Cold & Hot Custom Gel Packs

Considerations should be given to using personalized cold packs adorned with logos as a kind gesture at both sporting events and doctor offices. These custom gel ice packs, available in various fun shapes like fish gel pacls, are ideal for establishments such as fitness centers, sports teams, and urgent care centers to have on hand. They can be easily stored in a pocket and are versatile enough to be used in a microwave or freezer for treating sore muscles. Look through our collection of distinctive custom gel pack shapes, including Aqua Pearls™ and other well-known brands.

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Promotional Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack
This product is on saleThis product is a top seller 
$1.71 - $2.12 100 min

Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Penguin Gel Hot/Cold Pack
This product is a top seller 
$1.23 - $1.54 100 min

Penguin Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Fish Gel Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Fish Gel Pack

Promotional Starfish Gel Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Starfish Gel Pack

Promotional Duck Gel Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Duck Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Heart Gel Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Heart Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Tooth Gel Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Tooth Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Round Hot/Cold Pack
$1.25 - $1.56 100 min

Round Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Hot/Cold Wrist Rest
$1.42 - $1.82 100 min

Hot/Cold Wrist Rest

Promotional Cool Sun Hot/Cold Pack
$1.23 - $1.54 100 min

Cool Sun Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Apple Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Apple Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Happy Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Happy Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional House Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

House Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Car Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Car Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Star Gel Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Star Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Pig Hot/Cold Pack
$1.25 - $1.56 100 min

Pig Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Milk Cow Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Milk Cow Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Football Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Football Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Baseball Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Baseball Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Plush Hot/Cold Pack
$2.62 - $3.29 100 min

Plush Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask
$2.48 - $3.11 100 min

Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask

Promotional Soft Round Hot/Cold Pack
$1.88 - $2.30 100 min

Soft Round Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Plush Heart Hot/Cold Pack
$1.90 - $2.34 100 min

Plush Heart Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Ultra Soft Hot/Cold Pack
$2.33 - $2.96 100 min

Ultra Soft Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Square Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack
$1.34 - $1.69 100 min

Square Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Glacial Cooling Towel
This product is on sale 
$2.59 - $2.59 100 min

Glacial Cooling Towel

Promotional Doctor Gel Beads
$1.87 - $2.34 150 min

Doctor Gel Beads

Promotional Nurse Gel Beads
$1.87 - $2.34 150 min

Nurse Gel Beads

Promotional Nylon Gel Hot/Cold Pack
$2.29 - $2.86 100 min

Nylon Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Apple Art Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Apple Art Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Airplane Hot/Cold Pack
$1.25 - $1.56 100 min

Airplane Hot/Cold Pack

Promotional Banana Art Hot/Cold Pack
$1.27 - $1.60 100 min

Banana Art Hot/Cold Pack

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Custom Hot & Cold Packs 


Custom gel ice packs are great for ice therapy, hot therapy, and for treating injuries such as knee pain, back pain, and foot pain. It's Important For Your Customers To Remember Your Brand Logo and Custom Hot / Cold Packs are the answer. Your brand will have a great chance of getting noticed as they go about their wellness regimens if you custom print your logo or business message on them. There are plenty of places where custom hot/cold packs can be used to promote the services of doctor's offices, sports fitness centers, physical therapy and health care units, and hospitals. The promotional hot/cold packs we offer are available in different budgets to match the branding needs of your business. In addition to promoting your brand, custom hot/cold packs make terrific giveaways to satisfy the health requirements of your customers and to increase customer loyalty. In addition to being ideal for trade shows, store openings and seasonal promotional campaigns, customized hot/cold packs will come to the aid of your customers in times of injury and pain. This is a great way for your brand to be associated with a trusted brand and make your brand a name people trust when they are suffering from sore muscles and cramps. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and color choices available to choose from, we can provide you with a range of customized hot/cold packs. Your logo can be branded on the large area of imprint available on these cold/hot packs in order to enhance your brand's exposure. Distribute heating packs and cold packs imprinted with your logo at trade shows and you will find that the recipients will love to use them at home or at work. This custom logo imprinted hot/cold packs can even be used as employee appreciation gifts to convey the message that you value their well-being and health above everything else, and that you care for their well-being more than anything else. There are some first aid kits that don't include cold or hot packs; however, they are certainly helpful for reducing stress, relieving muscle soreness, and providing relief to a sore muscle. There are plenty of options when it comes to promotional hot and cold gel packs for arthritis, business image gel filled packs for headaches, fun animal shaped chill patches for kids, or any other kind of customized hot and cold gel pouches that we offer at Garrett Specialties. A great promotional giveaway option for physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, sporting goods stores, sports teams, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals is our custom gel ice packs and thermal hot & cold packs for sore muscles.