Working From Home During the Holidays

Working From Home During the Holidays

This year’s holiday season is different from previous years. Normally there are office parties, in-person get-togethers to celebrate this festive time to promote some team-.

Today many of the events are virtual or sadly not at all. Many of the suppliers realize the problem and are offering drop shipping. This is a plus because you can still inspire people and get ideas out. Plan inventive ideas to make them engaging, entertaining, and memorable.

Start working on teamwork. Now is a good time to offer items that will appeal to your users. Soup mugs are popular at this time of year due to the weather cooling down. You might find that as this pandemic continues more and more companies are going to go virtual. Sipping my soup with a special gift will inspire those to come with ideas. Make them warm and friendly.

My son-in-law works for a major corporation and they are all working remotely. There are no plans in the near future to go back.  Every time they think they will go back a new virus appeals.  This is going to be the norm. What managers are noticing that at home employees are actually more productive. Just because an employee works from home doesn’t mean that they do not need rewarded, as they do. This is where promotional products become more important.  Everyone likes to feel special. That little gift that says “Happy Holidays” or “Thank You” goes a long way.

You can send out festive decorating ideas. This year many of our Christmas ornaments are popular and fun. Another popular giveaway are desk plants.  We offer air plants which do not require much in the way of Maintenance. Even though holiday is almost over, it is still important to make your staff feel appreciated. You do not have to have a holiday party. When you look at the statics, they point out that employees feel appreciated when they receive a special gift from their employer. When your child does something well you compliment them. Doing the same for employees will go a long way to productivity

Staff Working From Home

Gift Wrap

Corporate Gift Wrap

One of the most unique items we carry is gift wrap. This has been an extremely popular item. I first found about the gift wrap when my son in law who works for a large company hand them out to their employees and customers. The items are so popular that everyone can’t wait to get their gift wrap as a holiday gift. The gift is high end and makes your employees and customers feel special. In one package you get wrapping paper, tissue, tags labels and bows. Everything you need to wrap that special gift.

When we think of wrapping a gift we think of children as we need to hide our gifts, however adults like to be surprised as well. Every year we offer different patterns. Customers call us well in advance to make sure that we are going to carry gift wrapping.

What Makes a Great Gift

Gift wrapping turns any gift into a surprise. What more can you offer that creates that special effect than gift wrapping. In today’s environment it is nice to create a positive attitude. Everyone loves to open that special gift. When you give your customers or employees our corporate gift wrapping, they can see that they are special. You don’t have to wait until Christmas as there are special occasions throughout the year. For many of us one of the best parts of buying gifts is to make them special by wrapping them in beautiful paper, ribbons and tags. Gift wrapping fun and lets you be creative.

When you are looking for a gift that is both practical and exquisite, please check out Garrett Specialties the gift of gift wrap. Our patterns change from year to year so we keep our patterns fresh. Our gift wrap makes the perfect business gift or thank you gift. What makes a great gift? That is the burning question many of us ask, especially during the holiday season. Finding the perfect gift that is both fun to give and well received can be a stressful task. This is especially true companies who want to make a positive, lasting impression on their clients and vendors. The very best gifts are those things people not only want and need, but also tend not to buy for themselves. Finding those kinds of gifts used to be challenging, but not anymore. Gift wrap ensembles are fast becoming one of the most useful and unique corporate holiday gifts on the market.

How Can I Stand Out

Candles are the Best

Relaxing Candles

Nothing warms a room like candles. Candles are used everywhere from the kitchen, board room or your office and during the holidays we decorate our homes with candles on mantles, kitchen tables or coffee tables. Candles are great festive items and why not show your logo and brand. Also remember that the next time your lights go you need those candles handy. Candles are great just light different spaces in your office at work or your home.

Today we now offer soy candles that are safe for the environment. You can get decorative looking candles and put them anywhere. We are always concerned about your safety. Never put candles near a table or in the window where they can fall and cause a fire.  Many companies are coming out with flameless candles but there is nothing like a real candle.

Logo Imprinted Candles

At least we are not like our ancestors that used candles to light. The earliest use of candles dates back to the ancient Egyptians and made torches by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. The earliest candles were originated in Han China around 200 BC. At that time candles were made from whole fat. Then by the 12th century, candle making became a real craft in England and France. I bet these candles really an odor.

Today candles emit scents that create feelings in the mind and body. If you go to a spa, they have candles burning. Also, they are great handouts at weddings and Christmas gifts. The good thing about handing out candles is that last a long time so your logo is around for a while.

Imprinted Travel Candles

When your recipients are cozy at home with their candle burning, they will think of your company. We also offer travel candles. A really wonderful scent has the power to transport a person somewhere else entirely. So even though many of us are working from home or cooped up in their apartment, but the right blend of scents can have them relaxing in no time.

Hottest Promotional Items

Garrett Specialties

#1. Stress Balls

As always stress balls are among the most popular promotional items. Since Stress is a part of our everyday lives they work with our everyday routines, so let your marketing campaign put a stress ball in your customers hands

Stress Relievers

#2. Work from Home Products

Give your consumers stylish but affordable gifts that work from home. Tech products work as people use them every day. Check out our webcam covers, wireless charging mouse pads that you could consider. Having a remote office there is a need to remove clutter from your work space.  We have many wireless products.

#3. Trending Products

Advertising name brand products can be cost-effective gifts if you want to advertise your brand at indoor or outdoor events event. Our Coleman Products and coolers are very lucrative promotional items since they are fantastic for your brand or company specifics and come under the sun in every color.

New Trending Products

#4. Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly products they are incredibly flexible and unique. You can pick any item for the next charitable function, education function, sporting event, or just after a day at the work with a large selection of color options. Companies need to attract different generations and understand their interest. They include, Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Zers as they are the new generation of buyers.

#5 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a popular item. What we do know is that your employees will feel valued when they wear name brand sunglasses to promotional sunglasses. Your imprint will be the perfect marketing tool

Promotional Sunglasses

#6 Water Bottles

Our water bottles are sturdy, offer a nice imprint area, as well as impressive to promote your brand every day. Our reusable water bottles are good for the environment as it reduces plastic waste. .Our water bottles are available in many different colors and sizes. Reusable so you can take them with you always.

Summing Up

It is important to keep up with the newest trends as it shows that your company is innovative and forward thinking. Look for products that support your company’s culture and mission so that you can connect with your target audience based on their identity

Ornaments for the Holidays

According webster the definition of Christmas ornaments+ a small ball, figurine, etc., that is hung on a Christmas tree for decoration

Glass ball ornaments are a classic Christmas tree tradition. Many people, including myself, still decorate their trees with these beautiful ornaments,

Christmas ornaments are usually made of blown glass, metal, wood, blown plastics, shattered proof or ceramics. German immigrants brought this practice to America in the 18th and 19th centuries, where it was promptly rejected by Puritanical religious groups for its historically pagan connotations. While it took a while to catch on, small communities of German-born settlers documented the continuation of this practice as early as the mid-1700s.

Glass ornaments

Glass baubles were first made in Lauscha, Germany, and also garlands of glass beads and tin figures that could be hung on trees. The popularity of these decorations grew into the production of glass figures made by highly skilled artisans with clay molds. Germany had the market on glass ornaments until 1925, then came Japan. Czechoslovakia, and Poland entered the marketplace in the 1920’s where they would have blown glass ornaments. Ornaments finally made their way into the US in 1973 by Hallmark as they started manufacturing keepsake ornaments.

In comes Christopher Radko from Poland. Christopher’s start was not typical in starting a business. When a Christmas tree fell and startled the Radko family. With over 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments broken to bits, Christopher was distraught. Searching endlessly to replace them, he found nothing quite good enough to replace his treasured memories. He soon realized that the only option was to start from scratch. Thus began the creation of Christopher Radko Ornaments. With nothing but his Christmas memories to build upon, Christopher enlisted a Polish glassblower and went to work recreating his family’s lost heirlooms. 

In order for you to make a Christmas ornament your own we offer a variety of Christmas Ornaments that you can imprint with Logo or message. Great giveaways for employees, customers and weddings.

Custom Metal Ornament

Custom Cozy Blankets

Custom Cozy Blankets

Keep Warm

We all know winter is coming. For some it their favorite of the year to cuddle and snuggle up with a book, hang out on the sofa with your dog, watch TV or just sit around and hang out with some favorite people. There is something about cuddling underneath blankets that we all love to do. Just pick that right cozy place and let winter begin.

Knowing winter is almost here and you are undecided what to get your employees or clients? Why not hand out blankets with your logo. Now here is an item that your recipients will hang onto. I never watch TV without my cuddly warm blanket and right there with me is my dog you loves to get under the blankets, which is a dachshund thing.

Sherpa Blankets

Promotional Blankets for Employees

When this time of the year arrives, we are trying to think of the best gift to give to give to our employees. Hands down, one of the most popular items are custom blankets. When not hanging around the house, blankets are great for those football games. We are always looking for items that everyone will keep, well blankets are it. One of my favorite blankets are the Sherpa blanket. Not only do they have that classic style of being super soft and cozy but also they feel luxurious. Usually, one side is Velour and the opposite is Sherpa. Trust me these blankets will be well received and kept for years to come. Employees like to feel that they have a good relationship with their employers. Why not warm their hearts with a blanket imprinted with your logo. Embroidering your logo will leave a lasting impression. Most employees like where they work and to have something of the company makes a lot of employees feel special

Not only will your employees love the gift but your clients as well. We offer the best blankets for snuggling, Get your customers buzzing this winter with Fleece Blankets and get cozy

So What are Promotional Products?

Garrett Specialties

Unless you are in the business the lingo for promotional products is hard to understand. When you go to a heart surgeon you make sure you understand what the idioms that are related to the heart so you fully understand. The promotional product industry is no different. Promotional products are so different than any other industry as we have a lot of terms to understand. We try to break down the industry on our promotional marketing link  Here we try to answer many of the questions.

The hardest part is understanding the process used to imprint the items and the artwork you wish to add. We try to break it down with our page on Glossary of Terms. There are so many that it is hard to cover them all. As you can see the promotional products industry has no storage of words that are specific to our industry

It is important that we keep try to make sure you keep your employees, clients and prospects happy with the item that you purchase. We have promotional items for every occasion, including custom giveaways for trade shows and events, personalized gifts for colleagues and valued customers, and custom luggage so you can travel in style. It’s all about finding the right promotional products with the right level of quality to showcase your logo. You can then brand your business with confidence.

There are over million promotional products out there. We try to offer products that people really want and also to keep. We do not put up on our website every product out there, instead we select products from suppliers that have outstanding reputations.

We offer Promotional marketing advice to make sure you’re attracting the right customers with the right incentives. From pens, bags to outdoor promotions, we can help you determine what will have the biggest impact for your brand.

Cup of Soup

Nothing warms up the soul like a hot cup of soup

Grab your soup of the day

Remember the Campbell Soup jingle? The renowned jingle “Mmm, Mmm Good” from Campbell’s Soup catapulted vocalist Marlene VerPlanck

Soup is still popular for lunch or a quick pick me up.

Soup mugs with roomy handles are great for easy carrying and cuddling up with on a cold day. Soup mug designed to heat Soup, noodles, hot beverages, and more in the microwave, to go Cup, Mug, for your home, school, office, make wonderful giveaways for clients and employees.

There are so many uses for soup mugs. Perfect for tea, soup, or cereal and some even has an extra-large decoration area. This is ideal for novelty & business promotions. Our ceramic drinkware comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors giving you more options to make it personal. Ceramic items are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and long-lasting. 

Enjoy a delicious hot soup or a bowl of cereal with the with a Soup Mug! Soup mugs features a built-in spoon holder to keep the included spoon in sight and away from the counter or cupboard when storing. The perfect bowl for movie nights in and breakfasts in bed.

Ensure your marketing campaign a huge success when you show off our mugs. Mugs can hold up to 12 ounces of delicious, warm soup and comes in a wide variety of color combinations with a matching spoon so you don’t have to pack any utensils.  We only offer mugs that meets FDA standards and hand washing is recommended for optimal use. Silkscreen your logo on this item and make this your next gift. This is sure to get your brand the attention it deserves. 

So what are soup mugs

Larger than cups but smaller than bowls, soup mugs are the perfect addition to any kitchen. These large mugs with roomy handles are great for easy carrying and cuddling up with on a cold day. They can accommodate your favorite soups year-round or simply hold more of your favorite beverages, like coffees and teas.

Promotional soup mugs with spoon

Compass in a Box

Mahogany wood desk compass

If you’re lost in the woods or at work, your best chance of finding your way might be a tiny magnet.

A magnet is what makes a compass point north — the small magnetic pin in a compass is suspended so that it can spin freely inside its casing and respond to our planet’s magnetism. A compass needle aligns itself and points toward the top of earth’s magnetic field, giving explorers and lost souls a consistent sense of direction.

Rosewood Compass

Today people do not use compasses like in the past because we are using GPS to find out way. With that said compass are great to take on a hiking trip, fishing or camping trip or traveling. The desk compasses are still fun to use as well as making a nice gift that is different.

A compass is a great gift for clients and employees which thoughtfully represent the past. Progress is a wonderful thing, but not forgetting things of the pass are important as well.

Guide your business on a path to success with this handy compass. promo!  Now available in in a wooden box. A must-have office accessory for business professionals, have your company name or custom logo imprinted on this one of a kind for maximum brand exposure. A stunning corporate gift or promotional giveaway.

Encourage your finest to stay the course! The compass; will be ensuring recipients will always find their way. Elegant which makes a nice display. A handsome decoration for any setting; it makes an excellent gift or award. Don’t get lost ever again with this beautifully crafted, compasses! Mainly used a novelty desk weight, compass has a chromed plate made from stainless steel and comes packed in a stunning rosewood colored box. Navigate your way around in style and put your brand on an upscale promotional tool that’s great for high performers, executives and more!  The compass is a great leadership award.

My Incredible Dog Roxie

Dog Accessories

When we have a pet, we share an intense love and bond with our animal companions. For us, a pet is not “just a dog” but rather a beloved member of our family, bringing companionship, fun, and joy to our lives. A dog can add structure to your day, keep you active and social, Roxie helped me overcome many challenges in my life. Even though she is gone I am so happy that I had the experience and that unconditional love which only a dog can give.
The hardest thing I had to do was to was make a decision to euthanize her. The vet said when it is so bad then you waited too long. She said I gave her the greatest gift by not letting her suffer.
Roxie wanted for nothing, so in that I find good memories. Roxie was not a couch potato. We did agility, Obedience and Rally together. She ended up in 2015 the number two dachshund in the country in obedience.  She made me proud.
Your memories allow your pets to live on in you. Embracing these memories, both happy and sad, can be a very slow and, at times, painful process that occurs in small steps. For example, take some time to look at past photos, write a tribute to your pet, or write your pet a letter recalling your time together.
Our love for our pets runs deep.
According to American Pet Products Association in 2020 the U.S. Pet Industry expenditures was $103.6 Billion dollars. So, handing out many of the items for pets whether for dog or cats are the perfect way to expand your brand’s reach by publicizing your business. If you have dog or cat service reach out to your existing pet-loving customers.
So, for me I will miss Roxie everyday until we meet again

I am updating this blog to let you all know that I bought another dachshund. She is adorable. I looked for awhile to find another companion. The temperament was really important. I never thought I could love again, but Lexi our new addition is fitting right in. I bought her from . The breeder, Maryann goes out of her way to make sure that her puppies have good temperament. Buying from a reputable breeder is very important. Lexi is adorable.