Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can Holders


Do you know what a koozie is? Well I didn’t either until I started selling them at Garrett Specialties. They are one of the hottest promotional items. A koozie is made of foam like material such as neoprene and is a beverage insulator. They are known to be inexpensive and can be personalized with your brand name. Can koozies are available in a large variety of colors. Invented in Australia by Alex Lang where they are called stubby holders, these popular beverage accessories have now taken off in the United States.

Since the original, the can koozie has evolved. There are collapsible can coolers, zip up bottle koozies and even energy drink can holders. It has also taken on a few names such as can coolers, coolies, cozy, beer cooler, beer jackets and huggies. It’s available in many sizes; find one to hold beer, water bottles, wine or soda cans.

They are the perfect accessory to any beverage and maintain the temperature of your cold or hot drink for hours. When a can or bottle is colder than the temperature of it’s surroundings water begins to condense on the outside and your drink will begin to warm but if you use a can cooler it will keep your drink colder longer. Insulators can also keep hot drinks hot by slowing down the process of the cooling liquid.

If you ever questioned if koozies really keep drinks cold, well researchers and students at the University of Washington in Seattle conducted the study. Guess what, they really work. As per  University of Washington and according to the study published in Physics Today…

It turns out that in sultry weather condensation on the outside of a canned beverage doesn’t just make it slippery: those drops can provide more heat than the surrounding air, meaning your drink would warm more than twice as much in humid weather compared to in dry heat. In typical summer weather in New Orleans, heat released by condensation warms the drink by 6 degrees Fahrenheit in five minutes. Probably the most important thing a thing a beer koozie does is not simply insulate the can, but keep condensation from forming on the outside of it. (Dale Durran a UW, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences)

Now we know, I guess that is why a can cooler still one of the most recognizable promotional products with high demand. Your branding will make them one of a kind with high usability. Traditionally used at parties, keeping drinks at a cool temperature will minimize the need to consume all your beverages at a rapid rate. See there are plus sides to everything.  So at the end of the day the coolie does not only insulate the can, but keeps the condensation from forming on the outside.

Koozies are so much more than just can holders. They are perfect for events and also have many house hold uses. Read below for creative ideas using koozies.

Top 10 Occasions Where You Can Use Branded Koozies

  1. Camping trips
  2. Picnics
  3. Sports Events
  4. Travel
  5. Wedding Favors
  6. Trade Shows
  7. New Product Launch
  8. Parties
  9. Tailgating
  10. BBq’s

10 Creative Uses for Insulated Can Holders

  1. Moving? Place koozies around your glassware before packing them in boxes.
  2. Keep fruit from bruising in your backpack or tote by wrapping it in a can coolie.
  3. Great storage holders for items such as light bulbs, makeup, thread bobbins and pens.
  4. Use them as furniture moving pads.
  5. The zipper huggies usually come with carabiner attached and/or a drawstring, voila a wallet on the go!
  6. Maximized your koozie branding opportunity by including an imprinted t-shirt stuffed inside.
  7. Use personalized koozies at the bottom of your logo imprinted tote bag to keep things organized.
  8. Put one around an external hard drive or other electronic devices to protect them while traveling.
  9. Use in the car cup holder.
  10. The most interesting one I have seen… add a suction cup to the back of a can cooler and use it to hold soap in the shower.


10 Fun Messages to Imprint on Can Koozies

  1. My drink is cooler than your drink.
  2. Keep calm and koozie on.
  3. Get koozie and have a drink!
  4. Warm & Koozie
  5. Eat drink and be married. (Wedding)
  6. I’m koozie for you.
  7. If you’re hotter than me, does that make me cooler than you?
  8. Cool people use koozies.
  9. To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold (Wedding)
  10. I always know how to keep my cool.

Can you add more ideas to share? Would your purchase Koozies for an event?

73 thoughts on “Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can Holders

  1. When I first saw the title for this post, I thought, not sure what I’ll say since I rarely use koozies as they were intended, but I should have known you’d think of that. 🙂 They are also great as a pencil case (cup) or a holder for electronic wires on the go. I laughed out loud at, “If you’re hotter than me, does that make me cooler than you?”
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…Have We Run Out Of Stories?My Profile

  2. All I can say is what’s there not to like about Koozies. The really do come in handy on a picnic or on a hot day and you have a cold drink in hand and want to keep a cooler for a bit longer. I haven’t yet but do plan on creations some with my logo, why not?
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Survey: Finding Our Way NowMy Profile

  3. Hey Arleen,

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Koozies. I’ve seen products like this but I’m not sure if these are the same names? Or maybe they have taken the idea and labeled it as Koozie? Would love to clarify that.

    I’ve always wondered if these koozies (or similar products) have actually kept the beverages cold. I’ve always thought it was just a gimmick but it’s refreshing to know that there are studies to back it up and that it does keep them cold.

    I love the message you can put on the koozies. This one is my favorite.

    2.Keep calm and koozie on.

    LOL, that’s awesome.

    Thank you for sharing the information about the koozies. I can see why you are promoting them.
    Nate Leung recently posted…4 Ways to Effectively Use Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • Nate,
      Koozie is actually a brand name. For example when we think of a tissue, we think of Kleenex, but there are duplicate products like Puffs. Unless they are the brand they are sold as can coozies, can coolers, neoprene sleeves, etc. You can add any message on one side and put your logo or brand on the other. They make great giveaways.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  4. Wow…who would think of all these ways one can use Koozies?

    The best is the video with the dog. Now that is one I would love to try in the winter for my pooches. Especially when they are out in the snow so long.

    I can see how they make great personalized gifts.


    Donna Merrill recently posted…Awesome Bloggers On B3My Profile

  5. I don’t even think I own any koozies anymore Arleen.

    I use to use them for my wine coolers which I stopped drinking years ago. Obviously I’m not that brilliant with coming up with other ways to use them so they ended up being tossed with all the other stuff that I didn’t need. lol…

    Very inventive I must admit though, thanks for sharing these. Makes sense ya know!

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Money, Security, Triberr, Slideshare & ContentMy Profile

    • Adrienne,
      I had no idea what a Koozie was until I started selling them. I couldn’t understand why they were so popular. Just a sleeve to put around a can or bottle, big deal. What do I know. When people started ordering them for weddings, again I thought why. Today I don’t question it, if it works go for it.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  6. Hey Arleen,

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Koozies. I’ve seen somethings people are using around their drinks or bottles but I taught that they use them to keep it from slipping from their hands. But I am so glad to know about Koozies from your post.

    I loved the list of creative uses of Koozies and also the list of the fun messages you shared. They are indeed good as give aways.

    I love the idea that I can put a logo on one side and the brand message on the other side of the Koozie. This is awesome.

    Thanks Arleen for sharing this interesting information about Koozies. I knew something today. Have yourself a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…4 Tips To The Power Of Choice!My Profile

  7. Wow Arllen! I never heard of A Koozie before. Thank you for explaining this product so eloquently. It seems like a great addition for any business looking for an additional creative way to get their brand noticed and remembered. Makes me wonder what ever happened to the old fountain pen for adding a company name and catchy slogan? It’s great to have a choice especially when it actually serves a useful purpose. Makes me think, Why didn’t I think of that? Great information thanks Arleen! 😉
    Tony recently posted…Social Media Marketing Advice and Tips You Can Depend OnMy Profile

  8. Yay! I Iearned a new word, but I’m not sure anyone I know would actually know what I was talking about it if I asked them to fetch one. It is a great idea for a “giveaway” at an event and I also really like the protecting fruit idea. I have one (at least I think that’s what it is) that fits a wine bottle and has a carrying strap on it. We live in Philadelphia which has lots of BYOB restaurants, so ours gets a good amount of use — and I think the police prefer one to have their alcoholic beverage concealed in something. 😉
    Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer) recently posted…And the Rockets’ Red Glare….My Profile

  9. I have to admit, I’ve never used a Koozie, though I have seen them at friend’s house… With all the creative uses you suggest for them, I think I’m going to have to Koozie after all! I would have loved them on our recent camping trip… to keep my contacts and glasses safe and sound 🙂
    Valerie Remy Milora recently posted…The Wonders of LavenderMy Profile

    • I put my glasses in one on my desk. I never have to fumble for it. When you are handing out a promotional product, staying power is key. So if you come up with a product that can be used in so many ways it will do just do. Name and brand stays in front of your recipient for a long time.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

    • Harleena,
      Being a dog lover I couldn’t resist the video. They are starting to use bands around coffee cups made of the same material as the coolers to keep from burning your hands. You can purchase tumble like coffee cups and they will work. Have a great weekend as well.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  10. Hi Arleen

    As you know I am an Australian and to me they are stubby holders. I cannot remember a time before stubby holders. They were around when I was very young. Koozies who came up with that name! (in Australia we would say only the Americans).

    We have a very big outdoor culture and most of the country is hot for much of the year. The men are also beer drinkers. Some women but more and more women here drink wine.

    My husband has a whole cupboard of stubby holders with all sorts of names, jokes and memorabilia on different ones.

    I am glad they are taking off in USA 🙂

    Now I have never seen a dog using them before but that is creative.

    Great post.

    Sue Price recently posted…What Is A Blog?My Profile

    • Koozies were not around when I was young and trust me that was a very long time ago. What do they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Who knows maybe women will start using them to keep their wine cool. I use it to keep my water cool. Thank you for you input from where they were invented.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  11. As another one who knows these as ‘Stubby Holders’ they are definitely a great marketing tool. I often come across them at the cricket, where a) keeping your beer cold is essential on a 9 hour day in the sun and b) A whole corporate marketing network is underpinning the whole event and is using these perfectly as a marketing tool. The world really is your oyster with these, I mean what message can’t you print?
    Jim Adams recently posted…Illustrated Website DesignMy Profile

  12. Okay, Arlene, who did the voice over on the video? That’s was pretty cool.
    I have used them, but did not know they were called, Koozies. Learned something new today. They should design a line, as ear warmers. They would come in handy! Just a thought. Good read. Blessings.
    Dr. Johnny Velazquez recently posted…Can I trust You Also?My Profile

    • Becc- Koozie is trademark of Radio Cap Corporation. In Australia it is called a “stubby holder” due to the shape of the 375 millilitres (13.2 imp fl oz; 12.7 US fl oz) bottles of beer being shorter and fatter compared to the more slender 330 millilitres (12 imp fl oz; 11 US fl oz) bottles. So they have evolved to hugger, huggie, cozy, coosie, cooie, can cooler, beer sleeve, and bottle jacket. If you lived in the US I would be happy to send you one,
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  13. Hi Arleen,

    This is cool! I didn’t know about koozies until I hit the post today and links for can koozies are really helpful in that scenario. Absolutely the question comes up if koozies keep drinks cool or hot as I never heard of ’em 🙂 There it is! Research already been conducted.

    Ha ha… I really like how you list out the creative ways of using koozies. Indeed, keeping pet’s paws clean is something unique and I think it’s rare someone might have thought about it. BTW my favorite one is #8 😉

    Hmm… You convinced me to use koozies for an event. I gotta share this with my friends and ask ’em how they like it 🙂

    You have a lovely week there dear! 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…Search Engine Optimization Basics for BloggersMy Profile

    • Mayura
      I am sure you have something similar in your country as there are knocks off everywhere. What is interesting about the advertising specialty business is that there are thousands of unique inexpensive products that you can you use for giveaways. This was just one of them.
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

    • It makes a giveaway worth while if you keep it, so why not offer more ideas. The bottom line is when you imprint your logo or message on a can cooler you hope your recipients hang on to the items that you are handing out so your name brand is always in front of their minds
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

    • Hi Leone,
      Well I am glad to see my Aussie acquaintances liked the article. I can that the Koozie is adorn by all males in the US, but when they receive one they usually don’t let go of them. I wish every company here would give them, that would help my business.Thank you for stopping by
      Arleen recently posted…Koozies: So Much More Than Just Can HoldersMy Profile

  14. Hi Arleen,

    First time I saw this Koozie, I thought about Shark Tanks. Have you ever watch these episodes? It’s about entrepreneurs and the people on Shark Tanks either join team with the business entrepreneurs who INVENT their product…anyway…

    Seems like a great idea for keeping your drink hot or cold. Loved the video there of the 2 dogs. The little white dog looks like my poodle, Frosty. *big smile*

    Anyway, just saying a quick hello. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    Angela McCall recently posted…What About Crowdsourcing Your Design?My Profile

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