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Promotional Swivel Flash Drive
This product is a top seller 
$7.72 - $14.23 50 min

Swivel Flash Drive

Promotional Jazzy Flash Drive
This product is a top seller 
$7.35 - $32.82 12 min

Jazzy Flash Drive

Promotional Classy Flash Pen Drive
$5.95 - $9.53 50 min

Classy Flash Pen Drive

Promotional Loop Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Loop Flash Drive

Promotional Slick USB Flash Drive
$9.65 - $19.38 50 min

Slick USB Flash Drive

Promotional Oval Flash Drive
$9.60 - $37.13 50 min

Oval Flash Drive

Promotional Rec Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Rec Flash Drive

Promotional Thumb Flash Drive
$6.76 - $17.41 50 min

Thumb Flash Drive

Promotional Boss Drive Memory Stick
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Boss Drive Memory Stick

Promotional Flow Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Flow Flash Drive

Promotional Executive Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Executive Flash Drive

Promotional Jupiter Flash Drive
$7.06 - $32.82 12 min

Jupiter Flash Drive

Promotional Pro Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Pro Flash Drive

Promotional Retro Flash Drive
$5.86 - $32.82 12 min

Retro Flash Drive

Promotional Micro Flash Drive
$10.70 - $48.05 50 min

Micro Flash Drive

Promotional Handy Flash Drive
$8.81 - $42.02 12 min

Handy Flash Drive

Promotional Swiss Flash Drive
$9.68 - $20.62 50 min

Swiss Flash Drive

Promotional Curvy Flash Drive
$10.70 - $36.24 25 min

Curvy Flash Drive

Promotional Promo USB Flash Drive
$12.12 - $57.44 12 min

Promo USB Flash Drive

Promotional Tech USB Flash Drive
$11.63 - $39.75 50 min

Tech USB Flash Drive

Promotional Eclipse USB Pen
$12.66 - $20.07 50 min

Eclipse USB Pen

Promotional Wedge Flash Drive
$12.90 - $47.39 50 min

Wedge Flash Drive

Promotional Slide Flash Drive
$14.47 - $35.97 50 min

Slide Flash Drive

Promotional Retracto Flash Drive
$11.54 - $57.44 50 min

Retracto Flash Drive

Promotional Apollo Flash Drive
$11.71 - $35.97 12 min

Apollo Flash Drive

Promotional Rugged Flash Drive
$11.33 - $50.28 50 min

Rugged Flash Drive

Promotional Italia Leather Flash Drive
$13.44 - $60.66 50 min

Italia Leather Flash Drive

Promotional Credit Card Flash Drive
This product uses a 4 color process. 
$13.22 - $64.01 12 min

Credit Card Flash Drive

Promotional Woodswear USB Drive
This product is eco-friendly 
$13.27 - $58.04 50 min

Woodswear USB Drive

Promotional Bamboo Flash Drive
$16.07 - $58.04 12 min

Bamboo Flash Drive

Promotional Duo Flash Drive
$18.33 - $67.84 12 min

Duo Flash Drive

Promotional Bugsy USB Flash Drive
$14.23 - $35.88 12 min

Bugsy USB Flash Drive

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Drive Customers to your Brand

Day one of the a modern necessity that everyone can appreciate are Custom USB Flash Drives . Use storage drives as a unique way to transfer files to your clients. Once they have obtained their information they can keep the promotional memory sticks and custom usb memory sticks. Slim Logo flash drives are rewritable and perfect for your on-the-go customers. Various unique designs to choose from like USB bracelets, USB People and Memory Stick Key Chains. High quality and low price logo flash drives are great for all types of computers, and with their smaller size you are able to choose from a range of storage capabilities from 64 MB to 8 G., making these promotional items a perfect choice.

Custom USB Memory Stick | Printed Flash Drive | Memory Sticks for Giveaways

Garrett Specialties offers Custom USB Memory Stick, Printed Flash Drive, Memory Sticks for Giveaways. Now you can take your data anywhere with our on the go flash memory with USB connector.Our custom memory sticks can be used on both PCs and Macintosh. Promotional Flash Memory Sticks can be given at trade shows, conventions, sales meetings, and with our low pricing they make great leave behinds. Our custom memory sticks allows greater maximum storage capacity and faster file transfer speeds. Memory Sticks are used as storage media for a portable device, in a form that can easily be removed for access by a computer.

Custom USB Memory Sticks

USB Memory Sticks make great promotional gifts because you can never have enough. Just when you think you have enough room on your computer or external hard drive you need more. A USB memory drive makes it easy to transfer files and free up room on your computer. Plus they are small and convenient for travel. Choose to give a USB memory stick imprinted with your logo. It is the best way to store your logo in their minds!