Round Sassy Tag

Item #: 1098-300196

This item is DISCONTINUED and is no longer available.

Round Sassy Tag Round Sassy Tag features "sassy saying" on the backside.Now you will know which bags is yours by checking the fun sayings when getting your bag off the conveyor belt at baggage claim. Choose one of the ten possible options when ordering. Includes sturdy strap. Also available in several different colors to choose from.

Select Funky Sayings for the back of the tag :
- Got Luggage? So Find it. This is MY bag.
- Who are you calling an old bag?
- We all look alike, but I'm taken.
- I come with baggage. (sure you want it?)
- What happens on the road stays on the road.
- OMG! Stop grabbing me!
- Are we there yet?
- I'm going DIRECT.. to the laundry room.
- Let me guess! You're not from around here.
- Bag of Tricks