Many of our gifts can be drop shipped.  Why is it so important to show employee recognition? Whether it’s an award or a personalized gift. Showing you recognize your coworkers that they’re appreciated will do wonders for your organization...