Holiday Stress Balls

Holiday Stress Relievers

With so many reasons to celebrate, why not add your name! Custom holiday stress balls for all seasons. Holiday stress balls are a great way to celebrate the holidays throughout the year. Survive the holiday frenzy with a little fun stress relief. Have a holiday party coming up? Use as an invitation. When the holidays arrive, use one our holiday stress balls and squeeze the stress out of the season. Use our holiday stress toys for an affordable holiday promotion. Just imprint your logo or message on one of our holiday stress relievers. We offer Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, so put your on a holiday stress reliever which will leave you celebrating.
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Promotional Bunny Rabbit Stress Ball
$1.48 - $2.92 75 min

Bunny Rabbit Stress Ball

Promotional Clover Stress Ball
$1.30 - $2.89 75 min

Clover Stress Ball

Promotional Pumpkin Stress Ball
$1.38 - $2.92 75 min

Pumpkin Stress Ball

Promotional Santa Stress Ball
$1.62 - $2.97 72 min

Santa Stress Ball

Promotional Snowman Stress Ball
$1.82 - $2.85 75 min

Snowman Stress Ball

Promotional Skull Stress Ball
$1.82 - $3.78 75 min

Skull Stress Ball

Promotional Pumpkin Stress Reliever
$1.23 - $2.27 75 min

Pumpkin Stress Reliever

Promotional US Flag Stress Reliever
$1.23 - $2.99 75 min

US Flag Stress Reliever

Promotional Black Wine Bottle Stress Reliever
$1.30 - $1.63 150 min

Black Wine Bottle Stress Reliever

Promotional Zombie Stress Reliever
$1.88 - $2.36 150 min

Zombie Stress Reliever

Promotional Bat Stress Ball
$1.77 - $3.15 1 min

Bat Stress Ball

Promotional Jack'O Lantern Stress Reliever
$1.12 - $1.95 75 min

Jack'O Lantern Stress Reliever

Promotional Imp Stress Reliever
$1.97 - $3.45 75 min

Imp Stress Reliever

Promotional Star Super Squish Stress Reliever
This product is on sale 
$1.47 - $1.84 150 min

Star Super Squish Stress Reliever

Promotional Rubber Viva La Mexico Duck
$1.79 - $2.59 50 min

Rubber Viva La Mexico Duck

Promotional Rubber Reindeer Duck
$1.80 - $2.60 50 min

Rubber Reindeer Duck

Promotional Pumpkin Face Stress Reliever
24 Hour Rush 
$1.00 - $1.25 150 min

Pumpkin Face Stress Reliever

Promotional Snowman Stress Reliever
$1.32 - $1.66 150 min

Snowman Stress Reliever

Promotional Santa Stress Reliever
$1.25 - $1.56 150 min

Santa Stress Reliever

Promotional Jack O' Lantern Stress Reliever
$1.40 - $1.76 150 min

Jack O' Lantern Stress Reliever

Promotional Pumpkin Stress Reliever Squeezie
$1.40 - $1.76 150 min

Pumpkin Stress Reliever Squeezie

Promotional Santa Bert Stress Reliever
$2.01 - $2.52 150 min

Santa Bert Stress Reliever

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Custom Seasonal Stress Balls | Event Stress Balls | Holiday Event Stress Balls
With Seasonal / Event Stress Balls there is no need to stress the holidays. Take a sigh of relief because Garrett Specialties has all of the stress relieving stress balls you'll need for your holiday events and promotions. Holiday stress balls come in many forms. Find a stress reliever for every corporate event from Valentine's Day thru Christmas and more! When you need a affordable holiday promotion, our  Holiday Event Stress Balls fit the bill. Our custom imprinted holiday stress relievers can be imprinted with you name or logo! Whether it's Halloween or Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Political Event our assortment of event stress relievers will fit into your budget