Evian Dancing Babies | Benefits of Drinking Water

Bike Sports Bottle

Evian Dancing Baby – Bike Sports Bottle

I had the pleasure of having my sister visit me for the weekend. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, we went to the market, took the dog for a long walk along the path and watched a couple of movies. It was a beautiful relaxing weekend.

I noticed that everywhere we went she had a large bottle of water with her. It made me think of the Evian commercial I saw recently. We joked about the dancing babies all weekend. Read more and watch the video at the end of this post. Anyway, she normally hates to drink water so I gave her one of my promotional water bottles. She really appreciated it plus it was a good way for me to increase my brand visibility. Everywhere she goes like the gym, park, and pool she will be showing off my logo on her sports bottle. Then she can brag about my business to her friends. 😉

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