Variety of Fruit Stress Balls Available

Boost your brand with our Fruit Stress Balls - the perfect promotional tool for restaurants, farms, and schools! Engage customers and employees with these fun and tactile stress relievers that leave a lasting impression. Stand out from the competition with our realistic fruit designs that are sure to make a statement. Order now and watch your business grow!

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26 Items Available

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Promotional Blueberry Stress Reliever
This product is a top seller 
$1.69 - $2.11 100 min

Blueberry Stress Reliever

Promotional Grapes Stress Ball
$1.25 - $1.56 150 min

Grapes Stress Ball

Promotional Lime Stress Ball
$1.25 - $1.56 150 min

Lime Stress Ball

Promotional Peach Stress Reliever
$1.53 - $1.92 100 min

Peach Stress Reliever

Promotional Pear Stress Reliever
$1.29 - $1.61 150 min

Pear Stress Reliever

Promotional Pineapple Stress Ball
$1.88 - $2.34 100 min

Pineapple Stress Ball

Promotional Strawberry Stress Ball
$1.45 - $1.82 150 min

Strawberry Stress Ball

Promotional Watermelon Stress Ball
$1.53 - $1.92 100 min

Watermelon Stress Ball

Promotional Lemon Stress Ball
$1.25 - $1.56 150 min

Lemon Stress Ball

Promotional Apple Figure Stress Reliever
$1.87 - $2.34 100 min

Apple Figure Stress Reliever

Promotional Grapefruit Stress Ball
$1.61 - $2.02 150 min

Grapefruit Stress Ball

Promotional Orange Stress Reliever
$1.26 - $1.58 150 min

Orange Stress Reliever

Promotional Banana Stress Ball
$1.51 - $1.89 100 min

Banana Stress Ball

Promotional Blackberry Stress Reliever
$1.34 - $1.67 150 min

Blackberry Stress Reliever

Promotional Raspberry with Leaf Stress Reliever
$1.34 - $1.67 150 min

Raspberry with Leaf Stress Reliever

Promotional Cantaloupe Stress Ball
$1.76 - $2.18 150 min

Cantaloupe Stress Ball

Promotional Cherry Stress Reliever
$1.86 - $2.28 150 min

Cherry Stress Reliever

Promotional Kiwi Stress Reliever
$1.22 - $1.53 150 min

Kiwi Stress Reliever

Promotional Mango Stress Reliever
$1.61 - $2.02 100 min

Mango Stress Reliever

Promotional Pomegranate Stress Reliever
$1.69 - $2.11 100 min

Pomegranate Stress Reliever

Promotional Apple Memo Holder Stress Ball
$1.78 - $2.20 150 min

Apple Memo Holder Stress Ball

Promotional Apple Stress Reliever
$1.22 - $1.53 150 min

Apple Stress Reliever

Promotional Apple Stress Ball
$1.16 - $1.45 200 min

Apple Stress Ball

Promotional Apple Stress Buster™
This product is New 
$3.09 - $3.88 100 min

Apple Stress Buster™

Promotional Peach Stress Buster™
This product is New 
$3.01 - $3.77 100 min

Peach Stress Buster™

Promotional Tangerine Stress Ball
$1.78 - $2.23 150 min

Tangerine Stress Ball

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Fruit Stress Balls Sweet Promotional Product  


Fruit Stress Balls are guaranteed to bring you fruitful attention. We have a fruit bowl full of stress ball selections. Choose your customized stress ball from an orchard of feel-good shapes. From apples to oranges these promotional fruit stress relievers look so sweet you might think you could squeeze juice out of them. Use fruit stress toy to fulfill a variety of your marketing needs. Promote many creative fruity ideas with these stress relief items. Choose a unique tag-line for your ad campaign like: "Pear up with us", "Orange you glad we're here", "Life is peachy", or "Providing fruitful results". Looking to add a fun and unique touch to your next corporate event or promotional campaign? Look no further than our custom imprinted fruit stress balls! With over twenty different fruit shapes to choose from, including apples, lemons, and more, these stress balls are sure to make a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Add your logo or message for a personalized touch that will showcase your brand in a fun and memorable way. Don't settle for boring giveaways – stand out with Fruit Stress Balls!.