Ways to Make Your Mornings More Productive

The morning is not always the best time of day for me. On a good day, I find that I am more focused, energetic, happier, an all around more productive person. But most days it takes me a while to wake up and get the blood flowing. We have all had those mornings that were so counterproductive that it affected the rest of our day. For example, you’ve run out of toothpaste or you spill your coffee. Little things like this can affect the start of your day and place a negative damper on the rest of your day. The morning is comprised of several hours but it seems as though what happens during the first 15 minutes you are awake could be an indication of how your whole day is going to turn out.

morning routine

Brainstorming is a major component to creative marketing but it is hard to come up with fresh and innovative ideas if your mind is clouded by what transpired before you even start working. We can’t always control what will happen and low-value work can throw your day off course.

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