Avoid Germs No Touch Key

Touchless key tag is designed so you never have to touch a surface. Opening  doors, elevator buttons, opening drawers. Press buttons or keypads. It easily attaches to keyring. Because the tool is discreet keychain you can open door handles and press buttons to operate ATM’s machines, gas pumps, elevators and more. The new tool helps you to touch less which adds to one more line of defense from contagions. Many of our touchless key tools are made in the USA.
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Imprinted Touchless Tool. New promotional giveaway that they will keep

We offer the touchless door opener and button pusher bottle opener that is die cast in zinc material which is known to have antimicrobial properties. 

We touch so many surfaces throughout the day and have no idea who has touched them before you did. With the new tool you do not have to touch any surfaces that are handled by so many people before you. You know that this is a hot item as so many places are carrying this item.

Use a  Contactless Door Opener that is designed for COVID19 that is the newest addition to our Health Safety Category. Using a promotional touchless key is perfect for any business to promote your business and also an easy way to give customers an item that they’ll use and brings exposure to your brand. A popular category for giveaways is Giveaways that they will keep. The new germ utility tool.

Antibacterial Hand Key Tool and avoid touching anything. Easily open doors, touch screens, press buttons, pull levers

There are new items coming out everyday. Handing out a promotional item that a customer will keep makes a lasting impression and they are able to see your logo constantly. Keep your hands clean and reduce the point of contact area. Push keypads, buttons, & sign checkout screens with rounded front knob

Germ Free Hand Key Tool when using an ATM maching

Stuffed Animals are for Adults Too

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? Some of us hold on to such things for sentimental value. You might keep your stuffed animals in a spare bedroom or even on your bed. Families pass them down through generations.

Stuffed toys are fuzzy and cute but they are also comforting. They can be a child’s best friend or bring cheer to someone who isn’t well. A stuffed toy can remind you of a story, another time in your life or remind you that someone cares.

The Chicago Tribune reported that items such as stuffed toys are called transitional objects and as we get older we tend to continue to cling on to these items for comfort the same way kids do. And it’s OK! Because these objects help us transition from one state to another. Continue reading

Successful Work Life Balance With Flexible Working Hours


I thought that this would be a good continuation of last week’s post. We talked about why persistence is key for your business when giving up is not an option. One of the first points that I had listed was about the importance of taking a break. I found this quote about taking rest and fell in love with it.

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop”.  – Ovid

So, today I want to talk about not just taking a quick break but scheduling flexible work schedules and offering flextime. There are many benefits to flextime and it helps create a work-life balance. Continue reading

Ways to Make Your Mornings More Productive

The morning is not always the best time of day for me. On a good day, I find that I am more focused, energetic, happier, an all around more productive person. But most days it takes me a while to wake up and get the blood flowing. We have all had those mornings that were so counterproductive that it affected the rest of our day. For example, you’ve run out of toothpaste or you spill your coffee. Little things like this can affect the start of your day and place a negative damper on the rest of your day. The morning is comprised of several hours but it seems as though what happens during the first 15 minutes you are awake could be an indication of how your whole day is going to turn out.

morning routine

Brainstorming is a major component to creative marketing but it is hard to come up with fresh and innovative ideas if your mind is clouded by what transpired before you even start working. We can’t always control what will happen and low-value work can throw your day off course.

So what are ways to make your mornings more productive? Continue reading

Evian Dancing Babies | Benefits of Drinking Water

Bike Sports Bottle

Evian Dancing Baby – Bike Sports Bottle

I had the pleasure of having my sister visit me for the weekend. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, we went to the market, took the dog for a long walk along the path and watched a couple of movies. It was a beautiful relaxing weekend.

I noticed that everywhere we went she had a large bottle of water with her. It made me think of the Evian commercial I saw recently. We joked about the dancing babies all weekend. Read more and watch the video at the end of this post. Anyway, she normally hates to drink water so I gave her one of my promotional water bottles. She really appreciated it plus it was a good way for me to increase my brand visibility. Everywhere she goes like the gym, park, and pool she will be showing off my logo on her sports bottle. Then she can brag about my business to her friends. 😉

Continue reading

How to Bust Stress with Stress Fighting Promos

Funny Stress

Memorial Day has come and gone and now we are all back reality, back to our stressful lives. In a day and age where everyone is on the go and there really is no time for rest and relaxation, stress in our society is something we all suffer from. We have to fit stress relief in where ever we can otherwise we may lose it!

6 Stress Busting Practices and Promotion Ideas that Help Fight Stress

  1. Plan ahead: Plan ahead and get organized. Being organized will make you less stressed and will also put you in a positive space so that you will have better days. Positivity will help you get more tasks accomplished. There are great  tools and gifts to facilitate organization such as custom note pads, memo pads and padfolios, just to name a few.
  2. Use your imagination: Daydreaming, who doesn’t need a mental vacation sometimes? By simply visualizing anything that keeps your thoughts away from current stressors we can immediately become relaxed and less stressed throughout the day. Visual aids often help us to mentally escape if only for a little while. Logoed office items such as calendars and printed frames with your favorite vacation photo can help to mentally transport you to your favorite vacation spot. Continue reading