My Incredible Dog

Dog Accessories

When we have a pet, we share an intense love and bond with our animal companions. For us, a pet is not “just a dog” but rather a beloved member of our family, bringing companionship, fun, and joy to our lives. A dog can add structure to your day, keep you active and social, Roxie helped me overcome many challenges in my life. Even though she is gone I am so happy that I had the experience and that unconditional love which only a dog can give.
The hardest thing I had to do was to was make a decision to euthanize her. The vet said when it is so bad then you waited too long. She said I gave her the greatest gift by not letting her suffer.
Roxie wanted for nothing, so in that I find good memories. Roxie was not a couch potato. We did agility, Obedience and Rally together. She ended up in 2015 the number two dachshund in the country in obedience.  She made me proud.
Your memories allow your pets to live on in you. Embracing these memories, both happy and sad, can be a very slow and, at times, painful process that occurs in small steps. For example, take some time to look at past photos, write a tribute to your pet, or write your pet a letter recalling your time together.
Our love for our pets runs deep.
According to American Pet Products Association in 2020 the U.S. Pet Industry expenditures was $103.6 Billion dollars. So, handing out many of the items for pets whether for dog or cats are the perfect way to expand your brand’s reach by publicizing your business. If you have dog or cat service reach out to your existing pet-loving customers.
So, for me I will miss Roxie everyday until we meet again