Compass in a Box

Mahogany wood desk compass

If you’re lost in the woods or at work, your best chance of finding your way might be a tiny magnet.

A magnet is what makes a compass point north — the small magnetic pin in a compass is suspended so that it can spin freely inside its casing and respond to our planet’s magnetism. A compass needle aligns itself and points toward the top of earth’s magnetic field, giving explorers and lost souls a consistent sense of direction.

Rosewood Compass

Today people do not use compasses like in the past because we are using GPS to find out way. With that said compass are great to take on a hiking trip, fishing or camping trip or traveling. The desk compasses are still fun to use as well as making a nice gift that is different.

A compass is a great gift for clients and employees which thoughtfully represent the past. Progress is a wonderful thing, but not forgetting things of the pass are important as well.

Guide your business on a path to success with this handy compass. promo!  Now available in in a wooden box. A must-have office accessory for business professionals, have your company name or custom logo imprinted on this one of a kind for maximum brand exposure. A stunning corporate gift or promotional giveaway.

Encourage your finest to stay the course! The compass; will be ensuring recipients will always find their way. Elegant which makes a nice display. A handsome decoration for any setting; it makes an excellent gift or award. Don’t get lost ever again with this beautifully crafted, compasses! Mainly used a novelty desk weight, compass has a chromed plate made from stainless steel and comes packed in a stunning rosewood colored box. Navigate your way around in style and put your brand on an upscale promotional tool that’s great for high performers, executives and more!  The compass is a great leadership award.