An Emerging Target Market: The Pet Industry!



My Dog Roxie when she was a puppy.

Pets! So many of us have them and so many of us love them. That’s why the Pet Industry is an emerging target market. An estimated $60 billion will be spent on pets alone in the US this year according to the American Pet Products Association. The most popular household pets are cats and dogs, of course, but freshwater fish are in third place.

Ideas on How To Market to Pet Owners

Another way to get social! Are you looking for a new way to connect to your clients and increase your ratings on social media? Encourage pet owners to share photos of their adorable animals to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a fun way to engage in a new conversation.

Pet Promotions and Giveaways. Pet owners love their pets like they are part of the family. So, why not give them something they will appreciate. There are several custom pet promotions that you can use, imprinted with your logo, to market your business. Pet themed items can be specifically for the pet such as custom water bowls or they can be used by both pet and non pet owners such as paw shaped letter slitters. Frisbees and stuffed animals are fun giveaways for everyone including pets and non pet owners!

Give back to the community. A great way to promote your business is to join a local charity or do something for the community.

An example charity is the Southwestern Guide Dogs walkathons. These are walkathons where dogs are allowed. Most charity events don’t include pets but since this organization is committed to raising money to train guide dogs they encourage you to bring along your dogs and puppies.

The Southwestern Guide Dogs is a great example of how promotional products are used to increase awareness. Everyone who raised $100 received a T-shirt and those that raised $250 got a branded tumbler.

Elliot Aronson, a notable social psychologist and his guide dog, Desilu, whom he received in January 2011 - Source: Wikipedia

Elliot Aronson, a notable social psychologist and his guide dog, Desilu, whom he received in January 2011 – Source: Wikipedia

There are other ways you can help pets and pet owners in your community while promoting your business. For example, you can team up with a shelter and host a pet adoption. Or, support your local pet therapy programs. Pet therapy helps people recover and/or cope with health problems.

Do you have any pets? Do you think that the pet industry is a growing target market? How can you promote your business within the pet community?

37 thoughts on “An Emerging Target Market: The Pet Industry!

  1. Pets were always a big market and I think that social media made it bigger. I mean after all, we all seem to share (in particular) furry friend posts! My husband and I love dogs but after having to make the difficult decision to say good-bye to our most loved Chanel at 16 years old, we vowed we cannot do it again – say good-bye. It’s a heart breaker.

    Indeed our pets can be like family. Hmmm. Promote my business in the pet community – have to think about that one.
    Patricia Weber recently posted…Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generationsMy Profile

    • Pat- You will notice that there are more TV ads with pets even if they are not selling pet products. I remember your blog about Chanel. I have had dogs all my life and they really touch me. The picture you see on the blog is my dog when she was a puppy. I bought her the Halloween costume. So pet advertising works.
      Arleen recently posted…An Emerging Target Market: The Pet Industry!My Profile

  2. Agree with you Arleen, pets definitely is a big market, mainly in the developed world. Personally don’t see how I could promote my projects, or blog for that matter, to pet owners. Having said that needless to say I have readers, and customers, who are pet owners.
    Catarina recently posted…Are you a thought leader?My Profile

  3. Hi Arleen, this is so timely. I have been reworking my Etsy shop and want the ‘new and improved’ shop ready to go by Oct. 1. At that time I will be introducing a new flea repelling pet product so this post really got my attention. You’re right that Pets are BIG business.
    Cute picture of Roxie.
    Lenie recently posted…Fridge Review: Choices and FeaturesMy Profile

  4. I’m totally a sucker for my dog. It is amazing how much money we will spend on our pets. I never thought of getting my followers to share about their pets, but I can see how people would get really excited about that. Definitely something to think about.
    Erica recently posted…Healing a Negative Body ImageMy Profile

  5. Great tips and the pet industry has been thriving for years. I’ve been involved with our local food bank for years and when we run a food drive we always encourage people to also donate food for the local shelter. My niece rescues abandoned and abused animals and I’m a volunteer for a group that supports service dogs for veterans. It’s a wonderful way to recognize our shared humanity.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…How to See the Opportunity in ProblemsMy Profile

  6. People in the US are so in love with their pets. Anytime there is a way to associate your brand of blog with the pet industry or animal welfare I think is a great way to get your name out there. I like to participate in events the local animal shelter holds. Fun, and worthy cause 🙂

  7. Pets are indeed a huge market. The pet clothes thing is amusing, but makes me roll my eyes though. I’ve adopted two rescue dogs so far in my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. The Idaho Humane Society does an annual See Spot Walk event where you donate to help support their efforts and then take part in a huge dog walk through downtown.
    Jeri recently posted…10 Tips for Making an Audio Book by Rick PipitoMy Profile

  8. I am a pet owner and yes I agree that the market for pet products and services has exploded. There are things in my neighborhood I never would have dreamed of, like a doggie day care center and a grooming truck that will come to your house and wash your dog and clip its nails. Almost everyone in my neighborhood has a rescued dog. So these are guys who had a rough start in life but are now deservedly getting spoiled.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…Will Cars Fly? Or Will They Just Get Smarter?My Profile

  9. When I grew up we had many pets, cats and dogs, although the dogs were not pets but more business partners. When you grew up in that time in a rural area, your dogs were hunting dogs, and used for protection when you were in the woods and warmth if you ever got lost in them.
    I actually miss the company of a dog. There is nothing as loyal, both to you, and to them. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  10. Wow Arleen!

    While I instinctively knew the Pet market was huge and constantly growing,
    I really had no idea, it was such a potentially lucrative niche market.

    And obviously there is a ton of room for potentially lucrative sub niches and service markets as well.

    And you’re right, pets are definitely considered members of the immediate family!

    All you have to do is notice how many pet lovers, passionately share their pet videos and pictures all over the place!

    And without a doubt they bring so much joy and help enrich our lives in so many ways!Thanks for helping to crystallize their potential monetary value as well!
    Mark recently posted…Why Wall Street Aren’t The Only Ones That Profit From Creative Asset Management!My Profile

    • Mark- Dogs are the one thing that gives us what we need. That is unconditional love. We are all searching for that and when you advertise with the pet in mind or use pets to brand your product you can’t go wrong. I have never heard anyone say I can’t stand my pet. With the pet industry being such a large market for sales I think it is a no brainer.
      Arleen recently posted…An Emerging Target Market: The Pet Industry!My Profile

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