Stuffed Animals are for Adults Too

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? Some of us hold on to such things for sentimental value. You might keep your stuffed animals in a spare bedroom or even on your bed. Families pass them down through generations.

Stuffed toys are fuzzy and cute but they are also comforting. They can be a child’s best friend or bring cheer to someone who isn’t well. A stuffed toy can remind you of a story, another time in your life or remind you that someone cares.

The Chicago Tribune reported that items such as stuffed toys are called transitional objects and as we get older we tend to continue to cling on to these items for comfort the same way kids do. And it’s OK! Because these objects help us transition from one state to another.

A transitional object can be your favorite stuffed animal or it can be anything else. It can be the pen you used to pass a big exam, the key chain from your first home or a mug from your favorite vacation spot.

Statistically the number of young adults sleeping with comfort items such as toy animals are on the rise, especially among millennials. Adults that have stopped sleeping with them toss and turn more at night because they are used to holding on to something. The top two special items adults choose to sleep with are stuffed animals and teddy bears. Special blankets come in third. You can find out more about these statistics in this post on

The next time you are looking for a memorable item to promote your business keep a plush stuffed toy in mind. For example, a local  hospital uses our stuffed animal magnets on their stethoscopes to keep patients calm and confident while building trust with medical professionals.

So there is no need to give away your sentimental items or stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are for adults too. What’s your favorite stuffed animal? Have you ever used a transitional object to get you through rough times?