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The Low Down

Calendars is derived from the Latin word kalendae, which was the Latin name of the first day of every month. The primary practical use of a calendar is to identify days: to be informed about and/or to agree on a future event and to record an event that has happened. Days may be significant for civil, religious or social reasons. For example, a calendar provides a way to determine which days are religious or civil holidays, which days mark the beginning and end of business accounting periods, and which days have legal significance, such as the day taxes are due or a contract expires. Also a calendar may, by identifying a day, provide other useful information about the day such as its season.


You would think with invention of Iphones, Ipads, the Kindle, and smart phones that you would not need a paper calendar. Yes we are in the digital era but calendars are still popular. You can hang them on the wall, on a refrigerator or place them on your desk. When you need a quick reminder you can see them visually. You can't replace the images that a calendar displays. There is nothing like a pet calendar to warm the heart or a calendar of the USA. Everyone thought that when the e-cards came out, greeting cards would fall off and that has not happened. People still like to touch and feel. Placing your logo or message on a promotional calendar is still a great marketing tool and are popular Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. They are easy to mail out or hand out and everyone can use a calendar. You can design your own calendar. Choose from American Classic Calendars, such as Norman Rockwell, Saving earth with Going Green calendars, and the all popular pet calendars or puppies and kittens which are so hard to resist.


A visual calendar gives you a physical reference point to your ideas, goals and activities. Paper offers a visual, hands-on recall of your daily events. There are also advantages of combining paper and digital planning tools. Whether you use an iPhone app or an online calendar a hybrid system allows you the benefits of paper plus the convenience and speed advantages of digital systems. Printed Calendars provides a more human experience, which complements the personalized nature of planning.

Types and Range within Reach

A month-at-a-glance calendar with boxes big enough to write in, something that can sit open on a desk. Planners can be easily tossed into a bag and is stylish. With a wall calendar you are able to cross one of those items off when completed which is very satisfying. A calendar has permanence. Once you write something down, you know it will not suddenly, and without warning, disappear. I hate when that happens. Creating your own custom calendar will keep your company name in front of your recipients'. They are still a popular giveaway. We offer wall calendars, month to month planners, week at a glance, pocket style, desk, and wall in many styles.

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