Promotional Snacks & Custom Snacks

Our collection of promotional snacks and custom treats has a variety of options to satisfy every palate. Indulge in classic popcorn bags or choose from traditional chocolate gift sets. And for those looking for healthier options, we have something for you too! Our branded candy section has something for everyone, making it the perfect choice for gifting to employees and clients alike. .

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Promotional Popcorn Bucket
$2.76 - $2.93 200 min

Popcorn Bucket

Promotional Tropical Trail Mix 1 oz
$1.19 - $1.50 250 min

Tropical Trail Mix 1 oz

Promotional Chocolate Covered Pretzels
$11.58 - $13.56 48 min

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Promotional Gallon Popcorn Tin
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$22.28 - $29.79 13 min

Gallon Popcorn Tin

Promotional Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bag
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$10.36 - $10.93 75 min

Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bag

Promotional Round Tin with Pistachios
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$13.89 - $15.58 75 min

Round Tin with Pistachios

Promotional Box of 24 Chocolate Chip Cookies
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$13.48 - $15.78 50 min

Box of 24 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Promotional Tall Gum Tin
$1.85 - $2.25 150 min

Tall Gum Tin

Promotional Hinged Tin Filled with Gum
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$1.81 - $2.09 150 min

Hinged Tin Filled with Gum

Promotional Mixed Nuts Tin
$5.57 - $6.28 125 min

Mixed Nuts Tin

Promotional Custom Fortune Cookie
$0.48 - $0.60 500 min

Custom Fortune Cookie

Promotional Rainbow Bubble Gum
This product was manufactured in the USA 
$0.07 - $0.11 2000 min

Rainbow Bubble Gum

Promotional Hershey's® Miniature Chocolate Bars
$0.90 - $1.05 500 min

Hershey's® Miniature Chocolate Bars

Promotional Classic Gourmet Treats Tower
$27.32 - $31.96 20 min

Classic Gourmet Treats Tower

Promotional Mixed Nuts Gift Box
$27.32 - $31.96 20 min

Mixed Nuts Gift Box

Promotional Bubble Gum Bag
$1.42 - $1.63 250 min

Bubble Gum Bag

Promotional Chocolate Covered Oreo® Pops
$3.24 - $3.48 125 min

Chocolate Covered Oreo® Pops

Promotional Oreo® Pops-Peanut Butter Chips
$3.96 - $4.22 125 min

Oreo® Pops-Peanut Butter Chips

Promotional Oreo® Pops-With Rainbow Sprinkles
$2.97 - $3.17 125 min

Oreo® Pops-With Rainbow Sprinkles

Promotional Oreo® Pops-With S'mores
$3.96 - $4.22 125 min

Oreo® Pops-With S'mores

Promotional Oreo® Pops-With Holiday Sprinkles
$2.76 - $3.17 125 min

Oreo® Pops-With Holiday Sprinkles

Promotional Oreo® Pops-With Crushed Oreo®
$3.96 - $4.22 125 min

Oreo® Pops-With Crushed Oreo®

Promotional Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
$2.13 - $2.49 125 min

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Promotional Double Chocolate Walnut Cookie
$2.13 - $2.49 125 min

Double Chocolate Walnut Cookie

Promotional Biscotti
$4.13 - $4.58 96 min


Promotional Healthy Trail Mix
$4.88 - $5.09 125 min

Healthy Trail Mix

Promotional Energy Trail Mix
$2.73 - $2.97 125 min

Energy Trail Mix

Promotional Raw Almonds
$4.41 - $4.64 125 min

Raw Almonds

Promotional Raw Cashews
$4.81 - $5.63 125 min

Raw Cashews

Promotional Nature Valley® Granola Bar
$1.49 - $1.74 250 min

Nature Valley® Granola Bar

Promotional Gourmet  Nut Gift-3 Way
$21.49 - $22.02 25 min

Gourmet Nut Gift-3 Way

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Custom Nuts, Pretzels & Snacks 


Give nuts for those emergency munchies. Select from Custom Nuts Imprinted, nuts, popcorn, or trail mix imprinted with your logo or message. Assorted treats for the busy people in our lives. Promotional Nuts are enjoyed and will be a reminder of your thoughtfulness. Garrett Specialties offers a variety of assorted snacks. Use these trusted promotional products at your next trade show, in a direct mailing, or for any other promotional marketing initiatives. Microwave popcorn is great for mailings. Sending promotional snacks such as nuts, trail mix, pretzels or popcorn is a great way to convey a sweet message. Such gifts can include popular snack candy brands such as Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bags, Bubble gum, and Jelly Beans. If you're a chocolate lover, you can choose from gifts of chocolate, which can be packaged for one person, a few people or for a group to share. Personalized chewing gum and wrapped butter mints are a staple for weddings and tradeshows. If you're in a time crunch, snack foods, and custom-labeled bottled water can be quickly set up for meetings or social gatherings. Customizable crunchy snacks include pretzels, nuts, and popcorn, which can be packaged in collectible tins, bags, and more. Microwave popcorn bags are also a great option for promotional purposes. Promotional snacks are a fun and delicious way to get noticed by your customers, especially during holidays and special occasions. We offer many different ways to give a sweet treat or a savory thank you to your loyal customers. Promotional food items are inexpensive and delicious! Tantalizing treats such as personalized mint tins, custom fortune cookies, or promotional popcorn tins will delight any palate. Clients will love your delicious custom snack foods, personalized with your logo or message. Choose from a variety of quality snack food brands. Make sure your customers remember your name by giving them promotional popcorn or custom cookie gifts. From salty to sweet, custom-printed snack packaging is a delicious way to promote your company or brand. Personalized snack foods and treats make great gifts for the holidays or a nice way to say thank you to your customers at any time of the year!.