How To Reboot and Get Back to Business

As the summer is coming to an end I can’t help but feel a sense of rejuvenation. It’s Back to School season which, for me, feels like a new start. Similar to how a New Year feels. During the summer, for some of us, business slows down and all anyone ever wants to do is relax and enjoy the sun. But now as we approach the end of August things start to change. It’s time to get back to business and so like me you probably need a reboot. Now is the best time to evaluate and plan how you are going to handle the rest of the year and make the most out of it. So, in today’s post I have put together 8 ideas on how to reboot and get back to business.
Reboot and Get Back to Business

8 Ways to Reboot Your Business

1. Out With The Old, In With The New
Hopefully your business is exactly where you always envisioned it would be. You look at your business and you see all of your hard work paying off and the goals you once set for yourself accomplished. Whether or not that is the case, there is always room for improvement. Set new goals that will keep your business relevant in an ever changing world of business. What are you willing to leave behind, what are you willing to change? The answer maybe just what your business needs to continue to be successful for many years to come.

2. Have Reasonable Expectations Of Yourself
Be true to thyself. Let’s face it, we are a society that wants instant gratification, instant results. We microwave our food because it is faster, we eat out at fast food restaurants, and we logon to sites such as Netflix or Hulu to watch whatever episode we missed and only if we didn’t DVR it first. But there is usually no instant gratification in business. So make your expectations reasonable. The last thing you want is to set your sites to high and fall short of your goal. Also, if you know you are a person that doesn’t always follow through with your plans, enlist the help of someone who does, it is important to recognize when you need help and ask for it.

3. Learn To Delegate
Use all of the recourses that you have available to you. People like to feel like they have helped in the creation of something great, so let them. Employees are also apt to work harder and more efficiently if they feel like they have been a part of the creative process. Sharing the responsibility of growing or rebooting your business not only will take all of the weight off of your shoulders but will give you a greater chance for success because two heads together are better than one. Make it a shared vision, an opportunity for everyone to share in the possibilities of what’s to come.

4. Have Patience
Rebooting a business can be a slow, in depth process; you will not see results overnight so be patient. Over time you will see a gradual change and feel like all of your hard work is paying off. Some changes will happen quickly but will more than likely have to be modified. Don’t let this discourage you. Through modification you will learn what works and what doesn’t. There is no better way to learn than from our mistakes and missteps.

5. Be Open To Suggestions
Diversity is the key to all innovation. Ask people for their opinions, make them feel like their thoughts are important and incorporate them in your rebooting process. Have a diverse group of people you can get ideas from. Don’t forget to enlist the opinions of those who may think your new venture is a bad idea. Some of the best inventions and business models came from constructive criticism. Imagine what Alexander Graham Bell’s critics said when he told them that he was going to invent something that would allow people to talk to each other without ever leaving the house, an invention that would allow you to speak to people across oceans. They must have thought he was crazy and yet we don’t leave home without our phones. Constructive criticism may be just the motivation you need. It also can give you the opportunity to relook at your plan and weed out things that might not have worked.

6. Don’t Just Talk About It, Do It!
The most encouraging thing for an employee is to see their employer doing exactly what they are asking their employee to do. If you are implementing new policies, abide by them. “Practicing what you preach” will allow your employees to see that you believe in your new vision or changes that have been made. Your employees will be more inclined to accept the changes as well as do their best to make your reboot not just an idea but also a realization.

7. Get Social
If you’ve you been intimidated by social media, trust me, I know how you feel. However, it’s not as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s fun. Now is the time to get social. Social media is one of today’s most powerful marketing tools. We can start a whole new blog on the topic because there is so much useful information out there about social media. I’m not going to start a new blog now but my advice is for you to get connected.

8. Revise Your Marketing Strategy with New Logo Giveaways
Evaluate your target market and refine your strategy. When was the last time you reconstructed your marketing plan? When you create an advertising campaign the main goal to give you a competitive advantage. However, you must reevaluate it at least once a year so that it can respond to the changes in the environment, customer responses and technology.

Does your advertising plan included promotional gifts? This is a good time to check out what’s new in the world of promotional products. What I love about the advertising specialties industry is that we are always being creative. With each year comes a ton of new, innovative and exciting business gift. If you’ve been giving out the same promo item for the past few years, now is a good time to switch it up with something new!
Have you ever given your business a reboot? What were some of the things you changed and how did it help your business?

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  1. Since my move, I’m definitely in need of a major reboot. It was like I was finally starting to find my stride with my book and with editing projects, only to be interrupted by miles of travel and late furniture delivery. I’ve decided I never want to move in the summer months ever again. I’m more than ready for a new start. I noticed a few neat promotional products that authors had on display at the conference I went to, like a bundle of scented soaps from a romance writer or a small packet of seeds for a murder mystery that takes place on a farm. Who knows, maybe someday I will be in need of a promotional gift related to my novel…
    Jeri recently posted…How to Pitch a Book: Lost Girl Road PNWA 2013My Profile

    • Jeri-Moving is never fun no matter what time of the year it is. You also had a dreadful experience. If you ever are in need of something unique please let me know. I don’t have all the promotional products we sell on our site as there are over 750,000 available. The things that were handed out at the conference were clever and the recipients will probably not forget the novels.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  2. Nice post, Arleen, and timely, too! I don’t have a business per say, i’m a freelance marketing consultant. But for years now August has been the time when i revisit my clients list and open projects and “purge” them, so to speak. I have made it a habit of mine to regularly clean my table and open some space for new ventures, give up on old ones which are no longer interesting to me or just have nothing new to offer… Thanks for the reminder 😀

    As for the 8 ways to reboot you listed – 2 are my favorite – delegate (this one is yet to be learnt, i can be a challenging control freak sometimes!) and lead by example! If i may also add a ninth way – plan, plan, plan! It is always a good time to remind ourselves that better time management will bring us better results as well.
    Diana recently posted…Advertising for Freelancers – How to Market Freelance Services for FreeMy Profile

    • Diana-I think when the summer comes to an end it is a good time to regroup. People think it is the beginning of the year but what happens with every new year resolution nothing gets done. You do have a business because you are a consultant. Glad you enjoyed the post.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  3. Hi Arleen,

    Good write up! I think the best way to get ‘reboot’ is by taking a step back and see the whole picture. At least, you try to 🙂 In business, we are always trying to be ahead of others but … we could simply be pressuring ourselves too much.

    Also, I like about the social media part. Many people are seriously intimidated by it! Just because it is so widely use (and a wrong move could be disastrous), it doesn’t mean that we should be afraid of it.

    Overall, nice write up and thanks for sharing!
    Reginald recently posted…60 Days And 7,977 Blog Traffic Later – My Blogging JourneyMy Profile

  4. I am stoked to get a reboot. I loved the title – so true. I’m also planning a couple of conferences. It helps me to connect with others and get the creative juices flowing. I think the biggest tip here for me is to be patient – I often get frustrated when things are not coming to me as quickly as I’d like them too. 🙂
    Joanne recently posted…Going Potty With a BearMy Profile

  5. My favorite things you said:
    1.) there is usually no instant gratification in business. So true.( I was self-employed for about a decade.)

    2.) Don’t forget to enlist the opinions of those who may think your new venture is a bad idea. — This is the EXACT advice given in a new book called “Decisive” by Chip and Dan Heath. The smartest thing you can do — and the last thing that most people want to do.

    Thanks for a good piece, Arleen.
    Alison at Diamond-Cut Life recently posted…Advice For Aubrey As She Becomes A WomanMy Profile

  6. Great tips for anyone looking to reboot OR get started! I find that patience, reasonable expectations and delegation go hand in hand for me. I’m impatient for the results so I don’t delegate believing that it will get done sooner if I just do it myself. Thankfully, with a some maturity and bigger vision comes the understanding that I have to get control of these things or I won’t see the vision come to fruition.
    Thanks for the reminders!
    stephanie recently posted…Eyes On Your Own Paper!My Profile

  7. Great tips, Arleen – I don’t really have my business off the ground yet, so it’s a bit early for me to be thinking about a reboot, but I can relate to a lot of the advice in this post – particularly your points about being patient and having reasonable expectations. One of the main commitments I’ve made to myself for the coming months is to maintain my focus and not get distracted by the many sideshows that come our way online.

    Thanks for an excellent share – lots of food for thought in this one, Arleen 🙂

    Susan Neal recently posted…How To Add Social Media Share Buttons To Your EbookMy Profile

    • Sue-It is interesting because your blog posts I read I would have thought that your business was well off the ground and thriving. This is a good thing as it is always about perception. In this case it is a good perception so you must be doing something right. Having expectations that are not realistic will do you in. As they say all good things take time.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  8. Love the list that you have shared. Every single one of them should either be used in business or to re-evaluate, scale up and fix.

    It’s important to stay current with your business and your industry. The problem with some businesses is that some of them reach a tipping point and stop growing. That is a problem. That’s why, like you said its, important to reassess your business and see where you can fix and tweak.

    Having reasonable expectations is also a good one to take a look at. So, often times we get excited and we envision the money pouring in but we don’t place proper expectations in terms of how we’re going to get that money, or how we’re going to build a business to achieve the amount of income we want coming in. As long as they are reasonable and their consistent, they can’t go wrong.

    Often times starting off, we as entrepreneurs start off doing anything and everything. That is anything website related, the products, making phone calls. We do all of these little tasks that is slowing us down and it’s perfectly ok to outsource while you focus on the more important items that need to be completed.

    Wonderful list you have here. Have a great week ahead!
    Nate Leung recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Need Balance In Your LifeMy Profile

    • Nate-Nothing stays the same so you should always take the time to re-evaluate your business. I just thought this was a good time of the year to do think about a fresh look at your business. My industry promotional products is forever changing. When I first started out, we didn’t have a shopping cart. As the years went by I realized the need. My main site is very customized just to keep up with the times. Most people want an easy streamline experience. Enjoy your week as well and as always thank you for stopping by.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  9. All great ideas, Arleen. I’d add one more. Maybe it’s time for a professional image update. We’re presenting ourselves constantly in social and business settings. Have we mistaken business casual for sloppy? Do we need to spruce up our wardrobes? It’s a cliche, but true. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. How you present yourself can have a positive — or negative image — on your brand.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…6 Ways to “Brand” Yourself to Success Even if You’re Just Starting OutMy Profile

    • Jeannette- I do agree with you. Things have gotten too casual. As I am making changes to my main website the one thing I wanted was a professional look as I am dealing with corporations. I checked out many of competitors and felt I didn’t want to go in the direction of casual. I was surprised at some of the logos that I felt if I was a corporation it would be a logo I didn’t want to be connected with. Especially on the internet you only have that one chance and as you said in your blog 8 seconds to make that first impression with your brand. Thank you for adding another great idea.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  10. Good suggestions all! September is a time for new beginnings, and my favourite time of year. You’re especially right about it being time to throw out the old, and usher in the new. But having said that, it’s important to be realistic about what we can accomplish. I often take on too much in September and October, and have learned to say “no.” It’s difficult, especially as a freelancer, but you have to set achievable goals.
    Krystyna Lagowski recently posted…Applause, applause for the Bauhaus Eos convertibleMy Profile

  11. HI Arleen,

    I can so well relate to this because it reminds me of the time when my kids were young and how we struggled to keep pace while they were on vacation. We just looked for the day they’d join school to get back into the normal routine once again. Yes, your work and business will suffer, though one can’t really be too selfish as one’s got to be with our family and kids, especially during their holidays.

    I liked the tips you shared and I think by following these you can spring back into action, thought he process is a little gradual because you’re getting back on track after a while. I’m glad my phase passed a month ago when my kids started their school. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  12. Hi Arleen

    It is funny for me to read this as it is winter here in Australia and I am so looking forward to summer.

    It is the same here though business slows for many in the summer. We have Christmas thrown in there and most businesses close from Christmas to after New Year. The whole building trade shuts down for about 4 weeks!

    For me now my business is totally on the internet so it does not matter so much. When we had a financial planning business it was that January was always our slowest month. We became very creative with our marketing.

    You have some great tips here for people to reboot.

    Have a nice weekend Arleen.

    Sue Price recently posted…Moving Forward: Accepting ChangeMy Profile

    • Sue- Christmas business shuts down here for about two weeks. In the advertising specialty business it gets very slow about the 15th of December as it difficult to get the items you need by Christmas when you want them imprinted. After Christmas before the new year business will pick here for trade shows. So for me rebooting needs to be done in before the holiday season starts. My business is also totally internet and the summer months are still slow. Have a good weekend.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  13. Great post Arleen. I’m always rebooting my brain, but plenty of your valuable insights apply. Tips 1 and 2 in particular apply to my brain reboot. Sometimes it will be every week, other times I wait a couple of months. If I go longer than that I end up at the end of the overwhelm and frustration path. So I guess since I am my business, the brain reboot is doing the trick. Thanks for the insights.
    Patricia Weber recently posted…Have You Ever Had Anticipatory Grief that You Back Burnered?My Profile

  14. Hi Arleen, great information and awesome advice. I go through a reboot every six months like clockwork and I suppose that will continue until I get my business where I want it to be. It’s so similar to having the right mindset for successful marketing online. It’s something I preach and teach with a passion. Thanks for your insight on the topic it’s brilliant as usual. 🙂
    Tony recently posted…Attraction Marketing A Powerful Marketing Strategy That Boosts Your BusinessMy Profile

  15. Agree with you about summer being bad for business, Arleen. In Sweden it’s almost impossible to get hold of anyone between Midsummer and August 15th. So for my business it’s definitely a rejuvenation!!

    Great advise that I agree with and apply. The only one that’s a bit difficult for me is number 2 because I am a perfecionist. Hence expect perfect results from me over night which is difficult, not least during summer:-)
    Catarina recently posted…What’s your strategy?My Profile

  16. Hey Arleen, it is time for a new start. Summer is nearly over, and we need a refresh. There are some great ideas in there and I can only say I agree whole-heartedly with being open to ideas of employees. Not that I have any, but I am often one and bosses are quite often only open to their own ideas – much to their own demise!
    Ashley recently posted…TweetDeck – New Tweet PanelMy Profile

  17. Forgive me Arleen but I had to chuckle.

    Summer might be over but I never had one. It’s been business as usual over at my place, accept the passing of a loved one recently that did kind of stop me in my tracks. Maybe I should take some of your suggestions for getting back on track but right now I’m still on an emotional roller coaster.

    I think #7 stands out the most for me, have patience. I’m not having a lot of that right now because I’m frustrating with my every changing emotions. I just wish there was a quick fix to this.

    Okay, enough of the pity party so thanks for these tips.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Favorite Social Media Plugins And ToolsMy Profile

    • Adrienne- Now that your good friend is gone, maybe it is a good time to regroup. Things will never be the same so change might be good.

      Trust me, I am not who has no patience at all and thank God I I haven’t had any tragedies in my life. There are really no quick fixes if you want to accomplish something worthwhile. Hang in there, time is a wonderful healer.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  18. We had to reboot our office July 1 2013 because some tricky legislators stuck to the State budget at the last deadline 3 riders which totally left us with no work. Oh the work was still there and necessary, but these folks removed all the transportation money from the budget and all school construction. We had two energy efficient college buildings with green roofs and several new roofs on big buildings, a number of elementary schools that can not be occupied next week until repairs are made ….and so besides taking the State budget to court, because these two main details are against the constitution of our state and the bylaws we also began new ways to find emergency funds for these projects in a collaborative manner. The only problem being we were just in recovery from 2008…now we have used our savings again and are on our 3rd month of no pay….We are working on how to educate people/voters/ and others in office that these ALEC policies are not what 88% of the voters in this state want…and it will cost the taxpayers more and more money – it just sometimes feels like an up hill battle.
    Can’t think about retirement…and trying to be creative to keep employees going and already one GREEN building project is back on the table. Over 1,000 children can not enter their schools next week because repairs are not completed and so lots of architects and builders are volunteering their time and hoping for retro pay for their efforts…. It is exhausting and the emotional up and down is hard on the health….rebooting is too often…
    We have added a new business book to our office discussions and that is sparking some new energy as we discuss it.

    This is a good post and I think I will add it to the discussions too. Thank you

  19. Great post Arlene! I love #6 and #7. I think too many people plan grandiose strategies for the upcoming year but fail to do much with them. I wholeheartedly believe that we can all get so much further if we set smaller goals that we’ll actually follow through with. And the key, as you said, is to actually do what you say you will.
    Jenn recently posted…Lessons From a @Fox5SanDiego Screw UpMy Profile

  20. Hi Arleen,

    Thanks for the tips. Excellent reminders for those of us who need to give our business a little boost or a big one! 🙂 I truly like the one about setting proper expectations as this will keep your mind on track and not set yourself up for failure. Reasonable expectations keeps you steady to the race and steadfast as far as I’m concerned.
    Excellent tips. Thanks so much.
    Barbara Charles recently posted…Why So Many People Fail As Entrepreneurs – An Acceptable Business Failure Rate?My Profile

    • Barbara-If your expectations are too high you will never achieve them and why set yourself up for failure. I ran a dachshund in agility. I know she will never run like a Border Collie so I do make higher expectations than what she can achieve. It goes for everything in life not just business.
      Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  21. Hi Arleen,
    Well this came just in time for me! I was away from my business for almost two weeks because I moved. Now you know how that can be! My time was absorbed with getting things in place so I can get back to business.

    Well here I am …. a little late for this party, but back in action. It is difficult to reboot but step by step with a little patience, I’m getting there!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Are You Running A Business Or Running A Blog Site?My Profile

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