A Sweet Way to Stand Out and Get Noticed!


I’m not complaining, but there is always that one person who likes to bring leftover baked goods into the office. You know what I mean. For example, around any holiday while you are trying to be “good” at every turn there is another treat calling your name? Well, this clever designer used the irresistible temptation for baked goods to her advantage. Continue reading

A Winning Online Plan


Before you read this blog please note it is not about knitting.

After 21 years, I decided to get back to my hobby of knitting. My vision was an old lady sitting in a rocking chair. Well, have I been out of the loop! The average age group of knitters today is 35-45 years old. It has become a huge business. I must have been under a rock. When I was knitting yarn came in balls. Now it is sold in bats which is unspun yarn or in large skeins where you have to make the balls. People are dying their own yarns. There are trade shows all the over the United States and the turnout is amazing. Continue reading