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Promotional Desk Tech ItemsOur computers are an essential part of most business and home use as well. Promotional computer items make great giveaways as we all need them. Advertise your logo or message on a computer related item and now you have a tangible reminder. View our selection of USB hubs, flash drives, cd holders, mouse pads, laptop accessories and more. Our computer promotions are not only economical they are practical. Every time your customers or clients utilizes Logo Computer Accessories distributed by your brand, they will be made aware of your custom imprinted message and logo, therefore increasing brand recall and brand awareness.  Corporate Computer Accessories make practical and affordable giveaways.
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low as $1.57
Promotional Computer Duster/ Ballpoint
This product is a top seller 

Computer Duster/ Ballpoint

low as $6.72
Promotional Tangle Hub 2.0
This product is a top seller 

Tangle Hub 2.0

low as $2.29
Promotional Fabric Surface Mousepads 8
This product was manufactured in the USAThis product is a top seller 

Fabric Surface Mousepads 8

low as $16.52
Promotional 7-Port 2.0 Tower Hub

7-Port 2.0 Tower Hub

low as $8.55
Promotional Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

low as $13.32
Promotional Leather Mouse Pad
This product was manufactured in the USA 

Leather Mouse Pad

low as $7.56
Promotional Video Chat Camera

Video Chat Camera

low as $3.25
Promotional USB Laptop Light
24 Hour Rush 

USB Laptop Light

low as $9.18
Promotional Power Booster Porta Charger

Power Booster Porta Charger

low as $1.88
Promotional Car USB Charger

Car USB Charger

low as $4.99
Promotional iPad 1 Case

iPad 1 Case

low as $8.99
Promotional Laptop Sleeve - Neoprene
72 Hour Rush 

Laptop Sleeve - Neoprene

low as $8.11
Promotional Blooming Flower Hub 2.0
24 Hour Rush 

Blooming Flower Hub 2.0

low as $0.66
Promotional Clean Sweep Monitor Brush

Clean Sweep Monitor Brush

low as $6.09
Promotional Promo Talk Net Phone

Promo Talk Net Phone

low as $2.21
Promotional Mini USB 4-Port Hub 1.1
24 Hour Rush 

Mini USB 4-Port Hub 1.1

low as $6.14
Promotional USB Car Charger
24 Hour Rush 

USB Car Charger

NOW low as $9.99
Promotional Logo Stand Light
This product is on sale 

Logo Stand Light

low as $5.93
Promotional Silicone iPad 2 Case

Silicone iPad 2 Case

NOW low as $16.99
Promotional Slim Callaway IPad Cover ll
This product is on sale 

Slim Callaway IPad Cover ll

low as $0.83
Promotional Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

NOW low as $2.07
Promotional Gumbite Twisti Cable Winder
24 Hour RushThis product is on sale 

Gumbite Twisti Cable Winder

low as $1.03
Promotional Retractable Duster

Retractable Duster

low as $27.67
Promotional Power Mouse Mobile Charger
24 Hour Rush 

Power Mouse Mobile Charger

low as $6.32
Promotional Saturn 200MAH Powerback

Saturn 200MAH Powerback

low as $1.97
Promotional Pehnom 360 Phone Stand

Pehnom 360 Phone Stand

low as $1.27
Promotional Twist It USB LED Light

Twist It USB LED Light

low as $0.45
Promotional Value Plus Microfiber Cloth
This product is New 

Value Plus Microfiber Cloth

low as $4.84
Promotional Optical Mini-Mouse
This product uses a 4 color process. 

Optical Mini-Mouse

NOW low as $6.29
Promotional USB Optical Mouse
This product is on sale 

USB Optical Mouse

low as $0.59
Promotional Computer Mirror

Computer Mirror

low as $2.25
Promotional USB LED laptop light

USB LED laptop light

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These days the majority of us lives in front of a computer. So there is no better gift then a customized computer item. These promotional computer items will be utilized on a day to day basis expanding your logo visibility with each use. We all appreciate items we can use, especially when they are free! Our promotional computer accessories are going to please your best clients. Get your custom computer gifts today!