Evian Dancing Babies | Benefits of Drinking Water

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Evian Dancing Baby – Bike Sports Bottle

I had the pleasure of having my sister visit me for the weekend. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, we went to the market, took the dog for a long walk along the path and watched a couple of movies. It was a beautiful relaxing weekend.

I noticed that everywhere we went she had a large bottle of water with her. It made me think of the Evian commercial I saw recently. We joked about the dancing babies all weekend. Read more and watch the video at the end of this post. Anyway, she normally hates to drink water so I gave her one of my promotional water bottles. She really appreciated it plus it was a good way for me to increase my brand visibility. Everywhere she goes like the gym, park, and pool she will be showing off my logo on her sports bottle. Then she can brag about my business to her friends. 😉

She was on a mission to drink all of the water she could because she is aware of its health benefits. Plus having a cool looking water bottle helped her get it all down. She was very proud whenever she got half way through the bottle. She would tug me and say “look, I’m almost done!” Overall, I think that we all know that drinking a good amount of water everyday is great for our health and I have listed a few benefits for you below.

9 Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Weight loss. We all love to hear how we can lose weight. Water suppresses your appetite and helps your body to burn fat.
  2. Cleansing. Water helps flush fluids and toxins out of your body.
  3. Reduce headaches. Our brains are made up of mostly water. Headaches are usually caused by dehydration.
  4. Relieve fatigue. If you find yourself feeling tired all the time try drinking more water. Your heart and other organs need it to function more efficiently and properly.
  5. Build muscle. Water makes you stronger because it carries oxygen to your cells.
  6. Brain and nerve function. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen. Drinking lots of water supports nerve function allowing them to rely messages to your body from your brain.
  7. Fresh breathe. If you suffer from bad breathe, drink water. Swoosh it around to clean teeth and rehydrate your tongue.
  8. Cool down. When the weather is warm it is good to drink extra water. It helps to regulate your body temperature and it replenishes the fluids you lose while you sweat.
  9. Look young. Your skin needs to be hydrated too. If you drink lots of water your skin will look great, it keeps your skin fresh and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

I wanted to save the best for last. The last benefit I mentioned above, look young, reminded me of the funny Evian commercial I briefly mentioned above. The reflective images of dancing babies reminds you to drink water and “live young”. The company also likes to use babies in their ads because they are known to have the “perfect water for babies”. Watch the video below.

Bottom line, drinking water is good for you. Evian does a great job of expressing that and so can you. I encourage you to think about these benefits not only for yourself but also for your clients and your marketing campaigns. Remind them to get plenty of water each day.  Send them home with a valuable giveaway that they can use and give them custom sports bottles to help assure that they get the right amount of water. As always, your custom water bottles will have your logo printed on them making it more and more visible with each use.

Are you drinking water as you read this? How many glasses have you had today? Do you find it challenging to drink lots of water? Do you carry a reusable water bottle?

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  1. The Baby Evian commercial is one of my favorites. I posted it on my Facebook page a while back and watch it often just to get a lift. I am very picky about the water I drink. I have had my own distiller for over 30 years, plus an undersink 4-filter water purifier that takes out flouride. I don’t purchase bottle water as a general rule (only when out of the house and desperate), but do carry around reusable bottles at home and usually when I go out. Good article.
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  2. Since we gave up soda a little over a year ago, we drink quite a bit more water now. Of course coming into summer I do tend to drink a lot of sun tea. I imagine I drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, more depending on the weather.
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  3. Not long before reading this, I ran across a blog that was exploring the ways we can sabotage our weight loss goals. Water was one of the first ones discussed because NOT drinking water can slow your progress.

    Although it sounds silly, the thing you drink out of matters a lot. I lost my favorite water bottle recently and have not been drinking anywhere near the right amount of water. My kids will argue over a certain glass and my husband carries his portable coffee mug around like it was a teddy bear. If you provide a great product and then add your logo to it, it can easily become a cherished item.

  4. Arleen,

    I grew up in a household with soda coming out of its ears. It boogled my mind to see how much syrupy sweet stuff my family drank that I just decided not to do so. Plus, when I started college I had no money, so that’s when I started to drink water. I always have a bottle of water with me in the car or tucked in the holder on the side of my purse. It’s not even a thought for me to always be drinking water. I prefer it to almost anything else. I recently gave up coffee as well (expect for weekend Starbucks) and boy has it been rough!
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  5. Since I started Weight Watchers in March I’m almost exclusively drinking water. No more sodas. Tea every once in a while. Milk sometimes. When I tire of the water I add some 0 point flavorings. At work I drink from a 1.5L bottle that I’ve marked approximately every 8 oz, which helps me track how much I’m drinking throughout the day. I refill the bottle at least every other day.
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  6. I keep a glass of ice water on the counter all day. It’s always waiting for me. And I’ll sip here and there through out the day – filling when necessary. I find I tend to drink more when I do this.

    Also – don’t forget to leave extra drinking water out there for your pets. It’s hot out there 🙂
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  7. I never drank a lot of soda growing up (thanks Mom and Dad), and now I drink water almost exclusively with my meals (well except for when I am having wine!) And I try to get in a glass or two during the day. I find that if I have a glass of water nearby I will drink it, but if I don’t, I completely forget…until I start to get a headache!
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  8. I drink a ton of water per day! I drink half my body weight in ounces or more of water every day! I love it! I used to have an issue with my skin, it is basically looks like “chicken skin”; bumpy skin. By drinking so much water, it has caused my skin issue to basically disappear. Which is a good thing, because walking around in the summer time with “chicken bumps” all over my skin is embarrassing! There are so many benefits to drinking water and my skin proves it!

  9. Definitely Arleen!

    Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is essential. Personally drink a lot of water and it definitely gives me the 9 benefits you mention.

    When I lived in Saudi Arabia it was a bit tricky though. You had to drink 3-4 litres of water a day in order not to dehydrate.
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  10. I really love the dancing baby video. Thanks for reminding me of all the benefits of water. We are looking into gettng a water filter system instead of bottled water.
    Recently I have given up coffee. It is really a bad habit and I have replaced it with orange juice. I love your water bottle product. Good luck. I will let you be a sponsor for free if you want to put an ad on my blog. Let me know.

  11. Hi Arleen,

    I’ve been drinking nothing but water for the last 25 years. I wish I could say my skin looks young but I was very very sick about 10 years ago and dropped a horrible unhealthy amount of weight that I didn’t need to lose so it affected my skin unfortunately but is sure is soft.

    I also have a lot of headaches so I think #3 isn’t exactly the truth. Dehydrated is the last thing I am. I drink so much water it’s not even funny.

    I also use a water filter pitcher since I drink so much of it. No way I could probably afford to buy it the way they sell it today. This is much more economical for me. It’s definitely good for you though.

    By the way, I saw that video about a month or so ago and thought it was one of the cutest ones they’ve done so far. Really adorable so thanks for sharing it again. Worth the watch the second time around too.

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks!

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    • I am sorry you have a lot of headaches but drinking water does help to keep you hydrated. As everything water effects people differently. You are better off using a water filter pitcher than buying water bottles in the store. Many studies show that when you use water bottles from the grocery, and they get hot from being in your car and are not BPA free it can cause health issues. I thought that video was adorable also. Thank you for stopping by.
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  12. Yes, I AM drinking water as I read and type this! Once I was concerned about overworking my bladder, but you know what? I think the bladder is a very adaptive organism, and water is likely the friendliest substance. Nothing quenches thirst like a tall cool glass of ice water – sometimes, I’m just craving it. Good advice.
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  13. This was a really fun post. I’m a big advocate of drinking water and I constantly have a reusable thermal cup (with a cap to drink from) by my side. Now that you’ve mentioned, promotional water bottles, I realize that I no longer have any! They’ve all worn out and I’ve thrown them out. The thing is, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a business networking event of any sort and I just haven’t been given one. The next business owner who hands me one get some free advertising for sure.
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  14. If I remember well from my Anatomy classes in high school, our bodies contain almost 70% water. So, this is what we’re made of, this is the environment we dwell from the very moment of our conceiving in our mothers’ wombs, we’re water from head to toes. Giving up drinking water or neglecting it are similar to giving up on our nature itself.
    I don’t like any soft drink at all, it seems so artificial to me with all those sweeteners. Instead, I can have a glass of water or a mug of plants infusions. You have no idea how wonderful is to sip some lavender infusion in the evening, when enjoying a good book or watching a movie. It makes wonders, trust me..both for a good sleep and a hydrated skin 🙂
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  15. What a bunch of cute toddlers! Those benefits are really great. It made me love water more. Thanks for sharing this Arleen and Susan.

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