Word of Mouth Increases Traffic

1. Making your trade show work. Hand out your promotional item to your visitors individually rather than allowing the visitor to create a contest of who can get the most items.

2. Effective promotional giveaways will provoke questions, and allow the visitor time to learn more about your company and what you have to offer.

3. Theme type corporate giveaways are always good idea. Most people that attend trade shows look forward to taking home goodies. Use the opportunity to follow up the contact.

4. What is the major benefit of our promotional products? Prospective customers will walk away with a message about what your company has to offer in addition to the clever memento.

5. Effective giveaways provoke questions and give visitors a reason to pause long enough to learn something about your company. This creates brand awareness.

Make your next trade show appearance a real crowd-pleaser with custom trade show giveaways that are unique and create your business identity, with your product, or service. Turn your prospects into future clients. Remember that your image sells. Selecting the proper promotional product is important. Garrett Specialties has more ideas that will help you market your company.


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