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Studies show that the people receiving advertising specialties could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it.

Advertising specialties are products that can be imprinted with your logo, message or name which instills corporate identity. Advertising specialties helps improve sales, recognize employees, and build relationships.

 Baylor University conducted studies on the attitudes of customers toward companies. The study involved a textbook publishing company and 4,000 educators. The customers were given one of three of the following items: a thank you letter, a pocket calculator and a letter, or an inexpensive highlighter and a letter. The study showed the attitudes of the customers who received logoed gifts were much more positive toward sales people and the company than those who were only sent a letter of thanks. Customers who received the pocket calculator rated the ability of the sales peoples 34 percent higher than those who were sent just a letter.

Research shows that customers, both new and old, who receive promos, return sooner and reorder more quickly and more frequently than those who receive no promotional incentives. According to Southern Methodist University, new customers of a dry cleaning company that received promotional products over an eight-month period spent 27 percent more than those who were only given coupons. Additionally, the promo recipients were also noted to patronize their dry-cleaners 49 percent more than those who received only a coupon (in each of the eight months studied)

Advertising Specialties are products that work. Garrett Specialties only uses high rated suppliers. We provide an intense selection of promotional products. You will find that Garrett Specialties is unique in the fact we do NOT charge you for the industry standard of overruns. You may receive more than you purchased, however you will only pay for what you requested. We provide the service you deserve.

Promotional Products On-Line - Most sites offering promotional products have websites are linked to promotional product shopping malls. Therefore products they provide are often not discounted. Garrett Specialties offers the most diverse product line of promotional products on-line. Most products are offered at discounted prices from selected high ranking suppliers.

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