Promotional Office Products & Logo Custom Business Supplies

Look no further promotional office products are the necessities for all businesses. Let your logo and company message imprinted on note cubes, rulers, sticky books, magnets, portfolios, business that will stand the test of time. Your logo will be seen when office promotional items are sitting on desks in your office.

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low as $1.49
Promotional 5 Color Petal Highlighter

5 Color Petal Highlighter

low as $63.32
Promotional Accordion File Folder

Accordion File Folder

low as $4.39
Promotional All-Together Journal Book
24 Hour Rush 

All-Together Journal Book

low as $3.17
Promotional Beveled Sticky Note Pad
24 Hour Rush 

Beveled Sticky Note Pad

low as $3.01
Promotional Bic Adhesive Cube
This product uses a 4 color process. 

Bic Adhesive Cube

low as $9.49
Promotional Bold Color Senior Portfolio
24 Hour Rush 

Bold Color Senior Portfolio

low as $4.74
Promotional Bond Metal Sytlus Pen

Bond Metal Sytlus Pen

low as $0.65
Promotional Carabiner Highlighter

Carabiner Highlighter

low as $2.53
Promotional Clean-Up Brush & Dust Pan

Clean-Up Brush & Dust Pan

low as $1.00
Promotional Clip and Note Box

Clip and Note Box

low as $5.39
Promotional Collapsible Cube

Collapsible Cube

low as $0.79
Promotional Compact Sticky Book

Compact Sticky Book

low as $7.95
Promotional Cork Chalkboard Magnet
This product uses a 4 color process. 

Cork Chalkboard Magnet

low as $0.80
Promotional Cutter Key Chain

Cutter Key Chain

low as $0.59
Promotional Date Finder Calculator

Date Finder Calculator

low as $2.64
Promotional Deluxe Traveling Assistant
24 Hour Rush 

Deluxe Traveling Assistant

NOW low as $2.09
Promotional Desk Buddy Highlighter/Brush

Desk Buddy Highlighter/Brush

low as $19.80
Promotional Desk Top in Box

Desk Top in Box

low as $0.79
Promotional Docu-Pak


low as $3.96
Promotional Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board

low as $1.15
Promotional Dry-Erase Mirage Board-15pt
24 Hour Rush 

Dry-Erase Mirage Board-15pt

low as $0.82
Promotional Duke Spiral Notebook
This product is New 

Duke Spiral Notebook

low as $0.70
Promotional Easy Grip Correction Tape

Easy Grip Correction Tape

low as $1.25
Promotional Economy Polyester Lanyard

Economy Polyester Lanyard

low as $2.56
Promotional Flexi Calc

Flexi Calc

low as $1.44
Promotional Flip Calculator

Flip Calculator

low as $2.58
Promotional Flip-N-Fold Calculator
24 Hour Rush 

Flip-N-Fold Calculator

low as $0.73
Promotional Four Point Magnet

Four Point Magnet

NOW low as $2.20
Promotional Full Size Stand-Up Stapler
This product is on sale 

Full Size Stand-Up Stapler

low as $1.24
Promotional Glue Tape Dispenser

Glue Tape Dispenser

NOW low as $1.51
Promotional Half N Half Color Duo Notebook
This product is on sale 

Half N Half Color Duo Notebook

low as $1.27
Promotional Handy Office Tools
24 Hour Rush 

Handy Office Tools

low as $1.12
Promotional Hot/Cold Wrist Rest

Hot/Cold Wrist Rest

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Promotional Office Products & Logo Custom Business Supplies

Take out a journal and start doodling and writing down those thoughts. You don' have to worry about hitting the wrong key on the keyboard and deleting all your ideas. Doodlers create their best works with on the phone, waiting for a customer. Remember that to do list just became easier with sticky books, notebooks, note pads right in front of your recipient.

The most important office supply is the do list. Having journals, binders, folders, writing paper and note pads handy is a must. How many times do you jot down a thought and hand it to someone. Printing your logo on our custom office products assures you will be seen everyday. Although we are at the age of digital technology there is nothing like taking a pen and paper to handle your ideas.

Even though business cards are traditional, one of the best promotional office products are sticky notes. Adhesive notes are wonderful for jotting down a quick thought, bookmark, leaving a message for a co-worker, leaving a note in the coffee room not to eat your snacks.

We're your source for personalized business supplies. Going to a trade show, conference or business meeting, make sure that you have handy something to take notes on. More people ask, do you have a pen and paper with you. You can say yes I have. Just take out a notebook that has been customized with your logo and hand it out with a smile.

Looking for the best price on logo office supplies, well Garrett Specialties can help with notebooks, pens, journals, folders and sticky notes. Many of our promotional office supplies can be shipped with rush service at no extra charge.