So What are Promotional Products?

Garrett Specialties

Unless you are in the business the lingo for promotional products is hard to understand. When you go to a heart surgeon you make sure you understand what the idioms that are related to the heart so you fully understand. The promotional product industry is no different. Promotional products are so different than any other industry as we have a lot of terms to understand. We try to break down the industry on our promotional marketing link  Here we try to answer many of the questions.

The hardest part is understanding the process used to imprint the items and the artwork you wish to add. We try to break it down with our page on Glossary of Terms. There are so many that it is hard to cover them all. As you can see the promotional products industry has no storage of words that are specific to our industry

It is important that we keep try to make sure you keep your employees, clients and prospects happy with the item that you purchase. We have promotional items for every occasion, including custom giveaways for trade shows and events, personalized gifts for colleagues and valued customers, and custom luggage so you can travel in style. It’s all about finding the right promotional products with the right level of quality to showcase your logo. You can then brand your business with confidence.

There are over million promotional products out there. We try to offer products that people really want and also to keep. We do not put up on our website every product out there, instead we select products from suppliers that have outstanding reputations.

We offer Promotional marketing advice to make sure you’re attracting the right customers with the right incentives. From pens, bags to outdoor promotions, we can help you determine what will have the biggest impact for your brand.