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  1. I find the Google logo pleasing! So I was surprised to find a ‘I hate the new Google logo’ article in the NY Times! Or was it the New Yorker? Do you think with everything changing so quickly, especially with technology, that people are becoming more resistant to change? Just a curiosity. Seems the general public is being asked to swing with a lot! LOL
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  2. What Google is doing, as you point out, are subtle changes. That’s positive and works. Remember the uproar when GAP changed their logo and had to go back to the old one?

    Google though, is so big and powerful they could most likely get away with launching a completely different logo. But how many companies are in that position?
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  3. I was aware of the change but as you point out they have never really been all that drastic, and while I noticed a few articles about it, yours is the first I’ve taken the time to read. I definitely agree with the value of periodically revisiting your branding. In fact I’m just finishing a major rebranding initiative myself. I’ve updated and rebranded my books, tweaked the branding for my website and this weekend I’m updating all of my social media profiles and banners. The reason? I’m in the process of shifting from primarily a writer to developing online courses and wanted to make sure my images and brand statements strongly reflect the new course – pun intented. 🙂 Really enjoyed your article!
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  4. I’m soon meeting with a marketing friend to discuss the whole logo idea. I’m not sure if I’m at a place where I need one, but certainly recognize how the right logo can attract/detract a person to your company. The google one hasn’t made much difference to me–I always thought the FedEx one was well done.
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  5. I don’t even remember google looking the way that it looked in its early days! I know that Starbucks altered their logo a couple of years ago and it was a big news story. I can see how a logo can start to look outdated if you don’t modernize it. My business is a little too knew to think of updating my logo quite yet. But I can see how it is necessary if you expect your business to thrive over a matter of years.
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  6. When you look at the history of Google logos, the early ones do in fact look old. I wonder if they would look as old if you saw them in isolation or if Google had never changed them? For a technology company, surely changing and updating your look is important. When you see an old logo it kind of suggests that it represents a business that hasn’t changed. Not an image that most businesses want to put forward.
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  7. This really goes to show you, how much even the simplest of changes to a logo (ie font) can have a huge impact. One would think it wouldn’t hardly even be noticed but it sure is. Looking at the Google fonts over the years side by side, it is really easy to see how the change in font can affect your thinking of the brand.

  8. Starbucks, Coca-Cola and more have made these subtle changes you are mentioning Arleen. It’s as you say when your business evolves so your logo must communicate that too. When I was working full time, my logo changes were the same. It had to change as my offerings changed. I don’t think about it much now working just part-time. Still your point is well taken: what does an updated logo say about your business.
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  9. This is the first time I’ve seen Google’s new logo. I use Bing all the time because I can earn points toward Amazon gift cards to buy more books. Someone recently told me my logo for Word Bank might be well-served to have my picture on it to increase click-through rates. I’ll have to experiment with that.
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  10. I find this really fascinating Arleen!

    In just under two minutes of video, you can see a ton of evolution
    on the part of Google!LOL!

    And even though, as you pointed out, the changes are extremely subtle,
    still in all, it shows you their constant forward progress.

    And like you shared, like it or not, we’ve all got to keep progressing with our businesses and keeping up with or be ahead of the trends. And Google has certainly done it’s share of evolving over the years!
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  11. Very interesting post Arleen. I’ve been around since google started, but I never realized their logo has changed so much over the years. Though some of the changes look to be , like you said, not that drastic, so many people probably did not notice. I know I haven’t. I am loving their latest version though, looks like the times online, modern, hip?

    My logo’s have been far and few between. Admittedly I have not put much effort into it. Thanks for the reminder, I need it 🙂
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  12. Arleen — I have to admit I didn’t notice that Google had changed its logo. While a new logo can signal a new direction for a company, I think a lot of companies change their logos because they tire of them or they want to seem “trendy.” It’s a step that shouldn’t be taken lightly as people getting surprisingly attached to the look of a brand.
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  13. Logos are an important part of the branding mix. Some companies never change their logo whilst companies like Google do freshen them up from time to time – or even give them a total makeover.

    I recently had a logo designed for a new venture i’m launching. The first time I saw it I didn’t like it but after a few days I started to love it. It’s a simple logo which I think is important – makes it more memorable.

    Anyway thanks for your excellent post Arleen!

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